Asus Flow X13 Review - AMD + RTX 3080!


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    My review of the Asus Flow X13. The best gaming laptop from Asus for high performance portable gaming.
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    1. Dave2D

      Would you rather this setup? Or a laptop/desktop combo?

      1. Not Applicable

        Feel that a 15 inch version and a 3070 variant would be ideal. A laptop 3070 is plenty powerful for even 4k gaming and if the body had a 99wh battery giving it some true all day use I could actually see the merit in purchasing one. Laptop gaming always requires you be plugged in anyway so to jump from a $2200 razer blade with a 3080 another $700 (asus site lists it for closer to 2900 than 3200) to actually be able to use it as an ultrabook could be worth it to me. Biggest gripe with my razer blade advanced is it's subpar battery life. I can basically watch two movies with it before it's ready to be plugged in.

      2. Joseph Carreon

        As a teacher, this product has sold me. I don't make enough to live in an apartment that is big enough to have a desktop and I don't want to be taking a laptop that looks like a "gaming laptop" to school. The kids notice this stuff and I don't trust kids. When I say I don't trust kids, I mean they are curious and sometimes they cause accidents. Therefore, I like that I can take just the laptop to work and still come home to something serious.

      3. ChemicalSymphony

        I use my laptop all day at work. I'm seriously considering getting this thing. I could leave the 3080 eGPU at home with a nice monitor setup and simply take the laptop itself in a small backpack and take it to work. I'm torn between this, the new Zepherous Duo 15, or an Alienware m17 R4. I'm buying one of those 3 for sure.

      4. Armani Nguon

        Man, hard choice, I do like this, because you really don’t have to worry about thermos. Versatility is nice. I prefer a desktop and laptop separate

      5. Cody Choules

        Would love this if I could afford it.

    2. Doc Je

      Im new to your channel and all I see first are Asus laptops. Does it also mean that you highly recommend the brand?

    3. PLT

      The question nobody asks, Why would I wanna play games on hardcore level with a 13.4" screen?

    4. Luke Verble

      the only part of this system that is valuable is totally ruined by the fact that it's proprietary. It only works with one particular build and you can't swap GPUs. This isn't much different than what razer or anyone else has done.

    5. Alan Roll

      Great video thank you I've seen it for $2700 Do you know if you can just buy the GPU on is own That would be awesome

    6. arif uddin chowdhury

      The most powerful laptops were never going to be suitable for all users. These fastest laptops below are high-powered machines that can cope with a lot of work thrown at them. They're ideal for creatives that work with big files, moving a lot of data around, and the price point reflects that. We’ve listed some of the most powerful laptops on the market today, but be warned, though, as these high performance laptops do come at a (high) price. However, our price comparison tool will help you save a decent amount of money. Click here>>>

    7. EdgyShooter

      When the "useable" GPU is better than your main GPU :')

    8. Nguyen Diep

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    9. Unit Pax

      Are you able to make any comment about the relative noise levels of the zephyrus g15 and the flow at comparable levels of performance? Also, I read that the detached 3080 didn’t deliver the same degree of power as an integrated 3080. Was that your impression?

    10. Anton Marusenko

      Does the egpu have more wattage than the duo?

    11. RedzaImran0480

      5:11 and crazy expensive but that's how it is

    12. Cluck TheChicken

      I just ordered one. I went with the 1080p panel for the battery life. I have the Acer predator 4k curved 34 inch monitor to enjoy the 4k output. For me it's the ultimate replacement for my current but dated desktop. I don't have to keep transferring between the two systems now. It's my work horse, my media tablet and my gaming rig. Both portable and super powerful. The spec should stay relevant for the next 5yrs easily. Wish the price was $1000 less!

    13. Enoch Gitonga

      This is the kind of innovation and competition I love to see because it pushes the tech forward. AMD have done a great job of waking up Intel. I'm excited to see how Intel is responding from pressure from AMD, Arm, Apple and Microsoft. I love Thunderbolt but Intel need the support of more than just Apple, they need AMD as well. Thunderbolt should switch to PCIe 6.0 to support eGPUs better.

    14. G One

      So the tint external cpu thing only works with that laptop?

    15. Gianluca Bing

      What's the meaning if you can't catch desktop 3070 neither... :| A waste of opportunity to carry desktop performance with eGPU "trick" :( It seems a bit faster than usual 3080 mobile.

