The NEW Logitech G Pro X - SUPERLIGHT


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    G Pro X Superlight is finally here. The G Pro Wireless was amazing this is the next generation of it. Weighing 60 grams it's the lightest wireless gaming mouse in the world.
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    1. Dave2D

      I LOVE this mouse. But .... A E S T H E T I C for Micro USB.... worth?

      1. Denis Natera

        @Quiz1kt Thats not true there are type-C with better hold than micro-usb anyways beign micro usb is not a deal breaker (I got the mouse few days ago and i love it)

      2. Quiz1kt

        I think the reason they used micro-usb is because if people decide to use the mouse while it's charging, the micro-usb has a better hold on the mouse than type-C does. I can't imagine going all Shroud on the mouse while charging would be great for the type-c cable

      3. Denis Natera

        its still worth even if its micro usb

      4. Denis Natera

        @Starman Bro you think this mouse will have that problem too? cuz my G Pro have it

      5. ExGearUser

        Usb mag adapter. I use it to charge my ps4 controller and other things that don't have a dock. Sucks but best I got.

    2. Jonas

      Which minigame is that with the balloons at the end?

    3. Rishik Bhoumick

      If a thief enters his studio, he is settled for the rest of his life.

    4. Kbstickgobrr LMAO

      I dont care about micro usb anyone else?

    5. What's This?

      This is probably the lowest quality product unboxing ever XD

    6. Mattthew Y

      150 USD mouse

    7. e

      I love this mouse but in my country its around 280 dollars and i cannot afford it

    8. HAK

      iam left hand :(

    9. Arctic

      The advertised 63g grams could be with the other circle piece and grip tape on.

    10. NightSkyACC /\

      Whats wrong with micro usb it a fuck*** port

    11. Sorappoli

      Honestly for me I don't care that its micro usb. For a mouse that I will be 100% using more than I charge in a week or two, that's fine. Great mouse either way :')

    12. Aced

      aside from the type-B usb the mouse right now plays alone in the "gaming mouse category" before i bought the GproX i had and i still have the Glorious O model wireless which i bought it brand new for 100bucks,its good no doubt but at least for me as a claw grip player the GproX is WAY more comfortable than the Glorious one but 150 bucks for a gaming mouse i think is a lot of money like with another 30-40bucks you can get an almost medium-high quality gaming chair

    13. ChemicalSymphony

      Micro Usb kills it for me.

    14. Scotty

      Any one know the name of those lights in the background 😪

    15. Choo Jun Wyng

      For a guy with such quality youtube content, its hilarious seeing him open up a brand new product literally on his front door, on top of other random boxes

    16. DavidSoup

      I sincerely can't comprehend hating on this mouse for the Micro USB. It literally changes nothing. This mouse had such good battery you'll be charging it once a week at most. There is nothing to complain about. Micro USB charges the mouse just as much as USB-C would.

    17. chambers tax

      he like dem white mice

    18. Mohamed Osama

      I added the video to my favorites and my technology playlists as soon as I saw your reaction to the charging port Love it! Absolutely love it!

    19. atkins

      They put in micro usb so people gonna buy the upcoming G Pro Wireless X Superlight USB c version

    20. Kevin W

      I LOVE this mouse. But .... I LOVE $150 more.

    21. ARI-ATH Badminton

      Micro USB does one thing great: Save the planet from old cables that go to waste.

    22. Xylos144

      Nobody uses a DPI that high... or even a tenth of that value. It's a more or less pointless marketing metric. Well, sort of. High DPI is pointless - it's literally just a multiplier they put on top of the movement they track to translate from mouse to screen. But a higher DPI says that their sensor is accurate enough that they're confident that when the noise and errors that exist on their mice (and all mice) are exaggerated by a massive scale factor, the mouse is still useable. So indirectly I take DPI increases to mean that they've improved their sensor hardware, or their sensor software, to more accurately determine motion. I just wish they'd express accuracy in those actual numbers rather than these nonsense DPI values which are a downstream result.

    23. cancer fish

      Imagine spending 130$ someodd dollars on a mouse and it having micro usb rip. Can someone explain to me why people spend this much on mice tho? I mean, there are many far cheaper ultralight mice, and i dont think a few milliseconds of response time is going to matter for anyone except someone who doesnt understand that a millisecond is 0.001% of a second. With a 300hz monitor, thats less than a 3rd of a single frame. A mouse with 6 milliseconds of latency has literally no real world difference than a mouse with 1 millisecond at all really. Unless im missing something it just seems like a complete waste of money.

    24. T Yantis

      Aim lab on steam is the pc game at the end

    25. Razcy Yahoo

      Charging is good To reduce battery waste on the field

    26. Chianto Yap

      love this mouse so much

    27. Rasmus Lundqvist

      Only dealbreaker for me is that the right side doesn't have side-buttons as an option. I need buttons there because i'm a lefty and i heavily use that side for games.

