Samsung Galaxy S21 + S21 Ultra Review


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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Review compared to the S21 Ultra. Camera and battery tests.
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    1. Dave2D

      If you're getting an S21, what phone are you replacing? Also, do you think there will be a new Galaxy Note this year? they can't replace it with just THIS kinda of s-pen right???

      1. Mihai Badea

        S9, replacing it with S21 Plus. The battery, refresh rate and wide camera are a nice upgrade comming from the S9

      2. Habiba Rashid

        I borrowed from my friend an S9 plus for a year and a half. I bought honor view 20 the day it came out, 2 years ago begging my parents and then got stole within 4 months. Now hopefully, I will buy this, compare quite few times with the IPhone 12.

      3. Abraham Garcia

        I'm replacing my note 10 for the s21 plus

      4. daunte hanto

        Im replacing my OnePlus 8 Pro with the Galaxy S21 Ultra

      5. xhacker

        Replaced my Note 9 with a regular S21. The curved edge on the Ultra completely turned me off from it.

    2. Godolias tech Tips

      your Background view is amazing

    3. Totem of Melon

      That is the best black i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Dinkle x

      Idk... I'm stuck between this and the Nite 20 Ultra for my friend.

    5. Andrew Lee

      The lack of accessories is not an issue of value, but an issue of: The customer don't matter. If you are a prestigious brand, you would aspire to deliver the most prestigious package to the consumer. What if Tesla stopped selling wheels? What if Starbucks stopped selling coffee in cups? What if architects design schools without classrooms? What if McDonald's sold you cheeseburgers without cheese? It's sad that in 2021, basic things like basic customer service and product essentials have to be taught.

    6. Jason Hastings

      The S21 line is my favorite design of any phone to date

    7. imicca

      Apart from being cheap, there is no advantage to plastic really

    8. Parikshit Khadun

      No charger.. no me buying these stuffs!

    9. Eric Yim

      will never buy a phone without sd card. Also, I prefer they put the camera module of S21 ultra in a smaller phone

    10. 👨🏻‍💻

      I've watched his videos forever and never realized until this one that he has a major underbite and speech impetement 😳

    11. adam heeley

      100x zoom is a stalker's dream for sure

    12. Ralvin

      finally rewatching this from my s21 ultra after a 6 years of iphone se 1st gen. ghad this is monstrously amazing phone 💕

    13. ThrowMeBeer

      Dude get a safety cover for that pool!

    14. Joe L

      I'm so happy i left the Iphone for S21 Ultra best decision I ever made monster of a phone.. RIP Iphone lol..

    15. Joe L

      I'm so happy i left the Iphone for S21 Ultra best decision I ever made monster of a phone.. RIP Iphone lol..

    16. seongjunbaek

      S21 series do use the telephoto in portrait mode bro

    17. monofxide

      Thanks for the review Polyp - Been debating on trading in my note 9 for this but I love my built in stylus to much. Have a good one brotha - Path

    18. bigran rambu

      that black is special Dave, very, very.... Special!!

    19. Chris Bowman

      I'm DEFINITELY into battery life AND the zooms! 👍😁 Expecting my S21 Ultra in a couple days! CAN'T WAIT!

    20. Sean Lee

      10:24 So does that mean a NON-Ultra S21 would have just as good of low light video quality using the ultrawide camera as the Ultra?

    21. Floating Peaks

      How can you legitimise a company releasing a substandard tech product just to make profit, tech is about advancement. The only good phone in the lineup is the ultra and its just not about zooming in or the battery life. Its just the best phone in the line up and the only one where samaung didn't skimp, except the sd card slot. But there are good reasons why it needs to be removed. Sd cards slow down a phone and most people do or really should move storage into the cloud as they usually own more then one device.

    22. Lianne Cyle


    23. Lin Nyunt

      Haha, ironically Uraverageconsumer isn't your average consumer either. 🤣

    24. Rashesh panchal

      Where can i get this wallpaper?

    25. Nervous Neighbour

      9:19 Wow, you were really close to the Vought HQ

    26. Little Potato Pie

      Watching this again after switching to the S21 from Note 8. Loving the phone so far. The screen is amazing, 1080p is really not an issue.

    27. NAKIA REED

      Curves says the guy who loved the one plus 8 pro😁

    28. Darnell G

      This guy makes PERFECT REVIEWS.

    29. Harsh Shaw

      Hey, why you still make 16:9 videos?

