The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop Right Now


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    This is the best gaming laptop on the market right now. AMD 5900 HX and RTX 3080. It's crazy powerful.
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    1. Pencilman

      I want the wallpaper!

    2. Matti Hyytiäinen

      Faster than anything... In Cinebench... That's really important for gaming. Where are the gaming FPS comparisons to Intel chips? Can't show them because riding AMD's D too much? Great chip though.

    3. MegaManNeoX

      I need something like this that can survive a bullet and a 20 foot drop. Oh, and unplugging the cord. Thats a HUGE one for me.

    4. Guillaume Labesse

      Amazing but 15” screen is too small for me. Do you have the same with a 17” ? What about this one : ROG STRIX SCAR17-G733QS ?

    5. iJVJf

      Why this appear to me? I can't even buy a rtx3060 imagine this

    6. Topzilla

      That's crazy man! Really a dream! 😍😍😍

    7. xX_Pro Gamer_Xx YT

      i am watching this with my school laptop that cant open browser games

    8. K Maroun

      The all ROG Zephyrus G with potent performance to bring an ultra-slim gaming Laptop with high power; home to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6 GB Graphics and powered by AMD Ryzen R7-3750H Processor The NVIDIA GeForce 1660Ti 6 GB Graphics, make it the ideal gaming companion for those who play battlefield V; Apex legends; the Division 2 Packing a whopping 512TB GB PCI-E SSD, The Zephyrus G will not struggle with your favourite games, videos and photos Travel effortlessly between work and play with a compact body that's just 20 mm thin and weighs a mere 2,1 kg Super-narrow bezels shrink to just 6,2 mm on three sides, giving the ROG Zephyrus G an 81 percent screen-to-body ratio that draws you deeper into the action There is no RTX :/

    9. Trazyn the Infinite

      Dual channel ram?

    10. MyPackMyPower

      wow amazing laptop packaging so what's the price of that cardboard stand?

      1. Dogetheun


    11. Adrien Pinard

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    12. ian julien

      Hi what other comparative laptop would you recommend that doesn't have the second screen. Matching specs and performance

    13. Master Yoda

      Wait no web cam??

    14. Noobjr.9

      I hope my mom have money even though i have 2 brother and we just moved so we need to buy things and get $500 a week and her boyfriend $800=1,200 a week=3,600-rent from apartment 2200=1,400 a month +food+the things my mom need to pay when we went to bjs $800 fucked,i fuck up, i really did but hey im the youngest-brother so i might be lucky,sike my mom does not give a fucked if im the youngest

    15. any4003

      How much is this laptop I think scalpers got to it already. Damn though if it really is $4k I can't even look at this think

    16. FoxFoxFoxtrot

      why is it $999

    17. FoxFoxFoxtrot

      Someone please help! is this better than the asus ROG zephyrus g14?

    18. Geliefde Liefde

      Don't like the name that is the only reason I am not going to buy it

      1. Geliefde Liefde

        @Dogetheun maybe for you :) but I am not interested

      2. Dogetheun

        That’s a dumb reason to not buy it

    19. kenney0313

      Do both CPU & GPU get liquid metal TIM?

    20. D Z

      Is this man speaking all facts, or is he shilling for pay??

    21. Morgan Kodysz

      I have owned 5 Rog laptops and they always have shit speakers....🙈

    22. Hassan safey

      It hurts so much

    23. Hassan safey

      It hurts so much when you want it

    24. Hassan safey

      It hurts so much when you want it

    25. Ralf schmidt der echte

      Is this a good deal Legion 5 RTX 2060, AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H,144hz, 347nits, 17 inch, 16gb ram for 1.099,00 euro


      Me watching this video on a 2GB ram laptop

    27. Amaninder Singh

      This laptop is designed for tony stark.

    28. Amaninder Singh

      amd and nvidia in the same laptop? that's a surprise.

