M1 MacBook Review + Mac Mini


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    *My MacBook Air unit had the the 8 Core GPU with 16 GB of Ram*
    Review of the M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. These are the best MacBooks to buy right now if you're looking to pickup a new laptop from Apple.

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    1. Dave2D

      The M1 Macbooks and Mac Mini are incredibly strong performers. What do you think?

      1. water bottle

        @Shama's Kitchen I feel sad for you, but what can I do... My mom won't sign the permission slip to subscribe to your channel :(

      2. Bendy

        try doing razers vs macbooks m1 witch one is a good performers

      3. s c

        first mac i bought. The value is there. Use case aligns well with my needs. I write code, don't need insane graphics, do need fast compile, and don't want to stress about battery or burn my lap.

      4. Naomi Fuentes

        Hi everyone, there is a way out finally! *cyber_kor* on Instagram unlocked my macbook.. He is reliable and top notch.... He is available now on WhatsApp +1 347 830 3644

      5. Yelsin Mendez Camacho

        for screen recording, web browsing, pdf, word, Spotify, and maybe a second screen is the AIR version a good choice?

    2. Takumi Fujiwara

      Mac products were always good, my main issue is always their pricing as with everyone because it's ridiculously expensive and there are products that fetches much better value for the price, if the prices of the M1 goes down i will consider apple silicon Edit: Yes they make quality products but their quality has gone down over the years as well. but yes you're paying for the brand and "quality"

    3. Adam Macias

      No intro, no long drawn out unnecessary entertainment, no music video production quality after the intro. Just an easy simply ALRIGHT.

    4. Uwe Könnigsstaddt

      “Stupidly Fast!” English Translation: Ludicrous Speed!

    5. Vinayak Jadhav

      5:51 Never seen Dave this much excited.

    6. Cool Guy

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    7. J

      Humanely supercomputer. Thats what Apple Silicon is and will be in future.

    8. mohammed Jahan

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    9. SeanPerrin

      I got the M1 Mac Mini it's fucking amazing.

      1. TaeJa

        @Jason Peterson It is a big issue. Some people reports that their SSD already read 2-3% of their SSD lifespan within 2-3 months. At this rate, the SSD will be at much higher failed rate after 2 years. It is not acceptable because we cannot change the SDD manually. Some need to buy a new machine after 2-3 years.

      2. Jason Peterson

        @TaeJa This will be an "issue" with all the new macs. This is not an issue.

      3. TaeJa

        @Jason Peterson The swap-file on Mac M1 cause the Mac to extremely high drive writes over a short space of time

      4. Jason Peterson

        @TaeJa What SSD problem?

      5. TaeJa

        I also got the mac mini but the SSD problem pops up so I will wait

    10. Harry Poter

      i love the battery life these m1 macs give you. but i think its worth waiting for 2nd gen m1

    11. Hola Como Estas

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    12. Colin Doyle

      ** M1 SSD WEAR ** ???

    13. Sang Kim

      As a former iPhone user who eventually switched over to Android (due to lack of control I had on iOS) and has never been a fan of MacOS; I am very intrigued by the new M1 chip. The performance and battery life seems to be second to none. So I really want to like it and switch. However, there are still a few concerns. Virtualization is yet to be supported and I need that for my work flow. I need to be able to spin up a windows, linux, Cisco, or Fortinet VM. Secondly, "the loss of control" is still very much a concern for me. My old i7 PC from 2011 still gets updates and I know will be able to get windows updates for years to come. However Apple Hardware eventually becomes unsupported. They claim it is to control and provide the best user experience, but when in actuality, they want to need people upgrade to support their bottom line. But again, there is that lack of control over your hardware that you purchased with your money. Lastly, it is becoming more difficult to repair Macs using third party repair shops. Apple makes it harder and harder. While virtualization will probably be addressed in the future, the loss of control will probably never go away. I really need Apple to rethink their philosophy before I can really make a switch to Apple.

