The Next Android Smartphones


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    Thoughts on the 2021 Android Flagships - Samsung S21, Pixel 6 and OnePlus 9.
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    1. Dave2D

      Which phone are you're most interested in seeing next year?

      1. Anooj John Francis

        @Ayaan Abaid 🤭😅

      2. C Gros


      3. 20BCF029 Prithivi raj H.T


      4. BensGames


      5. Voyd


    2. Kaze Xo

      Funny fact: Qualcomm numbered their latest Snapdragon as 888 because triple eights imply good luck in Chinese culture. (Otherwise it would be numbered 875 instead)

    3. Blake Burke

      Love your content. I have a question though. Where can I find those lights you have in the back left corner of the video?

    4. Francesco M

      I don't get the point of having 200 cores and awesome graphics performance.. on a smartphone

    5. Imad Saad


    6. Imad Saad


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    11. Imad Saad

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    13. My Sexy Beast

      Does it comes without google?

    14. Lyndon Dy Seno

      Dave's getting as clumsy as Linus.

    15. Nicholas Van Buskirk

      Will Sony use this chip

    16. Ben Dover

      hes so cute

    17. saiket talukdar

      I so wish s21 came up with the same background as the one on this videos thumbnail!

    18. R.L. Dane

      Man, I don't like the idea of having the baseband integrated onto the CPU. From a security and privacy perspective, the baseband is hostile hardware, and must be cordoned of from the application processor, serving only as a dumb network device. This is the design of the Librem One, which ISN'T a great phone, but is an excellent study in secure design

    19. 1mezion

      Are you ever tempted to use the lighted stick as lightsabers?

    20. Aldo


    21. shabah roshan

      yeah dave im waiting for the oneplus 9 pro and thats the first phone i ever have .worth the wait right and im 18.

    22. tentimetex

      You did that on purpose to get people to look back up from their phones and to write comments, didnt you.... @6:54

    23. Abdeldjebbar Abid

      So Apple is winning when it comes to powerful chips

    24. Karmen Iessa

      google couldn't make a flagship smartphone i wonder how good their SOC will go

    25. Saitama

      Triple A chip hmm... Middle Eastern can't relate

    26. Rabin Acharya

      I wanna wear that Snapdragon 888 as necklace.

    27. Prantick Dwari


    28. That Guy

      D2D at A STANDING desk?!

    29. Handsanitizer

      My most interested phone seeing next year is Passionfruit I-phoneY 24max plus 5G fold

    30. Chan 160138

      When you don't understand a thing about the single core, multi core image blah blah blah 😂

    31. NSB BOT

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    32. namcicle

      Bruh he was standing the whole time...and we never suspected it

    33. NSB BOT

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    34. Not 2 busy

      Hmmmm. I wonder if all of these new chips being made by different manufacturers, or at least the manufacturing capability, could one day work it's way into self-driving vehicles and other AI-related systems.

    35. Compilations

      The soc chips can be used for their slates, laptops and mobiles. Its not as bad as a business decision as you think

    36. Tony Newsome

      David, what game was in the demo?

    37. Timothy Mutuma

      I don't see Huawei either, will it also not be on there?

    38. De Erv

      A company whos primary product is user data; developing chips? Very worrisome.

    39. P P

      Accidents happen only at the end of video 🔥❤️

    40. Lim Jian

      Nothing happened in this video.

    41. Trkoo

      I used to fallow your channel alloy until you did the next iPhone video which was a bs click bait video talking about speculations and a mockup if I remember correctly. Recommendations got me here again and here you are talking about future phones with bs info from gossips... Don't do speculation content it makes you look desperate.


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    43. Samantha Gregory

      Dave: This is huge. Google few years later: Scrap that.

    44. Chinmay Borade

      Android forever❤️

    45. greysymphonyearth

      The Samsung chip was faster then its snap dragon 835 counter part.

    46. oy47

      Dave lee is 39 years old.

    47. Disprot

      6:56 so he is standing

    48. StarmenRock

      Let's just hope Samsung stops selling their phones with Exynos.

    49. Su C

      I saw it, and I'm going to tell.

    50. Jai Cor


    51. Eric Valverde Rosado

      So the 888 is something like stronger than God and Satan or something? Xd

    52. shaurya kapoor

      "You saw nothing, don't tell Qualcom" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. Antonio Gabriel Rubio

      Never go full Linus

    54. Borat Sagdiyev

      I think the majority doesnt give a fuck about new flagships anymore. 855 is still fast enough for every task, i guess my next phone in a couple of years will be a midrange, gaming on a phone is retarded anyway, i just need whatsapp and a browser.

    55. c2ashman

      The image quality is mostly software today. Sensors are always the same (from Sony). It has nothing to do with the SnapDragon-SoC. This is where Dave is absolutey wrong. He just proofed it himself by saying it when he presented the Pixel 5.

    56. Nicholas David

      he's infected by linus virus, he drops stuff now..