    30. MishkaFilmOfficial

      I say always wait for the Note Series.

    31. pinkfreud62

      Keep in mind, if you're whole thing is about photo & video quality then you should invest in a professional camera and not rely on a phone. These phones should be good enough for the average person.

    32. KINGLY

      I ordered the S21 just because Telus gave it to me on cooperate plan for $800 discount! I haven't received it yet. I'm replacing my two year old pixel 3. Do you think I'll be happy with this? I've been a pixel fan for three generations now. Please help!!

    33. Yharnam Iyhill

      Weird. I heard of hearing issues from S21 ultra. Going up to 44 c or 111 degrees f... Dave noticed the problem?

    34. TrailzRock

      Since google went to that back gesture with swiping from the edges, the curved display with a case that allows edge swiping, is the way to go. With a flat edge you get stickiness when swiping from the edge. I have the OnePlus 8 with curved edges and loving the back swiping from the edge. I agree, prior to the gesture navigation, curved edges were a gimmick 👍

    35. wilson ndebay

      I returned my S21 Ultra, too heavy, too thick, main camera lens not good, foggy display, camera compartment 1/4 of the entire back of the phone. I'm going for the S21 plus.

    36. Jon Keener

      It's not icrap, it is already a WIN!

    37. WHITE LION

      Dear (me), We confirmed order # for your customized Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB (Unlocked) and have started building it for delivery within five weeks. Look for an email with your shipment tracking number. We will reach out if there are any issues with your delivery. Your Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB (Unlocked) will ship in five weeks.

    38. uNiq prazZ

      You are just totally baised against samsung.

    39. Thomas Vail

      Didn't even know you were from Toronto

    40. Danny

      toronto looks like a clean nyc

    41. Simon C.S.

      It's good to see a different opinion on the cameras. I was under the impression that this was the best choice in terms of cameras for android. Makes me reconsider my interest.

    42. David Martrano

      Hey Dave, replaced my weak 🔋pixel4. Charging at mid-day was driving me nuts? The 600 trade deal was much appreciated, so the S21+ set me back 384.00 😀 buck-a-roos. At this price, we'll no-brainer time! Sure some compromises were made, no charger, micro, ear buds. Well, at this price I can overlook them!

    43. Pratheepan AP

      Then u define what is special black and show some examples plz.

    44. Alain-Daniel Tankwa

      You're very relatable

    45. Gabe

      I understand how a beautiful matte black phone doesn't appeal to a guy who has all his tech in cyan, but damn Dave. This thing is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

    46. Johan Gustafsson

      If you like 120hz the screen compromise is a no brainer. You couldn't combine 1440p with 120hz on the S20 anyway!!

    47. Kereta Mania

      I Trust Dave review. He is unbiased!

    48. chris cab

      heck no! screw glass! plastic alllll day. GLASS BREAKS

    49. Jose Martinez-La

      how does this measure up to an Oneplus 8pro looking to upgrade or should i hold on to my 8pro

      1. namcicle

        for me, the OnePlus 8 Pro is still an awesome phone in 2021. I would wait a year or two until upgrading, but that's just me.

    50. JALC-x

      8:02 Come on man all you have to do is tap on the screen and adjust the exposure a little are we seriously gonna call the s21 camera worse because people don't know how to take pictures

    51. Keith

      No other phone is black like this matte black. Ya it’s special i think.

    52. dean whan

      Still gonna rock my s10+ for a few more years

    53. Deane Karlo Tabasa

      The way dave looks, feels like he does his reviews after a good cry.

    54. MichelZelf

      Removing and SD card slot is like removing a headphone jack. It can be done wirelessly and we should move on to the future. 256 gb is enough anyways

    55. Jason Stroman

      Your video quality is top notch. The phone almost looks fake when you flip it over @2:08.

    56. Guled Osman

      I have the s21 ultra phantom black, the phone is good but it's too big for me. I have been thinking about changing for the s21 instead.

    57. Jor S

      Dude you are wheezing! Take care of your health;

    58. Noah Robinson

      so this or a used S9...

    59. Leano Kgafela

      Coming from MKBHD's video about the S21 I realize how lazy of a review this is...

      1. alien saurus


    60. Nate Dog

      I was watching a camera comparison with the ultra and the iPhone and the ultra was doing better with dynamic range consistently, now I'm confused. Some of the results here contradict almost every other review I've seen

    61. A.K. Flamenco

      You are the best Dave! Lew and Marques are great, but you are the best!

