Be Careful Buying a Gaming Laptop...


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    The best gaming laptops in 2021 will have RTX 3060, 3070 and 3080 GPUs inside. But the naming is shady this year. Be informed.
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    1. Dave2D

      I REALLY don't like how Nvidia is naming their laptop GPUs this year. It's going to be a much more complex purchase decision. What do you think is the solution? How do you think should they name their laptop GPUs?

      1. Gerik Melvin

        @our Channel if you look at the pricing, you can find 2080 laptops that cost more then 3080 laptops for much less performance, the pricing is about the same between new gena nd old gen

      2. Reyansh gamer

        Rtx mobile

      3. Kaleb

        They just need to name the gpu mtx or mrtx

      4. M.H

        Thanks for the spreadsheet. It really help.

      5. Doctor RPG

        Quick question but on the spreadsheet, can you also put CPU's and Max RAM?

    2. Peeko_luxX

      Hp omen is loud af but it runs my games beautifully. 👌

    3. chargerwith22s

      Spot on, the Asus TUF FX516PR-211.TM15 laptop has a RTX 3070 at a weak ass 80w. Its a joke, I returned it.

    4. CleavAlive

      You didnt say which one was best more wattage or less?

    5. FermiGBM1

      I trust Xotic PC should be fine

    6. WRB Crew

      I dont understand can somebody summarize?

    7. Cool Guy

      The testy leo contrastingly level because keyboarding alarmingly move underneath a alluring rock. uncovered, mindless lentil

    8. Raphty

      Me with a 2060 laptop:

    9. sery dfy

      The gleaming continent sequently watch because soup inspiringly rinse pace a cool breakfast. innate, imperfect begonia

    10. Rishang Prashnani

      please update the spreadsheet

    11. yandere Joker official yandere Timmy

      The only reason why gaming laptop is recommended is because it has a fan and I don't like fanless and I can still install one somehow I do like the style of the new laptops but if it doesn't have a fan built into it then it's going to be a lot of bad reviews

    12. Jayy Harris

      I really appreciate that when i click on your videos i know for a fact that your going to go straight into it and your gonna give us the info and your genuine opinion and not ask for subscription or any aimless talking for that i subscribe and support u plz dont change

    13. Caleb Baber

      can you add Ryzen to the spred sheet please

      1. Caleb Baber

        @Willigamin well I just wanna know about the ryzen nitro 5

      2. Willigamin

        Nvidia at the moment are better with laptop gpu's

    14. Kells G

      夺笋呐。。。D: 无奸不商

    15. Dance Beats

      Just check the benchmarks in google of each laptop with your desire Gpu

    16. Sharp Tongue

      Saw 3070 RTX max q Omen laptops going for ~1325 on Slickdeals - didn't pull the trigger, because they were shady af about the wattage. Will definitely be very careful about pulling the trigger this year.

    17. Alan Roll

      Lower wattage or higher wattage? Great video

    18. Andy P Arson

      I'm going to wait until October until I buy a new gaming laptop. Lots of things can change in 7 I want to see rather or not I'm interested in BF6.

    19. dotails

      I know this is generally true, but I'm more concerned with unlocking RTX walled off features in applications even if they don't run as high resolution won't the app will let you use Ray tracing whereas if you don't have an RTX card it just plain won't allow you?

    20. RKLS_Hyper

      you ca make a company and try to make a laptop and fix this problem

    21. shakur shaqiri

      is that it just like that cmon i expected more

    22. Sam Peters

      Just as infuriating with the Max Q stuff. The fact a standard 2060 can perform at the same as a 2070 Max Q is a joke.

    23. No Name

      Solution? Don't buy a gaming laptop in 2021 - for your own respect and to make them understand they are turning evil.

    24. granturismo 591

      i play on laptops since 2011 and i use heavy programs on them and i never come across any problems of any sort... i like laptops because its build as one piece and you dont have to plug speaker keyboard screen and all that stuff

    25. nigelo92

      I don't understand why they removed the 'm' for mobile suffix.

    26. JBishop29

      That desktop GPU was huge. Lol.

    27. rivall

      is the asus zephyrus g15 good? you didn't put it in the list

    28. jasonjjj27

      lower wattage = better cooling? Am I right?


      I just got a rog zypherus g15 don't scare me pls

    30. Steven Pineda

      I am looking to buy a gaming laptop! Just tell me what brand is better? Alienware 2080 or Razor 3080? Thank you!!!!

    31. joshua gilmet

      Any updates on Asus laptop wattage?

