Razer Book 13 - MacBook and XPS Competition


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    An early look at the Razer Book 13. Their best laptop for portable productivity!
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    1. Navya Jain

      Can someone please share that wallpaper, it's amazing!

    2. Aleksandr Ploskov

      Only 8GB soldered RAM in non-touch model? Fuuu~

    3. j3y

      man, in the past I used to hate razer because I saw them as a company that only produced products for RGB addicted pre-teens. But recently, a lot of their products seem higher quality and have great features. I have more razer peripherals now than ever and I am planning on buying one of these laptops. They definitely changed in their design department and I like it.

    4. James theBrain

      Too expensive 😂 razer raised the price of the stealth for this... Get a G14

    5. rusith manorathna

      Please do a full review 👍❤

    6. BennyWinZ

      I would like to see the Stealth and Book get bumped to 14 inches. Hopefully we could get better specs, thermals, and gpu.

    7. Gabriel Oliveira

      windows os? it sucks...

    8. Stefan Pfleger

      I just cant see myself ever buying a razer, until they finally sell more than 500gb ssd

    9. Fatema Alsayqh

      Is it good for gaming?

    10. NoSkill PG3D

      Is it good for school?

    11. Josh Brown

      So I need a laptop for school but I also want to be able to play games, on the right side at one point you said it gets 117 in valorant. So it’s still acceptable as a gaming laptop. Up to this point I’ve only ever had a console so really if it can run a game better than 60 FPS I’m happy. Any thoughts or other recommendations?

    12. Renz Bulseco

      Dave should have an 'Okay' shirt for his merch.

    13. Felix Ramos

      will it charge thru USB-C? like if i connect to my external monitor, the monitor also charges the laptop i have thru the same cable

    14. Daniel Bozi Ramalho

      Please, make the full review you mentioned!😁

    15. Lactose Free

      ok but where did u get the wallpaper dave

    16. Devon Schnitger

      I love how the thing looks but its so expensive for what it is.

    17. Михаил Скорбеж

      Сын/внук/правнук Бердымухамедова?

    18. psycl0ptic

      16:10 isn't 1080p

    19. Shawn Afshar

      Whats good for travel and editing youtube videos

    20. Goodman 4525

      Why does it need a vapour chamber when it doesn't even have a discrete GPU?

    21. Youtube Kullanıcısı

      The underrated thing about this laptop is the fact that it doesn’t reduce its performance when you unplug it, unlike like 95% of other Windows laptops, and it’s got an HDMI + USB-A port. The first thing I mentioned is the most underrated one though imo.

    22. BIG BUX

      Will there be a stealth edition too?

    23. Loaf of bread

      I got one for 900 dollars, and i love it!

    24. AskIve Solar

      Finally a laptop with USB C on both sides and they both charge and USB A and 16:10 .... They just needed a full size sd card.

    25. siyanaba

      4k screen drains the battery faster, but I’ll still go for it for 8 hours, thanks for the info.

    26. Rob

      Does the Razer Book has a HDR Display?

    27. Sebastian Porras S.

      Pass the wallpaper please

    28. Radicool Gaming

      Is a minimalist aluminum gaming laptop too much to ask for?

    29. Ruata Chhangte

      I would definitely buy this if it had at least a MX450 or the Iris Xe Max.

    30. Omar ElAssy

      Full review any time soon? :)

      1. Is Sy

        I don't think he will. He already reviewed it for the second time in his "Laptop Picks 2020". Check it out

    31. Fernando Fernando

      I prefer black color!

    32. Steven Hawan

      I like the shirt, Dave. Do you sell printed shirts?

    33. 森林ヴィンセント

      This should be said, the hdmi port only supports 60hz regardless of resolution. It's a driver and firmeware issue. Razer claimes it's a 2.0 hdmi port, but my Monitor has native support for DP 165hz@1440p and HDMI 2.0 144hz@1440p. With my razer book 13 I can't set the 144hz. I even bought a different cable that supports hdm1 2.1 8k 48gbps and still caps @ 60hz all resolution. Razer should've mention that. Also, my usb-c to display port cable does 165hz, but crashes on video playback as of january 2021. This is probably a driver issue on intel's part. Very dissapointed in the razerbook 13. Don't be fooled by reviews. It's still plagued by little bugs.

    34. Kevin Hs

      I wish dell still sells the old XPS chassis. Like, old chassi, but new spec and cooling. Would be amazing

    35. LuKa

      What is the hz on the screens?

    36. Youssef

      What’s that game on 3:36 ??

    37. Kevin NguyenTu

      Can’t wait for full review of this. Is the non 4K version 500 nit screen as well?

      1. Is Sy

        I don't think he will.

