MacBooks with M1 Chips!


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    Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and Mac Mini just got some new hardware that will greatly improve their performance and power efficiency. Some thoughts on the new M1 chip and hardware from Apple.
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    1. Dave2D

      Battery life is going to be insane on these things. It looks like an easy 2 days of battery life

      1. Ruben C. B. Mendez Reategui

        Hi Dave! I have a query ... between a Macbook air (early 2020 i7) with 16GB RAM and an M1 with 8GB RAM, which one do you recommend buying ...?

      2. RAZA RAZVI

        Plz give me this laptop

      3. Max Max Max

        @Dave, super genuine and realistic points covered. Definitely appreciated. Need your advice: Can you suggest a long time windows user who wants a ultra portable laptop safe to use for next 4 years. MacBook air or surface pro 7 i5. Not a gamer or video editor, more likely a daily casual user with most work n movies.

      4. Drummond Fengdahl

        but Daaaaaaaaaaaaave, they should've put more battery cells in those bezels as they're so biiiiiiiiiiiig! we could've gotten another 6 hrs!

      5. AXE- Z

        @Steve Jones with 1/ 100 the performance.

    2. TheAnninator

      Who else is watching on their M1 MacBook Pro? :D

    3. srisai pasupuleti

      this is one of those channels we hit like and start watching videos

    4. bizmonkey007

      Did he ever review any of the M1 devices?

    5. Donald Nguyen

      Yeah but the bezels are 1mm to thick for me.

    6. ms p

      WindowOS = 80.5% market share 2020 ChromeOS = 10.8% market share 2020 MacOS = 7.5% market share 2020 So much for the M1

    7. NihilisticZebra

      I was the biggest apple hater but now I simply cannot be that guy anymore what they’ve accomplished is nothing less than legendary, I believed in it so much I sold my gaming laptop for the MacBook Pro

    8. Joseph Marquez

      People seem to think it’s the battery that’s improved .... isn’t it because of the M1’s ARM (RISC) architecture that the laptop has better battery life ?

    9. Andrey Royer

      I haven't had a macbook in 10 years, it was an 11" MacBook air. I moved in with my girlfriend who lived on kind of a shady street and some thugs busted into our apartment, put a gun to my head and took it 😆, been using PC ever since and haven't been robbed once, coincidence? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Who's to say lol


      My pro am confused for this one. Can you clear it that it could be used for Architecture programs like Lumion and Revit

    11. ruizzmaury

      should I wait for the Mac pro 16 with the m1x chip or just buy the latest mac pro 16? for mobile development

    12. UI / UX Design Tips & Review

      Thank you!

    13. Serhiy Radkivskyi

      Hello! I saw that you are making great tech reviews. I really like that and appreciate your work! I have mentioned your channel in my video: I am Android developer from Ukraine. I am choosing the next working machine for me, and for this purpose I am testing different laptop performance. To do that properly I have prepeared a big test project to test Android Studio real life performance. It will take only 1 hour of your time to finish it. Here is the repository with code and step-by-step guide: That is open source project of Firefox browser for Android, it weights 6Mb and when unpacked and everything setup - 6Gb. It compiles for more than 7 min on my desktop machine, and 2-3 times faster on some modern PC machines. It would be cool if you could do indepth test with this project for us Android developers, so we could see and compare the results with our machines, for this there is an excel file with results: And videos with test results are in this youtube playlist: If you own PC or Mac now, I don't know 100% is that devices you review your own or they just "come and go", but it would be great to make a test on them. And also interesting to test this project on Macbook Pro 2019 16" and the new one Macbook Pro/Air with M1 chip to compare performance. And also to try to run this project on Android Studio on Windows 10 incide MacOS on Parallels and via Bootcamp and to see the difference in performance. Hope, you'll find my test interesting for you and you could make a great tech review on that. Everything is described in details on my github repository, and if you will struggle with something - you can freely contact me. Regards, Serhii.

    14. John Kang

      If oversea travel is allowed in 2020 and 2021 Apple laptop will sell like crazy

    15. 70. Khalifah

      bra why macbook is expensive then microsoft computer why is too expensive

    16. miKi Tutu

      Hello. I’m thinking of getting a MBP but would like to know if M1 is able to detect Razer products (BlackWidow V3, Kraken Kitty and Death Hadder V2)?