    28. Federal Boob Inspector

      i would buy it if i had 150 dollars

    29. luc1d

      Does it make you a better Xonotic player?

    30. David Sposato

      I open my door pretty often and i never find macbooks, ipads or even a mouse..

    31. Skull Rain ABDX

      LoL he didn't even talked about the switches...

    32. Auron Kardek

      Why this mouse is more expensive than the G502 despite having less functionnality... I would love to have the quality of a G502 without useless buttons and RGB lighting

    33. AL Rizo

      They shoould make g304 superlight version with usb c

    34. Andrew Persaud

      why does 0:50 look like those videos of people caught on camera stealing amazon packages

    35. FallenImpact

      How is micro usb even an argument

    36. Edson Carlos Densing

      shoutout to people that wish this "ultra lightweight mouse craze" is over and will have heavier versions of these good mice

    37. Hector Tio Salamanca

      Looking at my Glorious Model O Wireless with a USB-C charging port and thinking; Hello there you sexy sexy beast..

    38. ToxicBoogersTV

      If Logitech made this mouse honeycomb I really think that they could make it like 55 grams and I find that that would be really hard to compete with

    39. babypluto

      Damn Dave is good at aimlab and no one speaks about it

    40. Vedanth Bhatnagar

      No hand wash. No sanitization. No mask. T R I G G E R E D

    41. The goat Boy

      The charging port doesn’t matter lmao

    42. Kaustav Kapur

      if this had usb c and optical switches like razer than this would be a razer killer

    43. Olimpio Amoes

      When it has some weight to it, it's feels like it's expensive. I like that sometimes, but only sometimes. It's still a good mouse, I'd buy it if it were more available for purchase to me. I like Logitech speakers and mice🙌🏾

      1. Hipster

        Lighter is better for competitive FPS players, easier to Chuck around at 400 dpi

    44. Anthony Francis Steiner Vazquez

      Hopefully no fucking double click issus por a 150 mouse. And holy shit micro usb... Still I think I'll buy this one, if I ever find one on stock.

    45. Ocraelos

      Gamers Wont Buy That Because There's No RGB Lights LMFAO

    46. Iulian MI

      Hey Dave which one do you prefer between this one and Razer Viper Ultimate?

    47. Mart

      I got the g915 tkl keyboard the other day and was so disappointed to see micro USB.. I mean.. Come on. I'm even considering selling it because of that but not sure what other keyboards could replace it.. If only they had just put USB C on both these devices

    48. golf

      it probably cost $15 to produce.

    49. Bogdan Jovanovic

      nice way to cripple the mouse with side button removal....guess i ll press the keyboard button for p2t :D

    50. fingercrack

      63gram including grip tapes.

    51. Cris n Mary Fam

      Shroud plays at 450 Dpi btw. Four fifty. Lmfao.

      1. Cris n Mary Fam

        and yes uses that mouse, the shroud branded partner version of it.

    52. Piotr

      So cheap plastic. Will be shabby in a month or two. Compare this "quality" of build with for example Magic Trackpad of the same price. There is not even a start. Logitech stuff is waste of money.

    53. Jony

      The SMILE of disappointment.

    54. kattz

      anyone else sitting here with their g304 (g305 in some countries) because its essentially a cheaper and slightly heavier versionof the g pro wireless

    55. y f


    56. ecKo

      Its not even in Stock!

    57. Jonathan Ingram

      I'm looking for a really aesthetic desk build and I think this will go nicely.

    58. anonimouse

      T H A T S C L E A N

    59. Jamie Andrews Student

      I feel like not many people do videos on mouse mats enough. btw if anyone is looking for a mouse mat, this is the one that I recommend to everyone, it is just really good quality for the price:

    60. kwar0

      But, that micro-USB Uh! XD

    61. uwuzai

      Who ever gave the go for micro usb should be killed

    62. Alan

      i like the acting in the camera footage scene

    63. Jake Burgess

      do you have to use the dongle for the wireless connection? am i able to connect to a macbook just via bluetooth?

    64. sQuarck -_-

      i want that mous but wired

    65. Vablo

      I am not buying a logitech mouse again. My G pro broke after a year of use. i dont throw my shit around like a chimpanzee but LMB doesnt hold down and dragging is impossible. my next mouse is going to be a steelseries for sure.

    66. iLikeSubaruImprezaWRXSTI

      the white mouse kinda reminded me of my logitech g304 lightspeed

    67. Fanny Morocho

      Yay a tech channel make em famous :D

    68. Bryan Lai

      Oh my god the micro USB is STILL THERE... Logitech please switch to USB-C that’s the only thing keeping me from buying these

    69. Gusta

      whats wrong with the usb?