    38. Shadow Lord

      Dave, nlname.info/project/video/govPznGriq96h5M I'm pretty sure the clips are from this video

    39. Pratyush Neupane

      You're not going to get 14 hours that was a lot of damage there

    40. Juan Hernandez

      The future futuristic silk bodily telephone because ash molecularly cross midst a abaft ceramic. flagrant, victorious toast

    41. simon bolton

      hey Dave Lee, did you know, your the only tech channel where i keep watching till the end and dont skip through the videos like i do with most others?!

    42. li jason

      The plucky pencil numerically knot because beaver reversely store next a gamy swing. screeching, assorted frost

    43. Dru Anubis

      4K, or not to 4K, that is the question?🤨🤔

    44. Reasonable Entity

      'real people doing real work' Gamers are shut ins who aren't people

    45. Shumail Iqbal

      Hi Dave, can you recommend me a good ultra book. I need it for media consumption which is portable. I want oled display (because I am used to oled on cell phones) which is touch too. I want an HDMI port because I still like hooking up to my tv or a projector at work. I also want a USB A port too. I want a good battery. I appreciate a good build quality like an Apple or razer. Is there any other option than razer book 13 because the new dell xps 13 doesn’t have hdmi. Your suggestion will be appreciated Thanks Shumail

    46. Draxgon Egal

      This with amd 8c/16t and i would pay nearly anything

    47. Jmhm17

      USB A for us Engineers that need to console into things. You can get a USB C to RJ45 cable but the Type C would snap off in a day. This thing is growing on me..

    48. Sagar Dinker

      Hey where can I find that wallpaper? The on laptop/ thumbnail thanks

    49. António Areia

      Can anyone enlighten me if this might me a good choice for music production? I've been searching for an alternative to the macbook.

    50. 👨🏻‍💻

      Check out Dave’s sexy side shoulder action! 😂

    51. Carlos C

      The spacebar not being centered killed it for me.

    52. Y Huynh

      How can I get that screen wallpaper human? Finding everywhere :(

    53. Germiah Cunil

      Was thinking about buying the hp spectre x360 14, but saw this video and my thoughts immediately changed! I'm totally going for this ultrabook

    54. Yelsin Mendez Camacho

      razer book 13 is better than macbook pro 2020?

    55. Farouk

      "I'm probably going to make a full review on this in the near future" so that was a fucking lie

      1. Is Sy

        Not a lie tho. He said "probably"

    56. Rajesh Karmakar

      Where i find this desktop wallpaper???

    57. Caio Gomes

      Dave2d people always comment about no introduction or simplicity in scenario, and all this comment means good stuff, we know it is harder to go simpler than just add random stuff, we love ur content btw

    58. Максим Малюта

      The selfish rowboat tribally lick because minister hemodynamically work over a imported architecture. flat, deadpan spade

      1. Is Sy

        You talk about wha-?

    59. Jacques junior Fatal

      i wish razer added an amd version

    60. Ngo Minh

      I don't know about the others. But from my experience XPS is not even that popular. I have 9370 and been trying to sell for too long and no one even noticed. Here in Canada Macbook is the way to go

    61. 이준희

      Too thick

    62. Radoslav Dimitrov

      I need more detailed review. Tests of camera, audio, benchmarks. Also how thik is compared to dell xps13 or hp spectre. What about the display?

      1. Radoslav Dimitrov

        @IceCraftroria I understand, but there is a pre-order campaign, so It will be good to know more details before buying. There are lack of information in Razer's website.

    63. Gael Soto

      Please i need to know what wallpaper are you using

    64. Daniel Hearson-Roberts

      Can we expect a full review of the laptop?

    65. Pranav

      Can you give a folder of your wallpapers, they are so cool🥺

    66. Kiril Petrov

      @dave lee when are you gonna have the full review ? it's already shipping and I want to see the full potential compared to the stealth and XPS 13. Keep up the good work.

    67. joao rodrigues

      Hey dave! Do you think that this device, with the Inel Xe Graphics, is capable of editing 4k video? I would be grateful if you share your opinion about this ;)

    68. rehan ali

      i love you razer g ??

    69. rehan ali

      i m laptop razer give ????

    70. Wildfire

      The price shows that these people have completely lost touch with reality. 2 grand for a 13" 4k screen? fuck off

    71. Axios O7

      *I wish Stealth 2021 would be more like Razer Book* 1. Mercury White option 2. Nvidia GPU - whatever you can fit in I guess 3. AMD CPU (at least option) 4. 1920x1080 144hz with good brightness IPS panel 5. 1080p camera (for real like 1994-2000 is done everyone) 6. Bezel less bottom of the screen 16:10, we don't need to see your logo name - we know what we bought and why (I hope) 7. Dual thunderbolt ports on both sides and 1-2 usb-a, headphone jack, RJ-45 would be nice 8. Vapor chamber cooling 9. Option to customize memory/storage without changing models 10. Single key RGB 11. Higher quality speakers (be different) 12. No touch screen or at least give the option to opt out of it Please Razer, make it happen...my money is waiting for you

