Best Gaming Mouse Tier List 2020


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    The best gaming mouse in a tier list video
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    1. Rylee T

      you are incorrect, usb-c overall weighs more to put into a mouse than micro does, considering they were going for superlight, this is why they did what they did. And Literally 2 maybe 3 of the mouses in this video had original shapes. Every other mouse is a copied shape lol, odd you only bash razer for it.

    2. Edwin

      2 defective G Pro Wireless mice in, just switched to Viper Ultimate based on your review, so far so good 👍.

    3. Super Hiro

      Wireless mice pretty much always suck.

    4. Super Hiro

      When are you going to upgrade to 3D?

    5. Marvin t Zand

      What about your Master 3 mouse? :>

    6. line 98

      I have a matte white 711. They come in glossy or matte white and black, same as glorious, just need to order the right one.

    7. line 98

      On the plus side, i feel like Razer copying the worst mouse ive ever owned was their low point before they starting making the their first good new mouse designs in a decade.

    8. 儿子们快上线


    9. bitter sweet

      Copycat child 💀

    10. Kristoffer Grum

      Many counter strike pro players have it in their contract, that they dont have to switch their Mouse to the sponsors mice. (Because it has the most effect in their proformance)

    11. SmOkE

      The Razer Viper is a Zowie FK1 clone.

    12. Mpamphs Tripokaridos

      Razer Stole the Logitech shape of G502.... What is this CHINA ???

    13. Lin Diesel

      $39 ✅ Shroud used it ✅ Order placed ✅

    14. Wade Watson

      "that's a strong, hard D for me" that explains the 2D in your name

    15. Milan

      I mean nobody likes the micro USB on the superlight but I don't think it's a A tier instead of an S just for the charging port I haven't used my superlight with the charging cable on it and nobody is going to do it

    16. ritesh pandya

      i thought model D wired on B ? i thought people are crazy for that mouse. people love it.

    17. Yeah boi

      We all know that logitech g102 is the best :)

    18. Mixup 221

      I think the fan mouse is kind of pointless to me because I have never had any issue with sweaty palms but thats just me

    19. Abhijeet Joshi

      That blurry white portion at the bottom of the screen really bothered me the most of the video

    20. MAEL

      For the mm710 from coolermaster, you can choose if it's matte or shiny, both black and white have a matte and a shiny version.

    21. Abosi’s Abyss

      Mines is the glorious model o wireless, it has the best rgb on any mouse in my opinion , and it is really lightweight and wireless!

    22. Somasish Pal

      It's a strong hard d for me. 😅

    23. Sneaky Tech Travels

      great review as always

    24. maoherrera73

      Can´t use a normal mouse, I got the Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic and most of the time I use the BT connection but sometimes it gets laggy, so I swicht to USB C type cable which is too much rigid and is just unconfortable, but hey what are you gonna do! At least I get rid or the infamous carpal tunnel sindrome as a whole, so...pretty good here!! XD!!

    25. Irvin G.

      It makes me curious, then what's the mouse Dave is using for this video? 😁

    26. Biswa Ranjan Nanda

      You are using mx master 3, no rating for that?

    27. Henry Nickerson

      I think the glorious model o wireless gaming mouse is the best of all I love it

    28. Grey Fox

      A lot of companies screw up on the feet. Just makes no sense. Got to go after market

    29. Grey Fox

      Like white much? All matte white everything is dope tho. I like the gpw and model 0 but really want to try the white viper u and pawnage. Hyper x has pretty good one also for 50.

    30. Abhinav Dahal

      What's the mouse in his table

    31. Richard Rahl

      Tried a Glorious Model O Wireless, squeaky mouse wheel after about one week. Never again.

    32. David Agbaje

      i recently got the logitech lightsync and in my opinion 1 of the best gaming mice i have ever played on

    33. Leon Piatti

      i dont get the point on the basilisk, tech is all about competition. in order for tech to improve overtime and break limits and go beyond what's capable, competition has to exist. it's technically why we all reach till this point and how humankind advanced, all because of competition. and i'm not about lecturing shit or something but competition drives forward. So, they copied the g502, what does it have to do with the specs, with the tech and general feel. you can't rank because of that, cus it has nothing to do with the mouse it self. but i would say relative to the other mice, tech wise i would probably give C aswell or maybe B Minus.

    34. Equinox -

      Where is the legendary G9X reissue?

    35. dgfr

      9:52 ayo I heard that

    36. sparkU

      Logitech g102 lighsync is my most favorite mouse. Because it's so cheap , but the sensor is really good.