    62. Jean-Axel Tano

      It’s impressive to me just how wildly different the experience of Dave2D has been from that of MKBHD in their respective reviews of the GS21 Ultra. On area like photography, design, portrait mode etc. They basically diametrically opposed 😳

    63. Tweefurs Tech

      Coming from a note user, I currently have a 512gb version of the note 10 plus but also also have a 512gb sd card on board. I don't need it all but am used to having at least a 256 or 512 gb phone with sd card support. If the ultra had sd card support of be all over it as ot looks the part and that battery sounds impressive. I'm torn however as I was gonna buy the best speced version of the note 20 ultra, but couldn't justify the purchase as its only a bit better than the note 10 plus. (Battery is actually better on 10 plus UK variant). I'm hoping there is still a chance that we will get a note 21 that has all the featurs and looks of the 21 ultra but with a flat screen and sd card expansion. A phone with no compromises that's what us enthusiasts want. Particularly note users. We want that identity to come back as the phone that is a powerhouse with options and no compromise! Lets see what happens this summer?

    64. Ryoshikari

      Im curious to know ur take on the Xperia Pro

    65. Mohammed Adel Syed

      Should I upgrade my Note5 to Note10+ or Note20 Ultra considering the price, battery life and the exynos 990 thing?

    66. Vihanga Dananjaya

      Why isn't there the perfect macro mode in S21 and S21+?

      1. Kin Han Tan

        @Vihanga Dananjaya Yess

      2. Vihanga Dananjaya

        @Kin Han Tan Oh I see. The macro mode depends on the laser auto focus sensor on the Ultra, right?

      3. Vihanga Dananjaya

        @Kin Han Tan You mean it's so advanced? But there's the same ultrawide in all three phones, right? So I thought the macro mode is a software thing.

      4. Kin Han Tan

        And i dont think samsung will put it because years later the macro trend will end

      5. Kin Han Tan

        These type of technology has to wait years until it comes to more affordable flagships or even mid ranges

    67. Stage 7 Viewer

      MA MAN !

    68. Zeljko Dakic

      Plastic is fantastic, glass sucks and slides

      1. Kin Han Tan

        Yes, louder!

    69. K

      Dave is such a cutie!!!!

      1. Is Sy

        Bro? He already got a wife

    70. RoyalDaemon

      And I'm sitting here still using an S8

    71. jimbow

      As always great review , The video did look disappointing i watched the blind camera test on unbox therapy ( the one where he got it confused with the iPhone) and thought the S21 ultra came out on top overall , Also think the $800 price is for the standard S20 not the plus. Agree its the best direction for the mass market but still overpriced when you look at what people like realme are going to dish out latter this year. i'm coming from a S10 plus , might get the ultra if the price drops latter this year to many down grades on the standard S20 plus to justify it. If its big bucks i wont big bang...

    72. Scott McDonald

      Really wish reviewers would call out how stupid it was for Samsung to remove MST during a freaking global pandemic...barely any reviewers even mention it probably because they're all in big cities where you don't need it, but for the rest of us NOT living in big cities it REALLY SUCKS. Come on guys, CALL SAMSUNG OUT ON THAT!

    73. Jerry yap

      Unbox therapy had a great video on Video Quality between S21 Ultra and Iphone 12 Pro. S21 destroyed the iPhone 12. Check it out.

    74. Val C

      Awesome review as always. Made my mind to replace my S10+ 1tb to an S21 Ultra 512gb(SD).. hopefully I won't regret paying so much for the upgrade.

      1. Mike

        Huge downgrade in storage don't do it !

    75. Techlink Media

      yea, to be honest, i live the silver better, I don't see anything unique about the black!

    76. Jayashanker

      I traded my samsung note9 due to its yellowish color issue after samsung's update which screwed it.. Now i'm into S series family .. So far im more than happy for the trade.... I'm using S21 Ultra Phantom Black.....!!!!

    77. pharaohosam

      Completely disagree about the materials. I have the Phantom White S21 and while the design is beautiful, it feels like a cheap mid-ranger, not a premium flagship. Absolutely unacceptable. Just got the Phantom Silver S21+ today and it feels *so* much more premium. I just hate big phones. I have a PC and a tablet, don't need a huge phone. I had been a loyal S-series user since the S7 Edge. It's too bad I can't have a premium "compact" (for lack of a better term) flagship from Samsung anymore. Might go to the Xperia 5ii or iPhone 12 Pro, but likely sending both the S21 (because of the plastic) and S21+ (because of the size) back. I *do* agree that the Phantom Black is nothing special at all. The Prism Black of the S10e, Ceramic Black of the S10 Plus, and Graphite of the iPhone 12 Pro are all so much nicer.