      1. Axios O7

        @Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος My backpack can fit 15" yes...up to 16" I think My smaller backpack can't, but the main one can 13 vs 15...2" is not a biggie, performance tho is a big upgrade, power brick a bit bigger though Idk I guess question is do you value mobility and occasional gaming or movie watching and more frequent gaming And weight is not that different I think Tough one indeed, but I have a powerful desktop, so I'm leaning 13" as more of a ultrabook that can game - even at low settings as long as it doesn't struggle

      2. Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος

        As a 15" laptop user, i have to tell you that the difference between a 15 and a 13 inch laptop is minor, so if you have a quite large backpack, why not buy a 15" laptop. But its up to you

      3. Axios O7

        @Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος Yeah, challenging times with tech... Everything exists to make amazing laptops and peripherals, but companies choose to be cheap or do the apple tactics of small updates/changes every year With razer, no one is competing in 13" space except for g14, so they can slow innovation and chill...15" is a different story Idk I want 13" cuz I need portability more, but 15 is not that heavy and offers way more power :/

      4. Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος

        @Axios O7 alright then, now that i know your needs, i agree with you in waiting for the next year's model of the stealth

      5. Axios O7

        @Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος I'd buy dell xps...not a fan of HP But all of the 3 don't have a GPU I am not planning to play that much competitive high demanding games, but you never know...maybe I feel like playing some single player relaxed story game So I'd prefer to have a good gpu and screen refresh rate Idk I'm gonna wait for razer stealth 2021, if it's not like book 13...idk, I might get 15" instead

    72. Danny Dev

      Most NLnamers have a set, picturesque intro. Dave: Oh-kay. Doug DeMuro: TTTHHHHHIIISSSSS...

    73. David Robertson

      I don't like that rubber rubbish on razer laptops it has a 2 year lifespan max. Then when the rubber starts debonding razer will tell you to eat a phatty because it's a wear and tear item 🙄

    74. Curt Devine

      You lost me after you said "razer type of keyboard" their keyboards are so bad.

    75. Kevin Park

      Why can’t they make this color for all Razer models

    76. Mr. J

      it's a cool brand i want to see some real world videos of xbox game pass performance as gaming phones are sure to be a thing phones are gonna have to be on steroids good thing razor has that covered already, my next phone is gonna need specs like a desktop as far as i'm concerned, i plan on using the duo for this soon as i can get one.

    77. Ivan Serrano

      Where do you get all those minimal wallpapers from? I'd really like to have them

      1. pritish mohanty

        Did you get that wallpaper??

    78. likaboss7654

      Wish it came in black

    79. Lenny Izekor


    80. I am love

      is it easy to replace the SSD on the XPS?

    81. TheFrozenGamer YT

      I wouldn't consider this an ultrabook, it's too thick.

    82. Erika Doyle

      Liked how you make ppl rmb that it's not a gaming laptop because a lot of comments here forget that they're watching a review of a Book, not a Blade.

    83. Tobias Stamenkovic

      Do System 76'es Lemur Pro! Id really like to know weather or not they can actually compete with the "big guys".

    84. benedictify

      I want it

    85. Somesh Deshmukh

      So he compared it with xps13 and didn't show us if it's touch sensitivity experience. what is wrong with you.

    86. Photoro Lensoman

      I hope the next Razer Stealth will be with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a vapor chamber. Oh and maybe a RTX 3050 gpu :)

    87. Rohit Sapkota

      Hey Dave, how is the keyboard on this one. Short-circuit channel reviewed it and said that the keyboard was not good. I am stuck between buying this or the xps 13. Please help.

    88. m s

      £1.3k....for eye candy, i beg just get a g14

    89. Zayn Umar

      I want to get this laptop

    90. GamingStew

      can I expect a 15"?

    91. Ledell James Soriano

      Dave can you share that cool wallpaper? 😀

    92. SS BOND building life long

      Best channel with cleanness

    93. Death Killer

      Is this a really good Laptop for editing/streaming via elgato from console?

    94. dan

      I’m planning on buying this, I’m looking at the i5 model, just worried about the matte display not being as nice as glossy when displaying stuff, what do you think?

    95. rafi:ki

      why no ryzen version

    96. Absolute Longplay

      They better not make the Razer Blade 15 and 17 16:10 also. I hate that 16:10 shit man ever since the first widescreen monitors on pc's.

    97. Mashá Ponce

      i hope the charger for this one also works for my razer blade 15 😂😂 fucking brick of a charger man

    98. Michael Hong

      I thought Razor suck as Quality Control.... will not trust them with mission critical data

    99. Aditya Singh

      I need that wallpaper

    100. OnitsukaTiger82

      It's perfect for me. But it's fukkin expensive in Australia.