    14. David Thomas

      Would love to see a follow up now that 3 months have passed. Maybe focusing on the adoption of it by the market and how it’s performing now.

    15. Ralph Daimler

      I am planning to buy one for my photo and video editing as a beginner photographer. Would you recommend this m1 device?

    16. K K

      hey can someone please share their cinebench r23 benchmarks of the base macbook air m1 ? i got 6675 and i am really tensed if it is low.Please share. It reached 7461 and gets maintaned for 7.5 min and then drops to 6675 in the last 2.5 or 3min btw my geekbench 5 scores are amazing-single 1739 and multi 7689

    17. 힝상우

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    18. John Ong

      throttle at 10mins is too short. I often render stuff like a 2gb After Effects motion graphics, I don't think AIR is enough

    19. BBA Hunter

      This is great, it will force AMD and Intel to step up their game.

    20. chrome101

      Just dont get a macbook for gaming, just get it for work, (or netflix etc.)

    21. zeke cheng

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    22. Hashir Moosa

      'App Compatibility is nothing to worry about' Windows Valorant Player:HahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahHHahahhahahHHahahHhahHahHahHhahHaAahahhahahaha

    23. Devashish Vaidya

      M1 Macs are like the laptops of the 90s. They're headed in the right direction but they're not ready for prime time. At least till apps run natively.

    24. Lenz Wong

      What watch is he wearing? Casio G shock --

    25. Aarit Koshti

      The way dave was moving at 10:05

    26. tony nguyen

      So many "M's possibilities in the near horizon for Apple products. Intels better stepping their game or it is no longer worthy of this market.

    27. Mentos Py

      Could you expand the GPU performance a little bit more? like how does it perform in games?

      1. Axea

        it's prob a bad idea to play aaa games on it, but u can play hades or dead cells these kind of games on it no problem

    28. Muhd Syakir

      Which is bttr for video n photo editing? The m1 or the 16 inch intel with amd gpu?

    29. Hasnat Chowdhury

      How does this compare to XPS 13/15?

    30. Sehar Monga

      I have a Mac air 2020 model with i5 core and now I regret not buying the m1 chip one but this stuff works pretty well too!!!

    31. Sam

      The last point is so true! I just hate! hate! hate! butterfly keyboard.

    32. 세헌

      How can I get that kind of wallpaper? Your wallpapers are always so good.

    33. Fofo

      The M1 Air doesn’t have a fan but it still runs better than most laptops :)

    34. Mr. Pig The Great

      :( I still have 8 year old iPod touch

    35. David Ward

      Where is MacOS on iPad? medium.com/macoclock/your-ipad-pro-will-soon-be-running-full-stack-macos-4ea407d38c81

    36. Rushil Nakhre

      'Because it's apple, i know a lot of you wanna see this stuff fail'... refreshing to see myself surrounded by persons of culture.

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    39. Kong

      yo dave knows someone with hackintosh that i use to build myself to test out XD

    40. Honey Money SG - Financial Freedom in 30s!

      Other youtubers: Professional looking youtube intro with amazing video effects Dave2D: "Alright!"

    41. Sohan Bhute

      Air. ❤️

    42. nateo56

      I have mac mini m1 for 500

    43. Muralha

      i am fighting the urge to buy the mini....i am going to wait for the next generations

    44. Ryo Murata

      if you loved Optical Drivers....sorry Im an Apple (takes out optical drive) If you loved SD card slot.....sorrry I am an Apple Pie (takes out sd card slot)..... if you loved 4 USB classical ports....sorrry I am an Apple....so what are they gonna remove next.....hmmmm touch pad....NO STUPID APPLE!

    45. Ryan Hansen

      Dave Lee: I wanted to thank you. I click "play all" on your videos, and DIRECTLY fall asleep. THANK YOU for having a sleepable voice. In addition, I wake up refreshed and somehow I know more about laptops. talking deep REM here. Again, thank you so much dave!!