    17. tony s

      m1 is use less piece of shit .. slowest ever.. they conned every one ... mantis company is going down... after the demise of stevejobs.. some muppets running this company... idiots

    18. Wisvice

      I’ve never seen Dave went so crazy about batteries.

    19. Ruben C. B. Mendez Reategui

      Hi Dave! I have a query ... between a Macbook air (early 2020 i7) with 16GB RAM and an M1 with 8GB RAM, which one do you recommend buying ...?

    20. Ruben C. B. Mendez Reategui

      Hi Dave! I have a query ... between a macbook air early 2020 i7 with 16GB RAM and a macbook air M1 with 8GB RAM, which one do you recommend buying ...? Both brand new....

    21. Thiyagarajah Lakshigan


    22. raunak sethi

      All fun and games until you have to pay additional 650 USD to get 1 tb storage in my country

    23. Bryan Robinson Null

      I don't get why people complain about bEzElS over battery life...

    24. Curtis Bond


    25. Vishal Sinha

      If possible, could you show us a comparison between apple's m1 chip and AMD's Ryzen 5.

    26. Max Isenberg

      Is there going to be a video comparing the 13' m1 to the 16' intel?

    27. shibu debnath polo

      Please make m1 air vs surface laptop 3 comparison

    28. Marcos Arguello-Gonzalez

      Do we think the Apple Silicon Mac book Pro 16" will have a good enough GPU to compete with leading gaming laptops?

    29. Henry He

      Where is your updated video about testing the device out!!!

    30. James H

      Serious question: if I run windows will I still have the same performance?

      1. James H

        Also compared to Ryzen, which will fare better?

    31. Hung Tran

      @Dave Lee when you get a chance to further test the M1 macbook pro can you compare the colour of M1 to previous generation MBP. Thanks

    32. Jayesh Kanodia

      Only person I like to see talking is Dave. Anyone else without any images or graphics get lost 😂

    33. AJ

      Can someone tell me if the heating problem is still there for these macs? I'm planning on buying one

    34. Gee Roo

      3M followers, underrated by 10M. Like you range of reviews, not only Apple but also gaming laptops, phones etc. I feel you're honest with the viewers, more than the other major NLnamers. Thanks dave!

    35. Jhon K.M.K.

      Hey, can somebody tell me how these fantastic lights in his background are called? Would like to have them!

    36. Jaydeep Sutar

      What are the windows alternatives?

    37. conquerer me

      Now I've watched this 3 times bring the full review..........

    38. 94LastRide

      Hey guys, Do you know if there's anyone working on bringing M1 macOS to iPads? I think the A14 ARM chips are powerful enough. let me know if you heard anything

    39. Aditya

      5:17 Which windows laptops have instant opening?? Can someone tell

    40. mix mix

      What about the display calibration? No reviewer is showing that, as a content creator it is a must to calibrate the display Does the display calibration like spyder 5 pro works accuratly on the new m1 chip macboos..??

    41. R K

      Best Battery Life ( 1. Dell Latitude 9510 (18:17) 2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 (16:54) 3. Asus ExpertBook B9450 (16:42) 4. Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M1, 2020 (16:32) 5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15:44) 6. MacBook Air with M1 (14:41) 7. LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (2020) (14:00) 8. Dell Latitude 7400 (13:23) 9. HP Spectre x360, 13-inch, Late 2019 (13:20) 10. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, (13:08) Good to see Apple finally catch

    42. Dr. K

      Loved the video. What mouse is that? It looks really good!

    43. Thridev Suvarnan

      @Dave Lee Waiting for a comparison between the flagship laptops with Intel 11th generation chip and Apple M1 chip!

    44. Sudharshan Chakravarthy

      can you please confirm if this can be used for training ML models yet? (PyTorch, Keras, TF, Scikit and SciPy, and the likes?)

    45. N

      Don’t think I’ve ever seen you this animated 😂

    46. Don Ahn

      Hi Dave! I have a Razer Blade 15 OLED 4k and maybe you can make a comparision video of Razer and Apple Air M1 or with the Pro! ;) The new M1 sounds awesome, but would you recommend to switch? ;) Maybe I will miss my OLED touch and other features from my Razor... Thank you and best regards from Germany. Don

    47. Phyo Luck

      Very Good job apple

    48. Anjas

      If that GPU is so powerful and low power, what if if be used for mining? Is it profitable?