    70. GiSWiG

      Enough with the anti-micro USB! They have to keep using it because the cable is interchangeable with all the other high-end wireless mice. The design decisions were done years ago before USB-C was a thing. Besides, I use the Powerplay so I could care less what the connector is. What IS a bigger deal is the fact that the Powerplay pad, something that doesn't move, comes with a BRAIDED CABLE while these $150 mice do not.

    71. Daemonetized

      why do people care so much about the goddamn usb port just put the cable in the right way its not fucking rocket science

    72. Dossu Niloy

      better than viper ultimate?

    73. ᚮᚧᛁᚿ ᚦᚢᛚᚢᚱ

      such a generic shape, it's like consensual missionary sex, through a sheet, no kissing.

    74. sandcove86

      mini usb and no bluetooth? naa not for $150

    75. Emir Yildiz

      Will this work on a glass top? My MX Master works on glass, but not my razer basilisk... Need it to work on glass. I don't like mousepads.

    76. Brandon Gonzales

      $150 for micro-usb huh? Yeahhh, I'll stick to my Razer Viper Ultimate. That white one does look very clean and minimalistic though.

    77. Максим Мовчан

      unless a mouse has RGB, it cannot be called "gaming". Sorry, but DEXP mice look more gaming-like

    78. Omid Navid

      No no no i don't want a Superlight mouse, i want to feel my mouse like i feel an sword in my hand, or an axe ok ? i still love my Logitech Hero mouse which is heavy and also have metal parts to make it extra heavy so, yeah i don't like something that i don't feel it Except the shoes, i love those superlight new sport tech heavy shoes

    79. Lyttie

      gonna wait for the next version to upgrade hopefully with type c usb

    80. Mir Hash

      Micro usb isn’t that deep

    81. twig

      You clowns complaining about the mouse being bad. Have you tried it, ever? No you havent. Thats why you hate it. Its like shitting on person who has a lamborghini since you cant afford it. You are just fucking jealous of people who arent poor as shit.

    82. Senior Fishy

      bro who gives a fuck about micro usb as long as my shit charges im fine with it

    83. Dylan Riess

      dude i dont get it a usb-c means nothing like it charges the mouse fast regardless

    84. FPS Reborn

      anyone that games a lot.. and i mean a lot like 30-40 hours a week this is too expensive to be a daily driver mouse the G305 at $50 is perfect for competitive FPS and maybe buy this only for tournaments. i would have the plastic on this thing looking worn down and shiny within 3-4 months.

      1. FPS Reborn

        @Hydin i mean i would just wear it out within a year or less and have to buy a new one.

      2. Hydin

        That's a weird complaint.

    85. Øyvind H. Ytterstad

      Shits 186 usd in my country but I'll buy it if I can sell my 5 month old g pro wireless lmao, 25% weight reduction is insane

    86. Isaiah Seno

      I was hyped getting ready to purchase this mouse, but as a lefite, the missing right buttons are a huge deal breaker. Now I'm debating between the Viper Ultimate or the older G Pro.

    87. Diego Garza 15

      Where did you buy the lights from behind?

    88. AbnerJadeAlexson

      I like the genuine reaction of the unboxing.

    89. X

      hero sensor ? Ok, no buy

    90. Sadh Sadh

      Dp change button..............

    91. li jason

      The unsuitable cell neurobiologically influence because flame ultrasonographically avoid past a vengeful orchestra. nutty, overjoyed argentina

    92. Ralphieee

      Are all these reviewers using it wired? I don't really understand it. I have GPW atm i ordered the Superlight. And atm i charge my mouse ones a week and at night. It's like "Hey here is a low weight wireless mouse everyone have been asking for" but the WIRE for it dosen't have type-c so i'm not going to buy it. Common guys this product is amazing and something gamers have been asking for. YOU DON'T NEED TO USE IT WIRED.

    93. Ka0

      Double clicking is a big issue for Logitech. My last wireless Logitech mouse didn't even make it 3 months before the double-clicking occurred.

    94. Tendhix

      Why does everyone have a fable for superlight mice? Like...I hate light mice...I actually purposely put in weights if I have a mouse that can do that...

    95. John W

      6:00 what map is this. Can someone plz tell me?

    96. Sabio Jbp

      What is the mouse compatible to macbook pro m1 other than apple mouse? Thanks.

    97. Kong Lor

      No USB C, no buy

    98. Arko

      is no one going to talk about how good his aim is?

    99. Taha Tariq

      Try the scale after putting on the additional piece for the back maybe thats why its advertised having 63g weight

    100. Josh

      Interesting concept of a light mouse. I actually like a heavy one. I have a G602 Lightspeed with ALL the weights in it. That grip tape is great, though. I needed an aftermarket solution for my 602, but I love the stuff.