PlayStation 5 Review - With Great Power...


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    My review of the PS5 vs Xbox Series X with a look at it's ray tracing capabilities in Spider-Man: Miles Morales
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    1. DV_Shepherd

      anybody else notice that strand at 3:37 near the xbox controller

    2. Aìda Fernandez

      How do you paint the part blue

    3. Dommi Davros

      That PS5 game he was playing looks utter crap! THAT'S supposed to be on a flagship console??? It looks like something you could make for the ps2 ffs, in fact I've seen BETTER games on the ps2! Spider man also doesn't look that great and I can't believe you have to sacrifice frames per second for "ok" graphics and "slightly better" reflections! I mean come on!! I'm totally unimpressed by what I've seen so far! With the bulk of this thing and the fact you can't take it if you're going away because it's so big and cumbersome, I'd expect everything to be bloody perfect! Why the Hell would you buy this thing over a gaming laptop?? You can't even bloody install a Pro Evo patch on this dam thing 🤬🤬🤬 I don't mean to rant but this shit really grinds my gears!! I honestly thought consoles would be obsolete by now and judging by this crap, they should be! The controller looks great though!

    4. Adham Awadien

      I would get a slightly darker blue colour, but it looks amazing. I saw one that has been death standing themed at it looked breathtaking.

    5. 4Heed Indeed

      I went through PS4's life cycle with barely 300gb. 670gb is more than enough for me, but I'm sure a lot of other people would like to have more.

    6. guacostacos

      Comes great responsibility

    7. Ryan Hansen

      wonder if the thing starts to stink if it gets painting my laptop kind of idea...

    8. Manny

      What sticker did u use

    9. DannyVerse

      Prob all the comments are gonna steal this

    10. Yav Ne

      But what is the best thing about PS5's SSD is its speed. It's fast because of how is it designed that PC SSDs can't provide.

    11. Yav Ne

      They can pretty do it. The specs are the same. It's just a software thing. It's not that they are not able to do. It's more like it wasn't in their mind.

    12. Yav Ne

      Why didn't you mod the controller for the Spider-Man theme also? xd

    13. Yav Ne

      4 to 5 hours is actually enough. Play for 4 hours then fully charge it and play for another 4 hours. Not so little. lmao. I'm remembering my DualShock 4 was going out of battery so quickly to the point I needed to plug it into my PS4 Pro every 2 hours or so.

    14. Lawrence Glover

      The gaping creature cytomorphologically multiply because income interestedly treat till a nondescript cardigan. kindhearted, naive rooster

    15. jason tjong

      how did he change the black glossy part to a light blue???

    16. Naglis Zulpa

      Is the cotomize fake?

    17. zaydolla1

      By the way your controller review was epic happy holidays to you and the family deff subscribed without hesitation

    18. Eric Gray

      You neglected to mention that the super easy to install NVME SSD port....... Is disabled still. Kinda important thing to note...

    19. Der Ronald

      Are you streaming miles morales? I would actually watch you playing 👍

    20. andy Hey andy

      When you switch the colour between Blue and Red, you get Superman theme colour...*mic drop*

    21. Dude

      I just want a matte black one. There’s no way in buying a white console again

    22. Bjorn Dremmen

      Where is your xbox series x review?

    23. Jotaro Kujo

      me watching him having a ps5 my wallet : man we broke man my ps4 : its okay man just keep me around until they have stock, until then you can put me in your PlayStation collections

    24. Captain Crunch Experiments

      I tried taking mine apart to have a look inside but now i can't put it back together....can anyone help me?

    25. John Krain

      Only thing I hate about ps5 is small ssd size and big console size. :p

    26. Bryan Whelan

      Where did you get the sticker from for the black part

    27. R3Solve

      ...Comes great responsibility.