    49. Priyanshu Chandak

      What is your favorite color in macbooks?..... Answer needed

    50. Uku Laasi

      they can use child labor for chips now and price is still the same?? thats just not ok man

    51. Vaskar Nag

      20 hours of battery life in such a thin laptop!

    52. mix mix

      What about the display calibration? No reviewer is showing that, as a content creator it is a must to calibrate the display Does the display calibration like spyder 5 pro works accuratly on the new m1 chip macbooks..??

    53. Disent Design

      3:20 power efficiency isnt at the top of any lists when it comes to computing, if it was really I could sell you a broken old mac book that will draw NO POWER.

    54. Disent Design

      APPLE are such scum - we'll chuck the same APU in all our devices and just deliberately nerf it on the cheapest one...what scum, if it wasnt for how awful windows 10 is compared to windows 7 I would suggest you just buy a, i cant make such a suggestion, windows 10 is pure cancer.

    55. Asad Chishti

      At this point i dont even mind people bragging their expensive apple gadgets

    56. Zeke Santamaria

      Not a single NLnamer have talked about the MacBook with an M1! I WANT THAT!!!!

    57. Mr Ahsan

      I wonder how every youtube reviewer make their review for another youtuber, not for general consumer or students... Majority of people buy a laptop for media consumption and office work, and student are buying laptop for assignment... Not for video ending and photoshop.... Specially Engineering student, laptop is mandatory for them... But, just not this channel, every reviewer talking about video editing, why man.... Please let us know about software compatibility... . In my first semester in varsity few of ny friends bought macbook air, and guess what, they cant even able to run our some important programme, and tech reviewer are give us solution to use bootcamp, but they forgot, it have only 256GB storage... . I mean seriously 256GB storage of a laptop, and no reviewer have been talking about this... Please shout out for the storage system, we cant even make a collection of movies, games and other personal data. You guys should talking about this, and make review for general consumers, make a review for Engineering students,try to find software compatibility issue, rather than make video for other youtubers.... . Thanks to all. . N.B... English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistake...

    58. A. ARTBART

      I thought there was a way to connect an external gpu using the usb-c ports

    59. Sayyed ilumineti xD

      I like my graphics ~Dave Lee 2020

    60. David Balogh

      I really wanted a M1 macbook pro with 32gb of ram :(

    61. adel fahmy

      In your opinion, after the new Apple processors came out for me, the MacBook Pro ..... I am a regular user. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I use reading to browse movies and games. You recommend that I buy with an iPad MacBook Pro 13 inch because of the games. Forget me, I only have an iPad ???? I know the last Mac laptop was the 2015 version, and after that I used an iPad. I want your opinion after I explained to you what I use ..... I mean games are light games that I use on an iPad. I don’t understand games like Windows. This is what I mean, except that I use it to watch movies other than This will be used to download books and novels on an iPad, this is my intention and sorry for prolonging .... What do you think about blood money?

    62. Mike Papatheodorou

      You got maddd

    63. Peter Russel Brooks

      So is suggested anyone buying apple right now should consider going for M1 pro.

    64. ThastsiT

      Confused between M1 and P1gen3. Will M1 Macpro get eGPU support? In the near future. (At least by third quarter of 21) P.s M1 its really, really irresistible!

    65. Ryan 3.0

      Always loved your reviews Dave! I was able to actually get my M1 MacBook Pro to run two wired external displays

    66. Himuro Gemma

      yes but does it spy on you more?

    67. Tang Weng Kitt

      Watching how Dave excited about the new M1 and seeing my 2 year old laptop keep crashing ... I’m going to get this new M1 Mac

    68. Karl-Oskar Janzon

      It's 100% more battery life. But the old Macbooks have 50% less battery life. I know, it's confusing.

    69. numerobis

      I've lost more than 20 LED bulbs since I've discovered your channel and it seems that those 2 light tubes of yours are still in good shape. You should make a video about them.

    70. Gustavo Saito

      But bezels are important too...