    57. Alex Gu

      Linus has a new friend

    58. carlosnvlr

      I'm so tired of big phones; I really would like more compact, 1 hand-useable phone options

    59. Daniel Berthellemy

      One+ Bring back the damned pop up camera!

    60. Ajim Bong

      When I started watching the video I thought u were wearing a coat.. Will be fun to see u in one😅😉

    61. Tyone Field

      Camera freak

    62. MLosUno

      I’m telling Qualcomm... that Linus did it

    63. Justin's Cinema


    64. Justin's Cinema

    65. Tracy

      I always appreciate how well thought out Dave's talking points are. Very thoughtful and delivered well

    66. Paulie Vee

      Hey I gotta ask what kinda watch you're wearing?

    67. Kazu

      The Pixel 5 was everything else but a flagship. It was a mediocre phone with a flagship price tag. It has half the performance of the S20 FE or OnePlus 8 Pro with the same price.

    68. Noella Monyuy

      "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬ You all need to Repent and come to Jesus Christ, tomorrow might be too late.

    69. orangix

      the only phone I'll be getting anytime soon is the $200 android phone that cant open the youtube app poor gang

    70. Debnath Khatua

      OnePlus 8 pro's camera is better than the Pixel 5?

    71. Mahmut Pekkara

      Google is making Fuchsia. And that is big, VERY big.

    72. Aswin Satheesh

      Loved that part where u showed lew

    73. Nathan Oefelein

      I'm telling qualcom

    74. Coltale

      Name of the watch?

    75. Imran Akhtar

      @6:56 "look how they massacred my boy"

    76. Deepak VPD

      0:33 that's how you flip a chip

    77. KYOZAKI

      If Google is making their own chip, and as they also make android OS I'm thinking this is a play to create the most optimised chip for android, and take on snapdragon to be the best chip manufacturers for android phones. Pixel has always been a showcase of what is possible on android, and if they hit it out of the park with this one, phone manufacturers will be clamouring to get the best chip. This would make sense considering how expensive it is to create a custom chip, especially for a handful of devices with such limited market share. They take the hit on costs producing the chip, to have it pay dividends when phone manufacturers put in massive orders to stay competitive once they show what it can do.

    78. baskoro tejo

      dude... we saw nothing...

    79. Aakersh Sharma

      Yeh yeh yeh he dropped so what ?

    80. The Spiderguy

      Lol i mistook you for Jordi el nino for a second XD

    81. whywhyman

      6:55 breakthrough stuff right there!

    82. GFT

      Dave ! Thanks for this video 😊

    83. Matanumi

      I actually like exnyos Samsung variants/phones more. Yes they are as powerful but they are battery optimized

      1. windows wonka

        What do you mean, at least last gen the exynos 990 hit way worse screen on times than the snapdragon 865 variants, the ones from qualcomm were definitely more battery optimized. Not sure about earlier chips though I don't remember them being as bad so those might have been better for the battery.

    84. lars burkhardt

      why isn't this labeled as advertising? or did you just happen to have am SD888 lying around in acryllic glass with the top marketing points beside it?

    85. mayur kulkarni

      6:55 -> call Linus

    86. basem ghibrial

      LOL his reactions when he dropped the processor was so natural . made me laugh out loud .

    87. Alfonso Sánchez

      The best end of a video, and it's accidental 🤣

    88. jack 82

      the next android smartphones also means the next next iPhones

      1. jack 82

        @windows wonka jesus christ it was a joke all I meant was that apple does the same as android, just later and calls it inovation fucking buzz kill

      2. windows wonka

        Not quite, the iphones came out in october, the new android phones in january. there is a 4 month difference, the iphone 13 series will be competing against snapdragon 898 phones o whatever they call the next processor. a 4 month difference (which is likely actually like 3.5 month) is way smaller than an 8 month difference

    89. Liang Lv

      Oneplus is awesome.

    90. Sapan Acharya

      Everyone here to say something after he dropped it

    91. SYK

      If Apple can make a premium small phone with flagship internals for cheap, google needs to step up their game.

      1. windows wonka

        apple can do that because they have worked on it for decades, their chips were already designed long ago they just tweak them a little bit in each iteration and that's it, dirt cheap. Google has to start from scratch so you cannot expect them to do the same as apple not unitl at least 10-40 years from now. (Apple has been designing chips since 1983, and other hardware since mid 70s)


      guys help me out :- my dads 10 month old one plus 7t or one plus nord ( hav to wait for 2 months for it to get restocked )

    93. MostXtream

      Do you know which watch Dave is wearing?

    94. General Studies

      you look like jrodi el nino polla

    95. Michael Ndudim

      Why the charging port on the phone in thumbnail...

    96. Violante

      Drop Lee

    97. Bas Holten

      What if this is actually Linus but it's made to look like Dave with deepfake tech?

    98. AlfredJohn Beruan

      what's that sound between 1:57 - 2:01, what a weird sound


      Google: drop snapdragon in favor of project white chapel Dave: literally drop snapdragon (even if it is dummy)

    100. Papa Larren

      I'm done with Samsung, the Exynos doesn't perform. Games lag and shuts down.