    37. Jose Martinez

      hard D for me. HAHAHAHA

    38. ZevenLV

      wheres the chart? -1

    39. Variouss Tech

      I'm more interested in the one u are using. The Grey one

    40. sdd

      Just a Razer Viper Ultimate 2! Now just waiting on Alienware M17 R4 pre-order 😂

    41. Farouk

      you dissed the super light for micro usb then proceeded to put the viper in S tier you LIAR

    42. Matthew Williams

      I agree with the usb c being a reason to deduct one grade. You gave a pass to the razor viper I’m guessing because of the charge dock. However for someone who travels a lot i like to take my favorite mouse with me sans any extra bulk like a dock. So no pass for me, I’d of bought a viper no problem if it were usb c but it’s A tier for me. I like having everything compatible with usb c so i don’t need an extra cable on the road.

    43. Paul Morris

      I know it’s your opinion but, you say you are ranking these nice by performance. For the most part performance has objective criteria , but a lot of you ranking list seems like you are using subject concepts like when you say certain mice are lower tier because you don’t like their brand or their use of intellectual property.

    44. Jae Lee

      “Strong, hard, D for me” 😂😂😂

    45. Just Wai

      Trackpad is da best 🥶🥵

    46. Khairil Nazmi

      looking for viper ultimate review, and bruv you put on S tier. You earned new subs

    47. Khairil Nazmi

      looking for viper ultimate review, and bruv you put on S tier. You earned new subs

    48. Yash Kothari

      What's the grey mouse you're using there ?

    49. your se1f


    50. Olivier Belanger

      Desk mouse should be in the tier list because 99% of the none gamer use it and they keep it for years, so we need there opinion on it

    51. Ethan Pagenkopf

      “That’s a strong, hard D for me”- Dave2D

    52. Xairic

      Wow this is bad

    53. Gyorgi

      i have the gloriuous model d and its the best mouse i ever had

      1. Olivier Belanger

        If its the only one its hard to tell

    54. Mohannad Abdel Karim

      How about the razer protype?

    55. minecraft gamer series

      I have 4 lol. I switched to bloody a60

    56. Kaleb Tran

      I just got the razed viper, can any one tell me their experience using it

    57. Firstname Lastname

      Copying and improving is how tech advances. No one has exclusive rights to use a shape or an idea. That's just a really dumb take.

      1. Firstname Lastname

        @Olivier Belanger It's not just copy paste though. Even Dave says that Razer's is the superior product.

      2. Olivier Belanger

        But razer is the most popular gaming compagnie (I think dont bully me) so they should make a little effort on the shape of there mouse, and its 99% to bring more costumer to there own compagnie and ruin the profit of the g502, but your in part right because its alway copy to copy nobodys original these day, but like this is kinda unexaptable this is litteral copy and past

    58. Vynzography

      05:42 so do you hate samsung?

    59. Vynzography

      Thank you for not letting them get away with micro-USB in 2020 (or 2021 even).

    60. JaviEnca boi

      ITS A SICK MOUSE but its an A tier.

    61. something1random23

      Jesus Christ, your tier list is more about random feelings than how good the mouse actually is. I'll go back to RJN.

      1. Olivier Belanger

        Its only is opinion

    62. Jeremiah Pragas

      I am still using my G502 Hero and I love it

    63. Albert Medina

      Check mate ha.

    64. Mohammed Alnaim

      I have just ordered a G502 hero what do you all guys think about it?

      1. Olivier Belanger

        You have money to spend on mices

    65. Swapnajoy Nath

      Okay lemme say this. I don't buy expensive gaming mice often and I've been using the g502 for like more than 2 years so it would be impossible for me to get into any other 'shaped' mouse. So i think razer is doing people like me a service

    66. Romario

      It will double click anyway

    67. Anemyc Lake

      9:51 😏😏 Youre welcome ;)

    68. Ponce’s Point

      But what about the mouse he’s using??

    69. Unstremable

      9:52 "That's a strong, hard D for me"

    70. Jonathan Rojas

      I have the viper ultimate and it stopped taken charge, like the symbol would show it was but when i took it off it . It doesn't work and blocks red

    71. Trance

      Is nobody gonna talk about 9:52

    72. big shagger

      what kind of psychopath likes ambidextrous mice?

    73. Champ

      Where would you place the razer viper (wired) disregarding the price as I got mine for free.

    74. Adam Hill

      How you getting on with that strong hard D? XD

    75. Chocolate Giddyup

      I wanted to love the Lightsync 203 so much, but because of the size and curvature I kept accidentally right clicking.

    76. Chocolate Giddyup

      Here I am waiting for a refresh of the Logitech G300s because I'm a degenerate with poor taste.

    77. Primoz Toplisek

      5:00 but some people dont want that many buttons on mouse so razer is just razer

    78. Arch Malagant Maraggun

      What's that mouse dave is using? the grey one?

    79. Kirk

      Disagree about matte finishes, I love gloss mice, just seem to offer more grip.

    80. Balearic

      The Model O is the same exact design as the Razer Viper Ultimate but you didnt take a shit on Glorious like you did with Razer. What a prick.