    28. Ichiroshima

      Dave Lee: With Great Power... Spider-Man: Don't finish that sentence! I'm sick of it

    29. Trajen Mech

      They said it was 825 gigabytes cuz that’s how much is left when u take out all the system and stuff from a terabyte so it’s not lying about how much space u have

    30. Trajen Mech

      U should have put the sticker on first and then spray painted it and take the sticker off so that it would stay on and not wear out and lose it’s stickiness

    31. QuinCQ Gamer

      How did he do the logo

    32. Maatu tornado

      Comes great responsibility 😎

    33. Owen Iseler

      It’s fake

    34. Spectrum Geeks

      Great job. May I ask what those tube lights are behind you in this video? Thanks in advance.

    35. RetroBass

      I must say, your lighting and video is amazing. The video captures such a soft light on the items you are displaying. Sweet stuff.

    36. Luke Brodrick

      got scammed 300 dollars trying to buy a ps5 sadly will not be getting one until i make some more money but cannot wait to play spiderman!!

    37. Scxty

      "Comes Great Responsibility. Remember that pete, remember that"

    38. suripto kiman

      looks trash

    39. Jean-Anthony G

      About the haptic contoller, idk anything about sony's dev team, but Sony should give some free easy to use like haptic texture library if that make sense. Like sand, wood, metal, glass, explosions, tree falling, tiger/bear roar etc. I think there will be a lot of experimentations from game devs this year, some won't use it nicely, others will go overboard. It should take a full year to make this tech mature, but I'm really hyped to see what that come out with. Imagine a TDP: Little Hope type of game, you're in the forest in the dark, you don't see any enemy at all, but you feel something that's near/coming, it literally gives another dimension to the games. Or even imagine a splinter cell type game, where you have to pick a keyhole or hack a security box, imagine feeling the clicks! I'm not even a console guy!

    40. RKH Animations

      You should have done miles morales but great work i like both

    41. lnjinn Tunn

      uuuuhmmm yah, how great it would have been if you would just say what color and brand paint and vinyl you used in making this Spidey themed box ?? l have God of War ps3, Spiderman ps4, coming home with a "white" ps5 might get me hurt pretty bad.... matter of fact be thorough in your things man, just show us how you did it 28nov2020.dellthecomputer

    42. Alex Garcia

      Where did you get the blue part

    43. Andria B

      Love the PS5 happy to even got one

    44. Cristian ION Cristian

      Who plays Spiderman anyway? BFV. I'm waiting BF6 to buy my PS5.

    45. MuhaIC

      Great video again, doesn't push sponsors at all which is so refreshing. Enjoyed a lot!

    46. Phyo Luck

      Very Good

    47. Hades’ Rebirth

      I would love to have a game running where I'm waiting for say an event that happens at random like I'm camping it type of thing while playing something else simultaneously


      Hey bro can you give me a ps5 .My father cant afford one and it's my dream to play it once😭

    49. bosshova23

      Love it!!!! Where did you get the blue sticker for the middle????

    50. Sanketh Bennur

      Do we need ps plus to play free multiplayer games on ps5?

    51. Luis Sartain

      How did you do the blue strip on the power bar???

    52. sudesh paavana

      I wanted the PS5 controller to make me feel like PS5...

    53. Richard Hobbs

      I want this so much I’d buy this shells for my PS5 I hope by the summer time someone is doing them online for sale I’d buy them straight away or a Superman version be better but I’m biased.😁🤓😛🖖🖖

    54. JustCustomizeit!

      Pro players will be turning off that rumble i garantee it

    55. JustCustomizeit!

      Rumble or not what pro player plays on vibrate😆

    56. PapaintionLite

      Man, I'm just waiting for the Playstation 69

    57. Joe Mama

      That ps5 looks like my limited Spider-Man ps4 console

    58. Manuel Amaya

      Sony: We not giving people a costom plate Plastic Dip spray: Lol I can just for 15$ :)

    59. Issachar Bryant


    60. confuzler

      With Great Power, comes great heat.

    61. Mr. J

      you should see the background on my channel i would like to see skins more like that in my case or even goofy ones like fish tanks or vantablack shins, speaking of battery life when i use an xbox controller to my phone a battery life display of the controller would be nice.

