OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look


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    An early look at what seems to be the OnePlus 9 Pro with a new Hasselblad camera system
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    1. Dave2D

      Hasselblad is a H A R D C O R E camera company. They really are on another level. Do you think this is gonna be enough for the OnePlus cameras to take the crown?

      1. Anna-Sophie Blümchen-Knöpfchen

        Hasselblad is The Best Drone Photographie so Amazing Dj Pro 🛸💖

      2. Big Basher

        OnePlus... manufactured by OPPO. Goodbye!

      3. Hassaya Singsri


      4. Aligatorxx3

        I have a feeling as others mentioned it will be overpriced like £999, as Pete Lau seems to have wanted to throw the kitchen sink at a phone and seems like this is the one OnePlus has gone all in

      5. Vivaan Sethi

        As I said on da dm's idk.

    2. razorwireclouds

      good fuckin' grief this thing is UG-LY

    3. daniel piovanetti

      Hello! I am currently looking to buy a new phone in 2021, but i cant decide between a new s10+ at $300 or a new s20 FE at $550. Are the $250 worth it for the s20 FE? I also looked into the oneplus phones, but i think that other two are better. However, i do not know much about them so i am open to buying one. Any recommendations are appreciated!

    4. Łukasz Krakowski

      czy bedzie dzialal rentegen ?

    5. Anna-Sophie Blümchen-Knöpfchen

      Hasselblad is the Best Drone Dj i Mavic 2 Pro and New Smartphone oh so verry Interest 💖🛸

    6. Howard Kliner

      OnePlus 7 Pro is still King.

    7. Ragib Rahman

      lets not jump to conclusion

    8. أحمد رياز أولاد

      my family is very poor. need a mobile phone because to read online. If I study get a job, I will be able to take care of the people in my house. help me, i live in Bangladesh.

    9. Noel Deasy Cars

      According to phone arena, Full OnePlus 9 Pro and 9E specs sheet leaks out, not the cameras we were looking for. Waiting for years for a proper One Plus Camera. Hasselblad is a pipedream

    10. lllXLEGENDARY

      that camera on the screen ugly af, hope that op10 will have that popup cam like 7t Pro

    11. T2F

      Hey, I found an official video which I have uploaded to 👉

      1. PanPalema

        it seems legit

    12. Aneesh Kashyap

      This 11GB RAM phone is only a prototype, if I am not mistaken

    13. Victor QuyUy

      kind of disapointed

    14. Pablo H

      “People will often pretend like they have something special to share and it’s usually crap” The words of a wise man

    15. Nalle Holm

      Hasselblad made their way up to the moon on Apollo 11/12/14/15/16/17

    16. Harry Michael

      Looks really nice

    17. The 18th Fret

      Proud owner of a 5T which I've loved using for years. Might upgrade to the 9, especially if the cameras are that much of an improvement

    18. Gokhan Cukurova

      Hasselblad made great film cameras and they were celebrated for their CARL ZEISS lenses. Hasselblad has never been known for their lenses but their cameras. This seems a poor attempt to trick consumer. Not saying that this camera/lens will take poor photos but comparing them with Leica lenses is nothing but comparing apples and oranges IMO.

    19. Amey Datey

      Here i am still wondering if he is standing or sitting 😂

    20. ahnaf tahmid saffat

      prob geting trolled hard

    21. I Am Here

      One plus is losing its customers. They now have flagship price with midrange camera and the oxygen os that everyone loves they keep changing it year by year to get away from stock

    22. qaiz ahmed

      How do you come up with such stuff... really awesome work😎

    23. Armsinrius

      As a hobby photographer, I think the brand on the camera is more like a slogan, rather then some hardware advancement. As companies like Zeiss are mostly famous for their optical design but on such a small CMOS and limited lens size, it seems impossible to me for Zeiss to fit in a lens using complex structure. And mobil lenses are also way less protected by the user than camera lenses. Complicated coating in my opinion would be not that meaningful. I think what these old famous brands can do is most likely to help these mobils to get better colored pics out of that camera, and also maybe some improvement on the lens glass.

    24. close2deal

    25. Wycliff Studios

      Oxygen OS has kinda become boring. They are trying to copy One UI

    26. Jeffrey Bozko

      Facebook integration on it? Hope not.