    78. ossy43

      What about the Samsung bloatware? Not to mention Bixby, who wants Bixby when you have Google. Does Samsung still try to force you his own browser (like Apple)?...or the Samsung store when you always use the Google Playstore? Great to have a flat screen I hate the curved ones... charger.... Maybe I'll stay with OnePlus...

    79. Interstellar Media

      Little bit of false info , when you said dynamic range is not good its because of the smooth and feather feature that is stock you turn that off you get good depth of field

    80. Dale De Menezes

      This is a great review! Thanks Dave. Now for the enthusiasts, do we have a phone with a headphone jack and SD card to look forward to?

    81. mithritades

      An SD Card slot would've been great at the very least, at the expense of everything else...I could live without the headphone jack and charging brick

    82. craigr98

      Where is his desk?

    83. closer786

      I’m so sorry Dave but I’m looking at you and I’m trying to figure out your ethnicity,lol

    84. Daniel Jbaily

      MKBHD has another opinion on this Black

      1. Is Sy

        Colour is totally depends on the person. Like look at marques, from like 5 years ago. He likes the colour black while Dave from 5 years ago, always love the white colour. So colour is more of a personal preferences and opinion

    85. Vision33r

      After playing with the S21 Ultra, if you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. You don't need to switch and if you have a Note 20 Ultra, also don't bother switching. The only reason to get the S21 Ultra is the pre-order deals and trade in makes it a good deal. While the camera on the ultra is cool but the zoom 100x zoom shots are useless. Barely can make out what the image you take. The main improvement is the OIS and AF is improved of the S20 Ultra which sucks. The Note 20 Ultra imo edges out the S21 Ultra overall because it still has the microSD Card and you don't notice much speed improvements. But because of the preorder trade in deal it makes it worth trading in your S10 Plus or Note 10.

    86. RunSofrieRun

      Can it connect to a Gopro like you would connect an iphone to a Gopro? My samsung A50 doesnt do well with Gopros.

    87. Devang

      No headphone jack. no sd card slot & no charger, is this an Apple phone? If they care about the environment so much, why are they even producing phones? Stop making phones and then talk about saving the environment.

    88. luka li

      i use cpu-z on my s21 showed me arm cortex a55 instead of snapdragon does anyone know why?

    89. diandre carty

      Be honest

      1. Is Sy

        Honest about what

    90. Justin H

      Nice pics of Toronto

    91. Justin H

      Go TDot 😎

    92. Zain Shah

      the back is sort of distracting

    93. MrHiggs

      9:39 look at the building on the left, Wtffff!?

      1. tywan james

        What about it?

    94. carbonite1983

      Ratio this fool!

      1. Is Sy

        No need

    95. tha8czar456

      Why you lying to people I hate you guys always lying to people about battery that s*** does not last 2 days bro

      1. Is Sy

        Maybe Dave use the brightness level very low and not to mention, youtube is his part time job. Dave work as an engineer. So from his experience with the phone, he got 2 days of battery life because of how many time Dave use his phone or how many time Dave got the chance to use his phone.

    96. Admiral Khalifa Al Qubaisi

      its just a phone

    97. CalvinRR

      black is not a color' its the absence of the color

    98. Stepot!

      Flat edges is a perfect for me too. It's more durable design when it drops than curves and more ergonamically useful.

    99. Mohammad Sanjide

      Pixel 5 or S21 ultra which one you got Dave

      1. Is Sy

        @Mohammad Sanjide yep

      2. Mohammad Sanjide

        @Is Sy one ui is more reliable than stock Android wow unbelievable.

      3. Is Sy

        @Mohammad Sanjide Well with s21 ultra you got faster processor chipset. Better design. Feel more premium and far more reliable than google pixel

      4. Mohammad Sanjide

        @Is Sy you can do everything with pixel 5 what you can do with ultra and less than 500 dollar

      5. Is Sy

        Bruh ofcourse s21 no doubt

    100. Lucretia019

      Hello Dave! Nice review, I've always loved your content and your channel. Interesting analysis on the S21 family! By any chance are you planing on reviewing Xperia phones from Sony? The last models have had quite a few nice improvements and I think they are a nice option! Thanks!