    62. Lob Tech

      Get yourself one this cyber Monday on Amazon while stock lasts. 👉PS5 👉 Spider-man: Miles Morales PS5

    63. Yusuf Goldlight

      I dont like this version it looks like my meemaws tale book

    64. William

      Can you make me one if I send you my ps5 l... I’ll pay you whatever u want

    65. Muhammad Syauqi

      comes great responsibility

    66. xxBlack_Mentholxx

      concerns me that some reviews like these are saying the fan noise is dead silent , while mine has that initial fan noise when starting a game or at boot up which id say is normal and dont bother me at all , but then at random points in game i get this loud buzzing noise and people are telling me its just coil whine and i cant tell if its normal or not cuz without headphones on, it can get irritating.

    67. Cliffjumper Production

      What paint did you use for the panels

    68. Lionel Whiskerknot

      Good to know. Might spray paint mine black so it matches the rest of the entertainment center. Why the heck did they go with white!

    69. Robert Mcloud

      thought ps5 could not look worse I stand corrected

    70. elscapino

      Whappen if you have a tv whit online 50fps and play a game whot 60fps

    71. King Polo

      A beauty.

    72. Bobby Nunez

      Alright Dave tell me how you did it and I want an answer now so I can copy you

    73. Ryder Gaming


      1. namcicle


    74. hgfgh gfhfffh


    75. On Swish

      With just little bit of effort, it still looks great! I wish I could have one.

    76. Aggressive Passive

      Can someone explain to me why he can't "disassemble" it?

    77. ツAbdualMajeed


    78. Dallen Pearson

      Where can you get decent front stickers like that?

    79. Gamechanger

      How to customize a PS5 step 1: get a PS5

    80. S4 H4

      Worst console launch. Worst idea to sell it online only for SCALPERS to get them all. Even tho it was launch day people already almost of got all them from the old pre orders because they care about them first. And then us afterwards when there is barely any left to buy and even tho you try and add it to your cart it still will crash after checkout... this is WHY online purchases only SUCKS! In Norway both the consoles, and Headset was SOLD after a couple of minutes they say even tho nobody was able to get in on any of the webs because it all crashed even for me...💔 So i bought a PS4 Slim 19 nov after looking everywhere for only just the Headset its super quiet compared to the first PS4 i have im gonna buy PS5 once its properly out and selling witch is hopefully in Dec. Or January, February 2021 unless im not dead till then.

    81. faze destroyer

      That ps5 looks 🔥 🔥 🔥 you did a great job

    82. Yanni Mitsopoulos

      Click bated 😔😓

    83. Jamie Walllace

      30fps with Raytracing on? wow, truly next gen!

    84. yifan91

      That is one ugly PS5

    85. Filip Dafov

      As a PC player ive never respected so much consoles but man I cant tell anything i dont like in the PS5

    86. Nose of the north star

      Come great electricity bill

    87. Hal lo

      all PS5's are eyesores, no amount of stickers will change that

    88. Sbaydrman

      Wit graet paowr cumes graet sweg, Sbaydrman Approves 👍

    89. Ishowedyouthat

      I can listen to you talk forever.

    90. LiK

      Man, that is one amazing custom.

    91. YungVibeZZ

      Suggestion: mod the controller!

    92. Esteban BTW

      People that want to mod their PS5 I don't even have one yet

    93. RadicalGamer

      I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it... *I NEED IIIIIIIIIIIT*

    94. Young

      Can't wait for Horizon Forbidden West.

    95. -AbPz- Gaming

      It needs some black

    96. SimplyDoor

      the spider legs are too short :(

    97. sathvik pilla

      With great power comes great ps5

    98. Tezeract 101

      Put black or white spider web, do miles mores version of spider man

    99. Maor Aharon Productions

      couldn't believe I'd see an uglier ps5 than the original

    100. Zane Rash

      like why is there a hair to the left of you