    16. robert pirsig

      I bought one last night in my dreams should arrive tonight in another dream.

    17. MechaTerryNutkins

      Your thin and light has 3 GPUs, subscribed.

    18. dudebro

      Battery life is super disappointing.

    19. welcome to the Real

      Why not simply get any laptop with thunderbolt v3 and connect 25% more power desktop 3080 card there?

    20. welcome to the Real

      Stupid thing with crazy price. What is the point of external GPU if it is as powerful as laptop with the same card but with less price?


      More than 3000 bucks 😬🥴🤦🏼‍♂️

    22. aaazzi

      How does the eGPU work with oculus link for VR?

    23. No Name

      Simple/ every 3070 on pc are more powerful than 3080 on pc - need to buy a new pc? Just get the 3070.

    24. My День

      Why in the world they put 1650MQ in there??? AMD already have pretty capable Vega 8 inside CPU. Less weight, more battery, less price. And if you need GPU power you still have external. It's so pity you didn't stress this thing. I guess because it's as bad as it should be with this kind a specs in this tiny case.

    25. Devesh Khare

      Liked for the last minute! And I believe that the category of such people would be people who had to relocate/travel a lot. Travel as in for your job (like think 3 months of work in a different country as a consultant and not the holiday).

    26. SirTubeALotMore

      Everything smells next gen except the gtx 1650 ... 👎

    27. Rishang Prashnani

      OEMs need to mention the TGP. There are RTX 3070 laptops performing better than RTX 3080 laptops. This is very wrong

    28. At 2015071

      This is a great concept for me because I live in a small apartment in a very expensive city but that steep price is just nah. Would be cool to see a TUF version of it or some integration of that graphic card port to normal asus laptop.

    29. yeungscs

      something something "where's the AMD eGPU!?" something something

    30. A.

      Where do i buy this its not on amazon And its not available on the official site

    31. Ashish T Varghese

      This laptop without that external gpu might become really good laptop at affordable prices. I did not find other laptops with same specs.

    32. Visaural

      M.2 2230 SSD? Eugh.

    33. blackpistol

      3299 really isn’t that bad for what you’re getting. Portability really makes things more expensive, but very well worth the money I feel.

    34. Alejandro Bravo

      Dave, where could I trade in my laptop

    35. Test Test

      Very bad review. What about temperatures when connected to an external GPU? What about when you plug in an external monitor to that GPU? Not enough detail. Cant make a well-informed decision based on these few numbers.

    36. Lord Mada

      05:11 and crazy expensive

    37. random email

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    38. Aayush Lamichhane

      I'll might get the laptop only it's $1500 (1080p/16GB4266MHz/1TBssd/1650 GDDR6) 5900HS/5980HS Was thinking of xps 15 and its $1800 for same config i.e 8 core Intel and 1650ti.

    39. Anarchy

      According to my research The 4k version comes with 1TB/32GB/5980HS internals (Supernova Edition) and the FHD 120 hz is less powerful with the 5900HS and usually with 512GB/16GB. So I'd still get the 4k version for gaming... especially on external monitors.

    40. random email

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    41. Gill Harshgill

      Dave is happy about this product

    42. Jerome Ng

      For this external portable GPU combo design remind me a beautiful device years ago: Sony VAIO Z 15th anniversary edition.

    43. Curryslayer14

      I can literally take a cruise to Japan from Los Angles with how much this damn laptop costs

    44. Alejandro Alvarado

      How would Linux support be on this thing?

    45. Natalie Harman

      Apart from the price, I feel like this is the perfect product for me. I'm disabled, I can't sit at a desk very long and I can't lift a heavy desktop replacement laptop. This I could move around on my own, I could have the eGPU on a laptop table and I could go from NLname on the couch to gaming in bed without an issue. I love this thing.

    46. RainyMood

      This video would've been much shorter for me if you said the price at the beginning of it. 🙂

    47. BrickTales

      So where can u purchase one ?

    48. Alan Freid

      "if I had the money" Im like PLEEEEAAASE!

    49. Rozum Dohrsti

      Asus, or any notebook maker, should use the bezel for angling like the Zenbook. It's great, simple, smart, ergonomic design. 2in1 is bullshit. Proprietary connectors should be banned.

