My iPhone 12 Mini Review!


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    Apple iPhone 12 Mini Review. This is the best iphone Apple has ever made for people who appreciate small phones. Battery life is looked at in this video.
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    1. barberismeable

      Sorry its camera not good for online cloth seller. the fabric colour will be different (mostly darker). Previously used Xiaomi note 10 lite is better. Other situations, iphone12mini photos look better though

    2. Stephanie Sarah Fishman

      I love my iPhone mini. Battery life is not bad. This is my first iPhone and I am glad I took the plunge into Apple products.

    3. David Holmgren K9AT

      I've watched a lot of iPhone 12 mini's videos before and now after purchasing this phone (bad habit of post shopping to make sure I made the right decision) and this is one of the best. Your voice is calm and easy to listen to vs the other you tubers shouting at you and then stuffing commercials in the middle (hate that). I came from an iPhone 10X that I kept hanging on to because it still worked and there were no compelling reasons to buy a new iPhone. Well with my iPhone's battery capacity slowly diminishing, the new 5G, great camera with a new (to me) wide angle camera and the small size I took the plunge. I love it! At first I thought the size would be an issue especially typing on it but you adapt. I hold my 10X now and it seem huge. This thing fits in my pocket perfect too. Funny how after we started with the original iPhone being small and then all the clammer to have Apple make a big phone like all the Samsungs at the time, we're happy with small again. So far the phone has met all my battery needs but if the battery becomes an issue I'll get one of those battery cases. So for anyone who has made it to the bottom of the rant and you can't decide, just buy it as you'll be very happy with it.

    4. MisterNiles

      " The battery in here is a lot smaller... physically, than the other phones in the lineup." But metaphysically it is HUGE!

    5. TheWobblyEmily

      no 144hz is a HUGE bummer tbh. not that I want a need phone I just weirdly am obsessed with tech xD


      why ya change the name i loved dave lee

    7. Stacy Sullivan

      The numberless gram fascinatingly juggle because brian clasically press versus a feeble feigned mine. curved, stupendous entrance

    8. Madushan Jayawardane

      I am using this phone since December, about battery life with light usage sometime I go with 2 days without charge, if I play games on this, or watch movies, I have to charge this everyday. I am getting average 5-6hr screen on time. (mobile data, wifi, Bluetooth, gps are always on) with PD enabled charger, it charge like crazy. I absolutely love this tiny phone. It feels so nice in the pocket. very comfortable.

    9. Ysa Pena

      The one goldfish arguably hope because fertilizer problematically spray besides a illustrious hamster. adhesive, one step-grandfather

    10. Ninja Revenge

      I love my white mini, solid smartphone and best iphone for me since iphone 5

    11. sohel rahaman

      can anyone plz give me the wallpaper which he uses!

    12. branIsA CrippledDoucheBag

      Hope they stuff a 3000mah+ battery in the 13mini I don't mind some added thickness

    13. Ace Marc Tutor

      Maka ML ba to?

    14. Rohit


    15. Chris

      Been enjoying my Mini, coming from a 11 pro max. Swiping is easier. and It feels good in the hand.

    16. Yu Sekiguchi

      Hey Dave, I’m a mini user here. Everything was great until the other day I was trying to shoot a video of candles on a birthday cake in complete dark. And i got this completely annoying reflection from the candles. But then I switched to wide angle lens and it was okay but not as crisp. Does it happen to you too? Thanks

    17. desy kurniawati

      you're handsome


      I like so much this phone easy to carry easy to handle easy to be fitted in pocket


      I phone 12 mini is a revolution

    20. MrGilRoland

      The 12 mini is hands down the best iPhone since the iPhone 4.

    21. Keyur Chakurkar

      love you.

    22. 1sheldon

      I got the phone. It’s great but the battery is ass

    23. Jayant Kataria

      loved the review ..and in the end, the pricing you told ...was just awesome

    24. Ahmad Ilmam

      I got a poco X3 6GB Ram for $185 and this sh*t cost $600 w/ 4GB Ram. What a joke apple

    25. Rambo j

      sometimes I think I should have got the 12 mini instead of my 12 as i loved the original se

    26. Dan Friedman

      The iPhone12 has a MagSafe problem. Apple warned it could interfere with a pacemaker's function. Millions of people have pacemakers implanted.

    27. Local Trap Star

      Not for people who spend all day staring at their phones, and use other devices like their iPad, or go to something else all together.... but... Definitely for the people who don’t use their phone all throughout the day, not far from a charger, or just who love small phones.