    46. Revanth Vadlamudi

      Apple needs to bring Aperture back, imagine how much better it would run on the M1 devices to come compared to Lightroom.

    47. Mockedarche

      I feel like m1 is were intel should be. Apple isn't ahead their just were I really thing Intel should be right now. The reason for all the thermal issues this far is because Intel told Apple their expected power/thermal budgets. Apple plans ahead and well it didn't work out. Now we will see Apple really going beyond were Intel is/was supposed to be. I can't believe that the M1s performance cores are slightly faster than AMDs latest chips 5xxx. I'm really excited to see where we are here in 4 or so years. I expect AMD will pass Apple in performance but will start to becomes way more power hungry.

    48. Daniel Springer

      Can you test Xcode

    49. Better With Rum

      watching this for the second time, 7 weeks after daily driving this as my only machine. 1) Still can't believe how fast this machine is, like it's not suppose to be this good. 2) Big Sur is buggy as hell. My biggest complaint is ports. I'd like one more USB-C and one more USB-A and one more HDMI. I imagine Mac Mini Pro will carry this, so next upgrade I guess.

    50. Gigantic Giant

      best dave lee video

    51. Gigantic Giant

      3:47 "in something called adobe premire"

    52. Aqib Shah

      Lol, Intel is really sweating after Apple released these.

    53. Ning Kang

      What is the LED light in the background?

    54. Guadalupe Allen

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    55. wiz kid

      What is the best alternative for MAC MINI M1 ?

    56. Chris Saunders

      After seeing all of the stellar reviews on YT I went out and got the low-end M1 Mac Mini and I have to say - it's really not performing well. There is no question the CPU is fast, but this is the first time in like 20 years I've had a machine ask me to quit apps because the OS ran out of memory. I get the spinning beach ball frequently, it's slow to mount thunderbolt drives and getting two monitors working consistently is problematic. Big thumbs down for me.

    57. Aiden Tan

      I can't wait for the 16inch! I'm so excited!

    58. Wombat

      11:56 me trying to figure out which of these devices is the "mini"

    59. Naomi Fuentes

      Hi everyone, there is a way out finally! *cyber_kor* on Instagram unlocked my macbook.. He is reliable and top notch.... He is available now on WhatsApp +1 347 830 3644

    60. mgh

      Last point he mentioned is so true. There is a saying "once you go Mac, you never go back" for a reason.

    61. David Ward

      When do you think Apple will make an iPad that runs Mac OS?

    62. Casper van Eersel

      Any idea on how the m1 would perform using Sketchup?

    63. Dominik

      What kind of external screen is that? Is it bluetooth?

    64. simon wang

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    65. Justin Ng

      when he uses these benchmarks is this for the base Macbook pro?

    66. ben dover

      apple upto now have been the worlds best at polishing a turd with lies and making the gullible and technically illiterate i f aa g g z pay for it. it is the greatest most hilarious tech meme of the 21st century 🤣 apple fan ghh a y s are the best

    67. Nona

      I was reminded of how little I know about technology nowadays when I was waiting for him to open the Mac mini like a laptop

    68. Hananias Q

      Luma Fusion runs amazingly! I can't believe I'm able to run iOS apps on a mac, yet run like a native app. Does not feel like software running on a virtual machine. Apple done did it! They let go of Intel, without needing AMD.

    69. Evan Von Essen

      what’s the ipad case at 8:00

    70. Funkadelic Freak

      Does Logitech G Hub software works with M1 chip? Please let me know

    71. chewva

      so if im getting into computer science which should i get? the pro or air?

      1. Is Sy

        You should get the macbook pro or air. The pro one is definitely better than the air but i dont think 1300 bucks worth for the pro. The air only 1000 bucks and it keeps up with the pro. I think you should get the macbook air, its lighter and almost same as powerful as the macbook pro

    72. Kid Flvsh

      As a designer/animator should i get the m1 mac mini ? Or settle for an imac ???