    27. Abdul Shaik

      So now oneplus will definitely be priced around 1000 to 1200 $ !!!!!!!!

    28. Erik Johnson

      Companies need to stop using curved screens. They are no longer cool and I myself can’t stand them.

    29. R. jt

      Design s_cks 😲😲

    30. Amin Abdolhosaini

      I have a question. If a phone release 6 months ago and support 3 year apdate for example, if I buy that phone today , it mean that I get update for 3 years from now or that counting from when it came?

    31. Karl Berg

      Curved display? Is this 2018?

    32. Stef P.

      Hace you been told before that you look like a guy in How to get away with murder? The IT guy

    33. FredNeverDead

      why hole punch ;-; they need to bring back the pop up camera

    34. Andrew Miller

      11GB RAM = 12GB total - 1GB system OS?

    35. Adem Sofilić

      So, no zoom cam?

    36. vamsi harish

      After all a Chinese Phone..

      1. vamsi harish

        @Is Sy everything..

      2. vamsi harish

        @Dwikky they who...

      3. Dwikky

        @Is Sy They think that China is the only country that is spying on them even though it is not.

      4. Is Sy

        What's wrong with chinese phone

    37. Mohd Hilman

      LOL i thought oneplus brand disappear from planet earth

    38. or146

      look like they trying to copy the design from galaxy s10 plus [=

    39. Ismail Dihaj

      You are not allowed to do this.. 😥

    40. Aya Khongsai

      Does it come with earpods

    41. Akeshi

      They have a guy almost every year to come talk about how great the new camera software and hardware is. And every year I'm disappointed - especially for a 'flagship'. Will it be different this time around? Unlikely.

    42. Kamiyouni

      Another hole punch? 😞 Sticking with my 7pro for another year

    43. Kgsp Vgsp

      My next phone

    44. Drew

      11 GB would be available ram with 1 GB as reserve

    45. Darwin Trinidad

      It must be really awesome if that camera can actually show a high level Hasselblad performance. Hopefully not just for branding.

    46. Valrhona Ar


    47. Selvaraaju M

      But i dont believe they gonna address display tint and color issues.. i thought 8t will be addressed. But no

    48. jc denton

      might switch to android now

    49. Mureed Nassif

      @No Name Nokia's are the best value for money. My Nokia 5.3 is expandable to 512G, but the Samsung S9 is only expandable to 400g. The Nokia is also is cheaper. The Nokia 9, 128G is only $450 from GB hi FI in comparison to the I-phone 11 128G, which is $620 more expensive than the Nokia 9, 128G. But frankly I prefer the Nokia 5.3 that's expandable to 512G, for only $229 from JB HI FI, including 2 years warranty & free delivery & minus the spyware on Chinese mobiles.

    50. sanju kr

      The camera modules aesthetics is messed instantly put me off...the previous rumored image was better

    51. Kiran Dhammu

      Launching date

    52. EEjr

      Dave can recommend or do a video on the best monitors or work set up please for IT professionals specifically but just a monitor and work set up will be fine!

    53. Swaha Reddy

      Why should we care if it's not for sure

    54. RakeSh To

      If it's on the middle then it's look great

    55. Ankur Gulati

      #dave2d@ which brand hoodie is this ??

    56. Damon Martinez

      All comes down to the sensor and image processing, didn’t seem to help Nokia or Sony partnering with zeiss

    57. Jagesh Goyal

      I am sure that guy is laughing his ass off.

    58. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal

      Imagine the guy giving him those photos lying.

    59. One Path

      Chinese companies come up with weird names for their smartphones. for example Yi Mi Li Show me xiaomi ( can't bloody say that world) Huawei ( sound like hawai) One plus one Two plus two Three plus three zero

    60. Piyush Kashyap

      That guy must be a OnePlus employee and is told by the marketing "geniuses" to leak stuff to hype up the release since it's only a month away. BUZZ CREATES BUSINESS 😎

    61. Parth Rastogi

      Am I only one who thinks oneplus has lost its charm?

    62. Dz3k5on97

      Pls not more curved edges, I mean yes the phone looks at the first great but in daily usage it starts more and more to bother you because there a plenty of apps who are still not updated till this day etc. Not to forget the safety area's, that in the case of a drop it can easier broke as a flat display

    63. Danao Danau

      Remember Motorola with Hasselblad camera ? Yes ? Trash 🤣

    64. Filipe Santos

      the camera if is the same of my mavic 2 pro i will put in the bin

    65. Roman Shocker

      If one plus get rid of punch hole and curved screen, i would pay 1000 cash

    66. Vikings Shadow

      Can you please find and show us Google Pixel 6 leaks if you can. I saw a video on NLname of a prototype and it looks insane.