    29. Juan Hernandez

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    30. Lst

      I bet it costs two kidneys

    31. KNG4

      How many storage

    32. daniel hakim

      the way he review everything is way better than any other youtuber that would just unbox tech and say this that is amazing without knowing a thing

    33. Anurag Singh

      how underrated is that starting sound effect !!

    34. Paranormal Edits

      Hold my OrionX pc

    35. NinJazz Rhythm

      I dont get why Asus didn't include WiFi6e since they're the 1st to come out with it? Also, why not use 64GB ram instead of 32? This laptop isnt supposed to come out until April 2021, I do hope they at least give it as an option Wifi6e, 64 ram, BT 5.2 and HDMI 2.1

    36. Vince Osido

      The most powerful but you can’t find or buy it anywhere. Sad story.....

    37. Jul Sams

      2:17 This is not really an RTX 3080. :)

    38. Shadow _X

      This laptop is to expensive in Dubai it 16,000

    39. Jamal Siddiqui

      Welcome to I can effort it but my parents will never bye me CLUB 🤣🤣

    40. Kingston Vuong

      "Faster than all 8-Core CPUs made by Intel" : i9 11900k enters the chat

    41. Rashawn Diallo

      Two bad it doesn't have a web cam. I actually need a web cam for work, otherwise I'd want one. External USB cams don't cut it. I don't like laptops without Windows Hello.

    42. Nell Nell

      Too bad they soldered the memory to the motherboard

    43. John Wickham

      What happens when you switch out the ssd with another brand new one? Do you lose all of the software you need for the device? (For example, the Asus software that monitors cpu performance and fan speed, etc...)

    44. Edilson Junior

      If that stand was plastic and you didn't use it, it would just be more unecessary garbage. Being cardboard it makes much more sense to me.

    45. Parker Chen

      It's available again on newegg

    46. DeathSaveArcade

      The fact that they don’t make a 1440p version is a freaking crime with that gpu

    47. Gaming with Sahil

      The perfect stream sniping system xD

    48. ANIME - L

      intel is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Levi Gonzales

      what's the nearest gaming laptop to this rn

    50. beata blanda

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    51. Uzair Islam

      I just don't understand how these are considered "cooled" when they hit average temps of 90+ degrees and a max temp of 105 degrees. As I understand it, that heat is for SURE is going to do consistent damage to your system :/

    52. Dillon Lee


    53. Andre Biel

      I'm actually glad that you shared this video. This gaming laptop would be perfect for what I want in a laptop that can handle multi-tasking and intense gaming. Even if it's not this one, I will be looking to get an ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo over my ASUS ROG STRIX II Hero Edition. Not only do I love gaming... but I plan on writing and drawing a manga and would need a dual-screen to do so. Thanks again!

    54. Eirish Dino

      He played a hafu video im so happy

    55. Lennarth Anaya

      cardboard works, no need of more plastic

    56. Arjun Anand

      Why does the link in the description have the 3070 version?

    57. CleavAlive

      That's hot.

    58. Anthony Boone

      15" gaming laptop? I always thought gaming laptops were 17" or better?

    59. Cody Peay

      The noxious goose disappointedly embarrass because bottle desirably zoom like a decisive message. relieved, determined dime

    60. Nightbot

      Amazon : Currently not available RTX 3080 is like gold

    61. desilence

      Great walkthrough - how does the gpu stack up in tray or octane bench for 3d rendering? and would you mind run the 'Notch bench' ( - making realtime motion graphics gaming benchmarks doesn't really tell the full story of the 'DCC' cabilities of the gpu

    62. ChickenChuggets

      What about ge76 raider? Same price more powerful

    63. Arash K

      what was that camera at 3:20

    64. Jude Fede

      What about the alienware area51 r2?

    65. DaRoachDoggJR

      Wonder how well it’d run blender

    66. Rohun Gargya

      I was wondering if the priced increased between when he recorded the video and right now because I am looking on asus' website and it is listed for $2900 for the 1080p 300hz model and $3700 for the 4k 120hz model?