    28. Andre Rivaldi

      Am I the only one who saw the black iPhone 12 mini or non pro is slightly bluish...?

    29. Taylor Montana

      I’m so happy I got my iPhone 12 pro on telegram @Robthin he is such a great guy 💯❤️

    30. Lukas

      The battery life is INSANE.

    31. CJ

      honestly apple should have opted for 720p display on 12 mini . It would have improved battrey life a bit.

    32. Ajay Sampat

    33. Luis Felipe García Acha

      I’m here for the wallpaper... 🤣... does anyone know where to get it?

    34. Nguyen Huynh Phuoc Thang

      I think it could get bigger battery if apple remove the wireless charging. I think alot of people will be fine with no wireless charging 🤔

    35. Yannick Wichert

      He’s so right 599 for the mini and 699 for the normal one would be considered fair but we all know Apple is miles away from being fair

    36. svso0312

      A smaller battery is no issue, because everyone charge their phone when going to bed anyways. If you have 10% og 30% battery left when your day is over, you still are going to charge your phone.

    37. Suleman Habib Ullah

      "6:41" Happy to get a lot of U$C from *PG2.ONLINE*

    38. Mubashir Humayoon

      apple is gonna price it rough but being an android user forever now am not gonna lie the new iphones are really good

    39. Yong Chen Seng

      Try putting on a cover and tell me if your touch screen pin unlock works or not

    40. Ice Rock

      are you concerned about the PWM at all on iphone 12?

    41. Tomas Yañez Fuentes

      Should I get this one or a XS Max 256gb for exactly the same price and they are both new?

    42. Bullet zone

      Samsung ad on iphone review😂

    43. Count Dain

      2:00 it’s free real state

    44. Fear9393

      I love that 'OKAY'

    45. Afeef

      Do you recommend this iphone 12 mini for non heavy user?

    46. Kevin Collins

      I just switched to a mini from a 12 Pro. VERY happy with the switch. One thing I just noticed - the camera module protrudes less on the mini. In an Apple leather case, on the Pro, the lens rings protrude past the case - when you set it down, it's resting on those rings. Not so for the mini -- they are recessed below the case, so when you set it down, it's resting on the case only. Which is a good thing.

    47. Vincent Ludwig

      I like how Dave lee has a no-nonsense intro or stupid 20 minutes before he actually talks about the phone like every other tech NLnamer.

    48. Jason Liu

      Who the heck use light theme anyway?

    49. One left

      Which should i get :64gb or 128gb??

    50. Ferdy Widjaja

      can i get ur wallpaper? thank you, very minimalist

    51. Organic Methamphetamine

      2 words : Fuck apple

    52. Tushar Garg

      I would have bought it for sure if it had 3000 mAh battery.

    53. Travis

      The original iPhone SE was my favorite phone up until I got the 12 Mini. This new phone is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite iPhone yet. I have larger hands and can once again finally use an iPhone easily with one hand. The 12 Mini is just a perfect iPhone in my opinion. I'm a light user and don't have any battery issues whatsoever.

    54. Kelsian Cooley

      Where’s the hoodie from?

    55. Toni Phillips

      The shy friend peripherally attract because balance preliminarily cross until a spurious freon. rough, poised bread

    56. Marco Antonio Cortés Fuentes

      Thanks for the review Dave, i will receive the iPhone 12 mini to the weekend and I needed to know if been choose the right model. It will be my first iPhone and I want to compare with my S10.

    57. krishna aditama

      What game is that?

    58. Adwitya pesat

      What game is it? 1:20

    59. Tectium IV

      12 Pro Max and it has only 3687 mAh? "Laughs in Redmi note 9s"

    60. G T

      They should have made the 12 mini about a millimeter thicker and fill it up with more battery thereby boosting its battery life. That small form factor could easily afford to get thicker. Then it would have been the perfect compact flagship.

    61. Matyáš Martinů

      Ah yes, dark websites

    62. M G

      Sad truth is that smartphone makers create this big screens only to fit battery.

    63. zact lee

      Iphone's warehouse : Youre gonna like this screen.

    64. zact lee

      Nice sweater.

    65. jonenemo

      in australia, it cost so much lol

    66. Jesse Dominguez

      I just switched over from my 12 Pro Max to the Mini and I am absolutely loving the one-handedness and the seamless pocket-ability!! I’ve been using the big iPhones nonstop since the 6 Plus, but it sure is great coming back to this size.