    50. Tom Reimschuessel

      Beautiful. Powerful. Light. Wallet-killing.

    51. Mircea Vlad Burac

      I would really like one of those. I've been looking for a 2 in 1 with a 1xxx series gpu inside it to game lightly on, and only microsoft surface has something like that. I have the Surface Book 2, but I'm tired of the wonky change to tablet. So I wouldn't even need the external GPU, just the 1650 and 2 in 1 functionality sells it for me. It's pretty well priced if you don't want that, but the other features in one package.

    52. Tom Reimschuessel

      Me: This is such an op gaming laptop! My friends: Why are you getting an ultrabook not a gaming laptop?

    53. perporia P

      Pressure pen would work?

    54. perporia P

      Where to buy?

    55. Fathan Hafiz

      i know this product get a little complain cuz someone wanted a fully portable egpu but listen, u can move this egpu far easier than any big chunks gpu i mean.. if u go travel to another country, you could easily set this up to your hotel room

    56. Adio Aurel

      Ahaha my friend annoyed me so much with "build you won desktop pc, it's soo much better". Glad I waited until I heard about the X13! That will blow him away, how much power it has while being so small and lightweight. Wonder how the X13 with the eGPU performs compared to the Asus Duo on the same external monitor. I think the Duo has a better CPU, but the 3080 from the X13 can use more watts and has a better air flow in tent mode. Although the Duo looks incredible, I go for the X13 as it will be my new Laptop that also replaces my desktop pc and tablet lol, so 3 in 1 and with peripherals the possibilities are enormous! Wish it had more ports and storage though. And even though it's expensive, it still saves money, since it can replace so much other devices and therefore also has a better impact on the environment.

    57. maher channel قناة ماهر

      this is dull. no invention. it is like someone having a liposuction then having to carry his fat around in a bag

      1. Fathan Hafiz

        the slim egpu its a tiny invention that we need litteraly

      2. Fathan Hafiz

        bruh, u shouldnt carry the egpu, the laptop it self can do 150fps playing csgo

    58. James Bridge

      For me this looks amazing for some of our design engineers. We often don't need GPU power. But we do need multi-core performance. So several of these laptops and one or two of the GPUs would be perfect.

    59. cosmoset

      My first buy when I win the lottery lol

    60. Martim Oliveira

      Never buying a amd switchable graphics again, i cant use one of the graphic cards because amd software sucks...

    61. living soul of time Studio

      At the rate where going, we still will be waiting for rtx 3080 when the 4000 rtx comes out................. Curse you scalpers!!!

    62. Tams80

      The port itself isn't proprietary, as it's just a combo USB C and OCuLink connectors. And as to your question: someone who doesn't want to manage data on two systems and doesn't want to at the very least, rely on cloud storage.

    63. amanieux

      perfect except for the lack of matt screen option

    64. Jonn McNally

      As a left-handed person, I hate how the proprietary connector comes out the left side. Should've just gone out the back, seriously.

    65. Not sniper Goat

      I am wondering can I just buy the laptop without the external 3080

    66. Danyal Khan

      Would love to see how it works with a 1080p 120+ hz monitor as I think if I were to get this, I'd have a monitor to hook it up with since 13" screen would be used for university and then the monitor for gaming when I'm home!

    67. Juan Hernandez

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    68. Jonn McNally

      Should've built the GPU into the back of the screen, or into the power supply. Or is the eGPU the power supply? It's not clear.

    69. Jonn McNally

      Looks cheap... but it's not cheap

    70. Robertino Gochev

      Wait, 70 fps in Cyberpunk on a 150w gpu? I get around the same on my 2080 max-q 80w. Isn't the newer series supposed to be way faster?

    71. Elliot Eustis

      Wish they had made the eGPU compatible with tower PCs, so that when we're are at our desktops, we could supplement our home PCs with it.

    72. Aasif Ibrahim

      I thought finally all my requirements in a laptop like: 1. Lit🔥🔥🔥 gaming performance 2. Stylus✍️ for my college classes. 3. Light as MacBook Air Is gonna be fulfilled But sadly my dream shattered😢 after knowing it's rumoured price 😭

    73. Ÿášh Gámîñ Đêľūxè

      Can we play big games on it like Gta 5?