    81. Piglet6256

      I wonder why you use the grey mouse on the video? why not one of the s tier mice? Or do you also have a non-gaming or overall mice tier list and these are just for use with gaming? No Microsoft mice in the list, I guess you really dislike them (as do I)

    82. Winny Plays

      I like the basilisk more than the g5o2 ngl

    83. Josh R

      Hates copy cats but loves Apple products... Lol

    84. JohnGrit

      zowie didnt make the cut??

    85. Coco Cookie

      “It’s a good mouse but because they didn’t send it to me, rank B”

    86. Adam Saleh

      I thought that this is a weather forecast (for clouds)

    87. Maxim P

      Who cares about the shape, or about "stealing"? 1) if one shape is great, why changes it? And you said it's even a better mouse. And 2) if we shared, ideas and technologies, instead of making them secret, "patenting" them, we would be living in a much better world today. I know it's probably a great world for you personally, but for millions of starving, billions of poor, and billions of struggling workers - it's not that bright. Don't mean to be hateful, just sharing an idea of how much better this world could've been If we worked and created based on sharing and open source everything instead of competing, hiding and holding the progress.

      1. Maxim P

        @MunchesCrunches Better. More time actually for improvements in other areas. It's funny, in this system we seem to praise differences in design, even if there's no actual point or use in doing that. So we end up with tens of thousands of different products, from phones to bottled water to...mouses. All this contributes to the unsustainability of this way of designing and manufacturing things/objects. It's all about perspective (and evolution of humans) - we can compete for competition's sake, invent patent laws, make secret or patented new inventions, produce for production's sake, and be very unsustainable, and hinder our own progress. Or we could open source everything, collaborate not compete, have much more sustainable design and manufacturing practices, and have an incredible amount of progress in very short time, and only better from there (if, hypothetically, we switched from the current system to the open source one overnight).

      2. MunchesCrunches

        @Maxim P not really the mouse shape, but copying everything else... the lines, the design etc. like if your gonna copy something dont copy all of it. it looks like they just took the mouse and put a razor logo on it.

      3. Maxim P

        @MunchesCrunches If it's already a good shape, why not? Not to mention it's a bit like saying "that own manufacturer copied that pen shape", or something. Anyway, it's ridiculous that we should even talk about somebody "copying mouse shape". Priorities...

      4. MunchesCrunches

        its fine when if a mouse copies like the shape or an idea off another mouse, but to straight up copy the entire mouse is kind of weird.

      5. Maxim P

        I know it might seem (cut throat) competition "is good for us all", but that's only a half-truth in a way. Meaning it's better than nothing, than monopolies I guess, but it's actually much worse than collaboration based system (where we would have competitions, but it would be competition of ideas, not competition of people). It's not necessarily intuitive (since people are brainwashed to believe that cut throat competition based socioeconomic system is the best we can have/do), but research how this kind of system actually greatly *hinders* human progress. And no, humans don't usually innovate "for money", humans usually innovate just for the sake of it, for making others lives, the world around them better. It's greedy corporations and greedy innovators that do it for money. My opinion, obviously.

    88. George Saltidis

      Please make one for mechanical keyboards!

    89. Lucas En Foco

      Hello friend. Which one is better? G305 or g203? Thanks.

    90. Some1

      in 2021 now but the pwnage ultra custom got an update to a symmetrical mouse

    91. Bálint Kordováner

      I would still use my MS Intelli 1.1A if it could work :D

    92. Andrew Fullerton

      lol the model o, viper, and superlight are nothing but overhyped dogshit mice. returned the model o due to lag issues and a mushy left click, returned the viper due to it's typical Razer shit quality and mushy clicks and poor side buttons, and the superlight has mushy side buttons and the left and right click move around too much.......the pwnage is probably the only one worth getting on this list everything else is just overhyped or overpriced.

    93. Robin

      Battery life, weight and durability better @GPX and still the Viper gets S tier over the Viper? tbh very harsh just because of the USB type... Like i use the same cable my dongle is connected to and with the awesome battery life i get easy 90+ hrs and don't have to charge most of the times

    94. Yi Wei Chen

      what is the mouse u are using?

    95. Venatos Official

      Maybe consider taking a look at our Swapper Pro mouse. It's a mouse that allows you to swap between holed and solid covers and focuses on performance

    96. quivva

      because Logitech didn't go with usb c is because a lot of people mobos probably don't have a usb c switch installed which would render the mouse un usable.

    97. Zense

      All good and all, but why would you rate a perforated mouse to be S-Tier ?

    98. British Rifleman

      Only watched the first mouse, but you're complaining about it being right handed and high but the mouse you're using with your laptop is just as big, higher and more tilted

    99. Torian Cromar

      9:49 That’s a strong hard D for me Hmmm🤔 Something seems a little sus around here

    100. aya hafizmen

      Enjoyed the video 😂