    67. TheOnline Thing

      I really like the form factor, but I‘ve bought the regular iPhone 12 cause I need the battery life

    68. Munkhjin Asada

      Someone please send me iphone 11 pro. Pls

    69. oneman_army

      The only thing that annoys me is the fact that Apple hold on the MagSafe. The magnets just waste space which they could have used for a bigger battery. With a 3000 mAh this smartphone would be a literal beast

    70. X Jared

      I remember you saying you would never buy the supreme phone. The one in this video is not the same (as far as I can tell) as the one you made for the other video. Did you end up buying it, making a better clone, someone gave it to you, etc.?

    71. Red isSus

      If only ip12 mini comes in neon green or yellow it would be nice

    72. Zell Ex

      i'll go for mini. small/compact/powerful/convenient/one handed and A14 bionic. that's all i care. entertainment? OUTSIDE phones ( pc/lappy/tv/ipads etc. ) lol

    73. 2wheelphoto

      Why don’t NLname tech reviewers ever talk about how long a battery lasts on a phone if you use it to make a phone call? That’s what it’s for!

    74. Lucian Muntean

      Hi, I have 11 pro now and I like 12 mini, what advice do you give me to go from 11 pro to 12 mini or wait until next year, I also think that the battery is smaller for mini but I don't know what to do? thanks

    75. Issues Explained

      I’m getting a mini to replace my iPhone 7. I’m happy Apple finally made a good small phone

    76. Jake Townsley

      Brother, I'm a little tipsy right now, but put that aside. I've watched hundreds of iphone comparison videos and review videos. Yours is by far, and not even close, the best. You don't hang up on little details, don't give side stories.. you keep it simple. I respect that shit out of that. I've only subscribed to a select few people over the years, and you're not one of my select few. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and keep doing what you do. If you're taking suggestions, I'm looking into either buying the 11 pro or the 12 mini, so if you watned to do a video on that, that'd be lit. You're the shit bro, keep up the good work. -Your newest fan

      1. Jake Townsley

        I just re-read it, I meant to say * you're now one of the select few, instead of not. Sorry brother, carry on your peaceful night you handsome son of a bitch (I'll bet your mom is nice tho, no offense.)

    77. 70'sDave34

      what is the sar rating on the mini

    78. Huolihan

      Picked up the mini and I love it, I hate larger phones and honestly it could be a little smaller and I wouldn’t be mad

    79. Minje Kim

      Remember back in 2017~2018 we all wanted the rumored iPhone SE2 with the iPhone X notch screen and the box design? I feel like this phone did it.

    80. bang jurek

      Bertele tele

    81. bang jurek

      Banyak omong

    82. Hussain Al Dahan

      Where can i get the wallpaper?

    83. Mzwandile Harmans

      That 12 pro max looking so beefy

    84. harsh verma

      share the link of your hoodie please,i find it way more attractive than mini.

    85. gautham

      manh....i am in love with what ur wearing........

    86. Bob Grimes

      Just picked up a black 12 Mini. It replaced an 8 Plus.

    87. Love your self And me

      Just ordered iPhone pro max

    88. meow maus

      I literally only buy phones with small width and top end cpu. so my only option prior to this was the sony xperia 5 and compact models. Now this exists Ill be buying my first iPhone since the 4s

    89. Aayush Shrivastava

      I want a hoodie like that. Where did you get it ?

    90. s ga

      Watching again on my new mini. Love it.

      1. s ga

        @Akash_ i still too early to tell. I’ll let you know.thanks

      2. Akash_ i

        How's the Battery?

    91. uni95

      Hi Dave, how did you change your iPhone SE bezel to white?

    92. Jannskie Rosier

      He sounds like Sykkuno.

    93. YouTube Google

      5:00 you're right

    94. Jim Brannan

      Yeah, I'm sick of the big bricks. I love my iPhone 12 mini. I also don't use a sim card and use Esim. No more carrier contract. Freedom!!

    95. Geyb

      Seriously. I wanna know the brand of his jacket.

    96. Brian Nguyen

      straight to the point. I love it!

    97. Bryan DC

      I swear, I made a switch to iPhone 12 Mimi from iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    98. jhonson talisay

      Can i have i phone 12 mini for free 😞 i cant afford any i phone

    99. S. Kshirsagar

      Chota packet bada dhamaaka.

      1. S. Kshirsagar

        It's mean small size big performance.

    100. S. Kshirsagar

      Wow I thought iPhone 12 mini's battery life will 1200mh because of its size