    71. abdolh Qasem

      I was disappointed to see that it sells here in Saudi Arabia for more than 1300$ for the base model macbook air

    72. rohith ramesh

      Damn, as much as I dislike Apple's walled ecosystem and it's practices,They made a damn impressive chip. The thing that caught me is that M1 is able to run x86 apps fairly well or atleast at usable speed ,unlike windows arm devices such as the Surface Pro X which stuttered like crazy. Microsoft has some catching up to do. Direct attack on Amd/Intel and we'll get better computers from competition.

    73. jayanta banerjee

      Will the new M1 MacBook Air able to handle 5 hours of video calls for virtual school ?

      1. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        @jayanta banerjee No problem! it really is a fantastic device

      2. jayanta banerjee

        @Yuckmout' From Down Under Thanks mate !

      3. Yuckmout' From Down Under


    74. Cool Pup Gaming

      I want to see the actual battery life, not just estimations from apple.

      1. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        This video came out a week ago, the M1 Macs weren't even released yet.

    75. MusicON

      Dave, your explanations are as simple and clear as your background.

    76. FLY&I

      10 years of MBP user here but Apple is going down a dark path with the M1 and I won't be joining their journey on it..

    77. Abhinav

      Asus ExpertBook?

    78. Mikaël Mikaël

      so you're telling me that now for the price of a windows laptop I can have windows laptop performance. Crazy ! amd ryzen 4800u has still more performance on some benchmark and are the same price.... And have a crazy battery. So yeah Apple is still the best in marketing I agree.

    79. T-h-rust Issue

      Is the arm64 arch compatible with win10 ? This will affect many users, who works in enterprise corps...

    80. Vadim Filfood

      Can it run windows in boot camp ?

    81. Aiden Tan

      Can't wait to get the 13 inch since I'm gonna start traveling once the stupid covid is over. Imagine the work I can be done with that long battery hours.

    82. Scragg

      I think I speak for a lot of people in asking this question.... will it run Genshin impact

    83. Yan Campos

      Good luck trying to repair that thing... Apple will be waiting for your money.

    84. Lionelle Richee

      Bro imagine battery life on 16 inch MBPs

    85. linharesvids

      Big Sur is spyware; I'm passing these for linux + Nvidia.

    86. Stuart Hepburn

      Let's se as the claims of ten hours on previous MacBook were bullshit

      1. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        It wasn't bullshit, it was under strict circumstances that they put in the fine print & if you go by the fine prints testing methodology you come with with about the same result as they advertise. It's marketing 101

    87. Sina Madani

      Apple shill

    88. Robert Zeng

      This m1 Mac looks sweeet but it’s a bummer that if you still wanna play windows game you gotta go with the older models.

      1. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        Robert Zeng It won't run them great but you don't get these Macs for gaming although it can handle less intensive ones. It's always been the higher powered 16', wait for that a lot of us are expecting a better chip and more powerful graphics processing

      2. Robert Zeng

        @Yuckmout' From Down Under how is virtual window gonna handle huge game like cod or overwatch?

      3. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        No you don't

    89. Aakash Pandey

      Nice bait, he just lays down similar looking hardware in front and reads the same stuff.

      1. Dave2D

        Da fuck?

    90. HOT GIRLS TV

      Hey guys ✌️✌️✌️

    91. Yan Campos

      Sponsored by apple and scripts limited by apple

    92. hzmghykxf

      3:20 you have Never Seen 2 pretty best friends before ...

    93. Khalid x

      20hours battery life .. Laughs in 30min battery HP G6 , 2012

    94. Anas Ali

      Hey Dave, Increase more contrast in your videos.

    95. Aditya

      Will be very interested to see how it handles Motion apart from Final Cut 4K video editing.

    96. Monis Rajput

      apple seems exaggerating too much . sometimes it is looking like a joke . funny thing is that ex intel and Qualcomm guys making chips for them.

    97. Ayman

      Dave could you review Lenovo ThinkBook 15p please

    98. Milan van Wouden

      "latest PC laptop chip", still says nothing. Also, I'm interested to see the thermal throttling effect.

    99. Kushal Shambu

      Do I get Free Final cut pro x with the new macs or is it just a rumor?

    100. Willian Roomer

      Honestly I care about screen resolution way more than battery 🤷‍♂️