    67. Dmitry Nutels

      No. No. Not again with the stupid curved displays. Stop with this nonsenses. And because of that -- I choose to believe this is fake.

    68. Steven Mwinga

      Hasselblad 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    69. Julius Novachrono

      Haselblad camera on a smartphone? Gg

    70. Keith Brincat Ruffini

      Do you have an idea of the release date for the OnePlus 9 /pro ?

    71. M.Christine.A. Barba

      I've been searching for it. He have a video where he used a bulky mechanical keyboard. What isssss itttttt??? I CANTTTT FINDD ITTTTT

    72. tan hung

      S21 ultra look way better..

    73. Aditya Belavadi

      If the OnePlus 9pro really looks like this. RIP. here I come samsung

    74. Matthew Bono

      The tawdry kettledrum laparoscopically charge because hand gratifyingly film amid a sincere map. blue, overwrought knight

    75. Archer El-Tohfa

      Very Very ugly design. Shame One Plus

    76. Joseph Walker

      What concerns me is that there are only two large cameras... Presumably one of them is the main camera. So either the wide camera, or the telephoto camera, is a significantly smaller sensor, if it's even there. I really hope they at least do have three different focal length lenses, wide normal and telephoto.

    77. J

      I don't understand why you need 12gb of ram????

    78. Harry Arora

      Lol you could have asked for some camera clicks, and video shots but instead you just freaked him out.

    79. Mantas Chabibulinas

      When I read tilted shift i almost came

    80. Zahid Hasmani

      finally going to be a $1200 oneplus device

    81. AHZHD

      If this is marketing then it's not very good, phone looks BORING

    82. 8shuffler8

      Hasselblad was bought by DJI. It’s Chinese owned now.

      1. M W

        Good. Chinese stuff is awesome. Go china!!

    83. Moiz Moizz

      Amazing but Expensive

    84. AzurnXO

      Meanwhile, MKBHD is having his fun time with the OnePlus 9 Pro

      1. skiF

        His is a fake chinese copy

    85. Mr.Awesomestar7

      Well... this won't age well.

      1. Dave2D

        You sure about that?

    86. yilmanbabilonia

      Curve edges? I thought we agreed they are annoying

    87. George

      Everyone knows that marques brownie been using 9 pro even before 8 pro got released.

    88. Samuel Torres

      Not another curved screen. Its so annoying. I hope they made a flat screen option this time. That's the reason I didn't buy the 8 pro when it come out.

    89. m3210

      does anyone care about these phones any more?


      They wanted feedback so they leaked to make changes

    91. Rahul Bhagat

      Leaked = purposely made public !!

    92. Asif Irfan

      Op 9 pro will be $$$$$$$$$ so much😄

    93. Syed Alam

      Hi Oneplus i was soo happy after received my Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren phone. after few months used my Mobile i noticed inside the main Camera lens lots of dust. How come 7T Pro Mclaren special edition Mobile got Hardware problem i don't understand. I did contact with Oneplus service center. They asked me to send the mobile to them to fix it. But i can't accept my almost very new mobile have to open for fix hardware just after few months. I am still thinking what should I do. If i send it to them they will open it for solve the issue. Nooooo I don't like to use mobile which is repaired. I am soo upset 😭. I don't know what to do.

    94. junilog

      Dave Lau sounds a lot like your alter ego

    95. Samarth s nadig

      Hassleblad? Are you kidding ! The prices would go skyrocket if they use it.

    96. Saad Saad

      Plzz processor oneplus 9 and 9 pro and gorilla glass victus protection????

    97. Matt Herriot

      Since OP could never be bothered to issue fixes for any of the OP8 problems why would anyone subject themselves to more of the same just to pay extra for good lenses and a crap OS? OP is a bad faith company.

    98. Pro Player

      nice hoodiie. what brand is it

    99. Jainil Patel

      Without any software creativity, camera productivity is useless..🥱

    100. Tung Phan

      i'm still rocking with one plus 7 pro