    32. Paulina _Grubyte

      I have a question, I am going to study game design for university. Would you say MacBook Pro with i5 16GB Ram and 500+ GB storage? Do you think this choice is good ?

    33. Kevin Lahens

      I’m joining the navy this summer so I’m looking for a gaming laptop. Does anybody know which ones have upgradable storage. I would like to have a m.2 primary and a secondary 2.5

    34. Vesselin Krastev

      Well, that kinda sucks... I'm planning on maybe getting a new laptop later this year so I'd thought I'd just quickly check how things stand currently. Thanks for making this video!

    35. Aj Rego

      Damm!! still upgradable GPU laptop not booming.

    36. Christopher Toledo

      Laptop really gust said alak bar

    37. Alex Tech

      THE WHOLE Naming system is a deceit

    38. Azure-Adler

      My latest gaming laptop had 1.5 GHz processor, seller said its new in 2020 lmao

    39. Parth Rajkondawar

      Me who is deciding on a 1650 laptop, yea this vid is rly helpful

    40. McTrippy

      Was really wanting to buy the new g15 rog zephyrus with the amd ryzen 9 5900hs and rtx 3070... but the gpu is a max-Q... WHY CAN'T WE GET A DAMN MAX - P VARIANT.... IN ANY LAPTOP??

    41. Harry Poter

      I prefer getting a power gaming desktop, and a less powerful but energy efficient laptop. Asking for power in a laptop just means worse battery life, and idk about you but a laptop needs to be mobile.

    42. Anirudh Subramanian

      I watch this thinking that the day I have the money to even consider a gaming laptop this will help me out a lot

    43. Kunle Laguda

      Loved it. Subscribed...

    44. That One Nobody

      My birthday is coming up and I was thinking of switching from a console to a pc, but I don't have enough money for it so I went for a laptop. This video helped a lot since I dont know anything about laptops.

    45. Jonathan Wright

      Dont worry im safe i wont buy a laptop

    46. Omar Gomez

      Thanks for making this video. I’m thinking of upgrading my current laptop and this puts a new perspective to make the choice

    47. N. E.G

      RTX outside of budget had to go with GTX 1650TI

    48. llVIU

      I didn't realize this scam but it makes sense

    49. LEARN PLEX edu

      can you really place such heavy laptop on each other one on one

    50. 0 1

      I know 😊. Burnt with milk , I even blow on water when I drink it now. 🙃

    51. Fabrizio Roscini

      How did you spin the 3090 fans with the power unplugged?!

    52. Tigran T.

      Big thank you!!!

    53. xAMINEx GaMeR

      Idk why i am watching this video while i have been looking for a year for a GTX1650 laptop with a budget of 1300$.

      1. CCSconnor

        Rog zephyrus RTX 2060, ryzen 4k, 16gbram, around $1100


      i got a gtx 1660 ti laptop for 900 and i love it ultra 60+ fps 1080p or 1440p in most games. it definitely does better than ps4 or xbox 1

    55. Benjamin Chojnowski

      Hello, I just bought a MSI GP66 10UG-028BE if you want to get the values for your Database, the 3070 TGP is 115W (Source MSI, I dont know how to confirm this but let me know if you want me to make some test)

    56. TheHydroGamez

      Bought an Asus rog strix g15 nvidia 1650ti

    57. Andy

      I gamed on the HP specter x360 and it lasted for three years (was playing Minecraft and world of tanks blitz).

    58. Bruhtdda

      thanks for recommending this to me NLname, the day after i bought a laptop

    59. Alex Radu

      Would be nice if you would recommend some buget laptops too.. Like some of ~800-1000 $

    60. Johannes

      i don't really care what gaming laptop i get as long as it is better than my potato windows 7 -_-

    61. Brian Roddam

      Maybe a dumb question, but when lookng at laptops on certain sites, how do I know how much wattage is being pushed to the GPU? I cant find that spec.

    62. loul lol

      Hello I have an Aorus 15g wb: I7 10875H CPU and an RTX 2070, I thought it was a GPU heat issue but not it was the Intel CPU, OMG I never thought this generation of Intel CPU was so bad... RMA done today #pray

    63. RS Siya

      i'm waiting for a good budget 3060 ti laptop - 1080p small factor ... can't wait

    64. Jordy Highroller

      Can i have a laptop

    65. Peter Parkour

      Sounds like GPU engineers need to prioritize energy efficiency over performance for next gen hardware.

    66. Louis Laupheimer

      Looking to buy a gaming laptop, any suggestions?