    67. Waggle Ivah

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    68. Nikshith Rai

      Should I buy the razer blade 15 rtx 3080 for long term usage ? Ps: I’m from india so there’s no returning or not much servicing options.

    69. Swayam Agarwal

      Please review the Mi 34" inch curve gaming monitor.

    70. ᕦò_óˇᕤ

      It pisses me off that they baked the 8gb ram and the Zephyrus G15 doesn’t have enough of a power brick to prevent throttling of its GPU when this one does have the appropriate power.

    71. Marte Montero

      i need this. can i have it ? i'm broke.

    72. aaa bbb

      I regret buying last year version 4 months ago...

    73. Fadzlan Yahya

      Whenever I see any AMD laptops.... oh thunderbolts...

    74. Ty Rog

      I really want the 4k model this machine is incredible. Fixes everything I've bitched about laptops for years

    75. Fatma Ibrahim

      Please which laptop is the best for architecture and graphic work? is it asus rog zephyrus duo 15 ''2021'' or zenbook pro duo ux852 ??

    76. 婷婷陈

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    77. llVIU

      but it's only 15 inch. And why is it so small. I don't care about small laptops, I want a strong laptop

    78. Tech Mania LTD

      I am irked by that half screen on the left side (´-﹏-`;)

    79. shubham sindhu

      Is it good enough for a long run like 3-4 years.

    80. Mike Diliberto

      What I just can not get past is that Asus solders RAM on the MB! WHY? If that RAM fails you have a brick!!

    81. Alexander Rodriguez

      My #1 concern is the liquid metal. Mainly how long the lifespan of it is and how it is kept localized to the CPU/GPU. I applied some to my Alienware 15 r3 and online information shows that it eventually gets absorbed into the copper blocks.

    82. phil skip

      Where can I find the 1080p model of this?

    83. uninteresting person

      I haven’t even checked and it probably costs like numbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumbernumber

    84. Gavin Vales

      i would get it if they put a trackpoint on it instead of a touchpad. they could put in a bigger keyboard, and also, Lefties can't use this trackpad.

    85. Gavin Vales

      there's no reason not to put a sub in these thicc laptops, and key switches with more travel

    86. Varun Gehlot

      They should also release a 17inch Model.

    87. Victor Queiroz

      In Brazil it's costing USD 6400. I hate this country.

    88. 힝상우

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    89. Jesus Manucci

      No Thunderbolt?

    90. Xv•ReX

      Dude the cost of that in my country is more expensive than my own fucking house

    91. Kevin L.

      How come I can only find it with a 3070?

    92. André Macleod

      oq no Brasil custa R$36.000,00 ...1 Dollar = R$ 5,00...😁😁😁

    93. VG_unknown

      Imagine we get this recommended 10 years later and we are like “ Haha weak a$$ laptop

    94. tommy aronson

      This guy is the worse click baiter. No where he put the laptop name.

    95. Aryan Rahul

      i dont understand why my alienware r2 has 180W

    96. A.

      Everythings good about this laptop but they had to add a second screen above the keyboard it ruins the professionalism imagine having this laptop in an office it would look too off

    97. ironY_man

      It seems the 1080p comes with GTX 3070 and the 4k comes with GTX 3080. Is the laptop version of the GTX 3070 good. Still worth it if I want the 1080P version?

    98. maxqazwsxedc

      I like how ppl just love praising amd now cuz it's like 50 dollars cheaper and 10% more powerful in theory compare to intel about 90% of the games you play will run better with that weaker intel cpu tho, and you will encounter all sorts of issues with amd, you will

    99. Churchill Edidjana

      17.3 inches please 😪

    100. TheBadRouter

      It's a Max-Q version of the 3080. It isn't the most powerful gaming laptop available.