      1. Is Sy

        Maybe you should wait for next year 2021 or 2022. Rumours said that macbook pro 16 inch will come with the m1 chip. And it will so much better than these macs in 2020. Rumours said that in 2022, apple will release all of their products with their own chip. No more intel, no more amd. So maybe you should wait for the next year macbook models

    73. Rick Ramsowr

      One should remember that not so long ago, Apple purchased at the time to be conserved one of best “chip developers” out their and fully integrated it into their in house development group. This resulted in a sharp improvement in Apples hardware

    74. Floyd Star

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    75. amuk S

      Looks good. Thanks for the review!

    76. Blake Freddi

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    79. NIKAYODA

      I like wallpaper, but can’t find anywhere :(

    80. zeus1117

      Unfortunately the entire M1 line + Big Sur is right now big fail for music producers, since most of the stuff doesn’t even work right now. Not even via backcompat. Intel machines still run most VSTs with better efficiency and many DAWs and plugins will probably not see the day of light on M1 at all, without further need of purchasing the newer versions sometime in 2021. While video editing is usually done with one main program like Final Cut music creation uses normally way more 3rd party or straight up non-apple DAWs and other VSTs. Even HW incompatibility is present now with ANY Native Instruments HW and that is huge dealbraker for at least 6 more months. BEWARE! Oh, btw, if the emulation is stressed on some cpu heavy vsts, the battery life doesn’t even reach what intel macbook pros offer right now. Video editing does not require good realtime performance but music production does. So having rosetta2 trying to help is really not ideal and basically a letdown in many instances. Video performance is completely irrelevant in this case and also export performance. That is synced batch process and not real-time process.

      1. Is Sy

        Just wait for the next year lol.

    81. Haassan1

      It is not completely gen 1, because it is based on their iPhone socs. Though, I also believe insane GPU performances will be the next leap Apple will make.

    82. got money

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    83. Blake Freddi

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    84. Jason Gooden

      My friend made fun of me for getting the 16 gb Mac Mini M1 until I told him it faster than his brand new Zen 2 PC

    85. f1.8

      Any alternatives to the Mac Mini on Windows side? I like the new chip but not a fan of the Mac environment (had a Pro, not a fanboy of any brand).

    86. Martin Hewlett

      Disclaimer, I totally detest Apple, I think they're rotten to the core in everything they do but.... that M1 mini is probably my next purchase as a podcaster and slowly growing YT creator. Genuinely impressed

    87. Coyote Tango


    88. ubrd pbts

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    89. Shamnad Shah

      waiting for m2 mac series 💥💥

    90. Urban Hook-Upz

      Great review friend! Very Helpful: I’m going mini!

    91. Harshvardhan Singh

      I was looking for benchmarks for developers and I'm honestly shocked that got it that fast!!

    92. Joe Doe

      Does it support 4k (HDR, Dolby)?? I believe NO! The fact that you are not able to use it as a media player, to have full support (4k, HDR, Dolby, etc.) is the reason I did not buy one in 2018 and will not buy one in 2020. I know there is apple tv (I have 2) however the form factor and the power the device has would make it perfect HTPC.

    93. Dale Kim

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    94. Jeremy Wansbrough

      i love the butterfly keyboard it feels amazing its just unreliable

    95. Shaun Lama

      Hi does new M1 Mac mini support 5120x1440 monitors? I want to buy M1 Mac mini but not sure if it supports my Samsung CRG9 monitor?

    96. sahil dangol

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    97. ubrd pbts

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    98. NeXesses •

      I love how people think you can’t run windows on a Mac even though they totally can. You can switch between the 2 softwares with a quick swipe on the touchpad.

    99. Jason Guo

      Wallpaper please

    100. achyut sharma

      Why the video didn't start with Ok, instead Alright?