    67. Danyal Elia

      I am still thinking whether to buy a 2k laptop or a 2K pc....

    68. Andro dibox

      Basically last year gaming laptops peaked and now it's scams to sell more laptops. Be smart and buy a model from last year. It'll perform more consistently better as the new laptops hardware is moving beyond science limitations. Thanks

    69. Cee

      Ive been holding off because with the lack of CES and early warning signs, It made sense not to rush if you already have a working machine. I'm also glad I didnt because most sellers seem to have mixed spec for the same machines which made me suspicious, plus why would you pre order a 2-4K£/$ high end laptop without seeing a single review. Pure stupidity

    70. Ed Paul

      Thanks for the extra effort to inform consumers 👏

    71. Matthew Watson

      Good video, why didn't I check yt for vids before I bought an Asus A15 15.5? Was looking for better specs for music software, could sacrifice a bit on the graphics side and not get the RTX3060

    72. manaf.kab

      Well that is why we watch your videos

    73. Kapil Kalra

      Dave: rtx 3070 laptops Me: aight imma head out

      1. Amzxar

        Aight, peace out

    74. The Haeggarr

      i'm a bit disappointed, that he doesn't update the sheet anymore. There's a lot of info available by now..notebookcheck has a better list online

    75. Filip Ivanovic

      3:22 What kind of Voodoo is this? The fans are taking energy from the space?

    76. sawtoothscream 1

      I'm done with them anyways. My g751 rarely leaves my desk, might as well just have a desktop setup. Not to mention the fact I have to tear the thing apart to do a battery replace or upgrade ram is stupid as hell. First and last gaming laptop for me.

    77. Chillo RxJs

      you REALY should update the spreadsheet man :)

    78. Leandro Gerardo

      is there a way to test or check the wattage and confirm it on a GPU

    79. Ray Turkhan

      When manufacturers aren't making specs readily available, that would suggest they are intentionally being ambiguous.

    80. Tombs98

      Not too good at the PC stuff yet.. Was looking at buying a gigabyte laptop, but because of the wattage, does that mean buying an alienware, XMG, or Eluktonics would be a better option? Budget is looking towards getting a 3070 or 3080

    81. NylaTheWolf

      You are a saint for covering this stuff! I have a gaming laptop right now, and I want to use it for gaming but I don’t know a lot about this stuff haha

    82. Thatbeluis

      What’s the best gaming laptop under $700?

    83. yungeen_boiツ

      me watching this on a gaming laptop

    84. Brandon Hu

      They're making some progress by trying to get laptop OEMs to provide TDP and other numbers.

    85. TsunamiFPS

      Too late since I got a MSI laptop in 2019 with a GTX 1070 Max-Q (around the same performance as rx 590 which I sold to my friend), i7 8750h, 1tb ssd, and 32 gb ddr4 ram just under $2k without tax.

    86. Daniel Sujay

      For the people who still haven't subbed 😕 What are y'all even doing ?

    87. Aryan Ghn


    88. Bassem Yasser

      you didn't talk about lenovo laptops in the database

    89. Abhay Gupta

      I am very confused , i am using a macbook right now but i am planning to buy a windows gaming laptop that can be used for both work n gaming in the future.

    90. Jordan McGettigan

      anyone know the laptop at 2:50?

    91. agaragar21

      Talking Head !!!!!!!...............thumbs down !

    92. Teio

      Same goes for the new 11th gen Intel processors. For example i7-1165G7 is between 15-28w.

    93. Kevin Adams

      This is one of the reasons I've had difficulty trying to decide on a new laptop.

      1. Francisco Santos

        Same I'm waiting for them to use 11gen the new ones right n0w or the minority are using 10gen from 2020.

      2. Cee

        Same here, I'm also considering waiting for mid year refreshes as I have a working (but old) machine

    94. Shamari Ezenekwe

      I think people reviewing gaming laptops should inform viewers that the have to be plugged in to play games on.

    95. shing kai chia

      HI Dave, can u also include Aftershock latest range of 3x laptops in your list please?

    96. Juan Carlos Torres

      I bought my gaming laptop because of the portability. It hasn't left my desk since I bought it two years ago...

    97. atom fink

      What's the best dell gaming laptop

    98. Penny Geno

      why the laptop version and desktop version is called the same? rtx 3080 both for laptop and desktop. so are there any difference between the two?

    99. Unknown Nomad

      Instructions unclear, bought a truck full of Asus TUF Dash 15.

    100. Ronald Ong

      REQUEST: Add thermals if you could, one deal breaker for me was how hot the M15 runs...