    74. Anuj Gupta

      I wouldn't mind selling my house for this atleast I could game on forever

      1. Anuj Gupta

        @Prajjwal Pawar bhai mai rent pr rehta hu🤣🤣

      2. Prajjwal Pawar

        Jyada ho gya

    75. Penny Geno

      why does this guy keep saying if i had the money he would buy this and that blabla , hes playing with all those things for free all the time, why would he even spend money of those.

    76. Justnooo

      Linux support for the external GPU?

    77. Thanthosus

      Add thunderbolt , biometrics and make the trackpad bigger and I will buy it I SWEAR

    78. Sid Desai

      Why did they make the 3080 eGPU excusive to only this laptop. They should sell it like Razer Core.

    79. John Edward Castillo

      I might sell my kidney for this one. Lol.

    80. magic Spells corner


    81. MIKE Someone stole and uploaded your video :(

    82. Jean Neige

      $3300 is such a ridiculous price!

    83. sina sadeghpour

      This is my next laptop. I love it. It has all in one; portable, 2 in 1, support pen, powerful graphic for CAD design and gaming, and super powerful AMD cpu.

      1. naapsu Vaimne

        same here. i will get this , good small etc

    84. Joel Justin

      6:04 FPS figure on GTX 1650 Max-Q for Raytraced CyberPunk says LOL PLZ 😂

    85. Leonard Hung

      30% performance drop..... how about the comparison between ASUSeGPU and thunderbolt eGPU?

    86. Speed Junkie

      you said you don't know who are the people that would benefit from this rather than the PC+laptop combo... I'm one of those people I move every once in a while so a desktop setup is impossible for me but as it is right now, I find it pointless, because you get the same power when buying a gaming laptop with 3080 inside for a way cheaper price I wish they would've just used a desktop 3080 at this point and put it in that box, and you only use it at home with its own power cable, that would be a dream to get the power of a desktop at home, with the mobility of a laptop when moving

    87. Cameron Allison

      2:43 "It's a little small. It think it's somewhat expected on a -device- like this because the *_package_* is small, but most -laptops- nowadays have a much larger -trackpad- than this. It gets the job done..." 😂

      1. Ÿášh Gámîñ Đêľūxè


    88. Dampfheini

      In germany you are able to get the cheapest RTX 3080 gaming laptop with a ryzen 7 5800H for exactly 1999 EUR. This mobile RTX 3080 is equal in performance compared to a 3070 desktop and has about 16GB VRAM. So over all a MUCH better buy! The cpu is (much) faster, too!

    89. Brendan White

      This is specifically what I need. Rendering powerhouse at home, super portable for on the go. As a designer, this is awesome. Also, I buy it in two stages to soften the blow. I would love to know how it stacks up against the Zepharus with the 3080 gpu, though.

    90. Lucidity

      I rather dig into the M2 nvme pcie egpu world and build my own home setup for an affordable price than buying this asus product.

    91. hello world

      any screen ghosting?

    92. Marsh

      6:04 I find it funny for internal FPS for Cyberpunk Ray Tracing, it is just saying LOL PLZ meaning that it is just going to be 0 FPS

    93. J. Smith

      5:57 "lol plz" Here I was thinking my poor little apu stood a chance

    94. J. Smith

      Let's be honest when we clicked on this video knowing we were going to say "That's cool and all but I'm broke"

    95. Rob

      I do concept art, zbrush, blender, some video. I also like to game, I need portability, and I hate having multiple devices as it’s just inefficient. I love docking stations to plug all the monitors etc into. I am the perfect user of this device. Small problem: I can’t afford it any time soon. I’m sure the price will come down.

    96. Vicky Johal

      "When u rub it the wrong way" i have a dirty mind ;)

    97. ROSARIO Hans Stephen R.

      I hope you can make a comparison with the macbook m1 13inch. Hope you notice me

    98. J Amy

      This product is for me.

    99. landenthe70s

      which laptop has the best webcam built in ?

    100. T Alao

      D2D you are aware that Alienware sales a Graphics Amplifier for $200-300 which can take any desktop Nvidia/AMD graphics card and provide direct access to the PCIE lanes on the processor. That is currently the best External Graphics Dock on the market as it allows you to upgrade it without the need to purchase an entire new external dock. Once again another sponsored video trying to convince everyone that Asus have create something new, Alienware have already done this and many people use the platform.