AirPods Max Review - Perfectly Apple


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    Review of Apple AirPods Max. These are the best headphones that Apple has ever made but that price tag is pretty fierce.
    Sony -
    Surface 2 -
    Razer -

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    1. Dave2D

      Who bought one? (or is legit thinking of buying one?)

      1. impendio

        still want some...

      2. Kyle

        I’m legit thinking about it but that’s a whole lotta cash for headphones that are using lightning cable to charge 🙄

      3. 1 2

        @RC NATION calm down Android sheep 🐑 🐑🐑🐑

      4. Jon Flowers

        I was considering purchasing them until I saw a video showing that moisture was building up inside the metal earcups over time. 🤔

      5. impendio

        I want them and can afford them but already have AirPods Pro so I really, really shouldn’t buy them.

    2. Musiccer

      All the Apple haters mad in the comments that Apple did something great and so they have to find any possible somewhat unreasonable statement to push their android ego

    3. Turned 0FF

      That table’s too tall for you my man. Get a taller chair or something lol. Looking like Larry King out here.

    4. stefan petkovic

      6:12 - Hilary Hahn, Sibelius.... she is amazing :) how are the AirPods Max for classical music?

    5. Explaxn

      $30 for working headpones $460 for apple name

    6. Mark Mathosian

      I bought them. Nice, but not worth $500 if you are comparing sound only. And, isn’t that the main reason we buy headphones? My Bose are just as comfortable and provide just as good sound. I don’t notice the weight at all, really not heavy to me. However, I also wouldn’t wear them jogging. Also, the button on top is nice. One other big plus is the transparency mode, it is pretty amazing.

    7. Mike Broesel

      I love mine the best thing I ever did is it to buy a pair.

    8. Michael Scott

      The Sony’s mic sounds like hot doodoo, AirPods were leaps and bounds better.

    9. ///// AMG

      Agreed 100%. I've had headphones from B&W, B&O... All in that same price range. The AirPods Max are better. And even though I have several Apple products, I tried hard not to like these headphones and find a reason to return them... 😂

    10. A.

      Bloack out poor people with the apple new headphones

    11. panzerfan

      Apple designed the Airpods Max to work fully only with the Apple ecosystem. That is the biggest deal breaker for me.

    12. Marc Guima

      Try the Beoplay H9I and you will never look back. Most of my friends that got those as the AirPods now are facing a bug that turns them off constantly. They are terrible 👎👎 and the sound is not there. They are so ugly that it hurts.

    13. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      I'm not mad at apple anymore. Just expecting the price 😂

    14. Kannugen

      I love youre videos and your review on these, though i mentioned that you said apple uses metal which are better materials compared to the sony, but sony actually does this because of the weight, even with £1000 headphones you get plastic because when it comes to headphones comfort is number one so they always go plastic.

    15. 44 old sub5

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    16. jet-lyke

      dear dave, i have been looking for gaming headset for 5 months now and its between logitech lightspeed g733 and razer blackshark vs pro, can u please do a tier list on gaming headsets

    17. AlejandroIALLEXX

      Thanks for the review. I will most likely buy Sony.

    18. Terrell C

      Apple charges soooo much 4 somethin 4 nothin those headphone ain’t worth no 550 I’m sorry

    19. T. H.

      If I want to hear the truth, I come here. If I want to see nice videos and paid-out NLnamers, well you know where to go, right?

    20. Huzayfah M

      And you didn't once mention the stupid case?

    21. קארטיוב

      Yep, Apple is extremely good with pricing, always one small step before being considered overpriced. One major aspect that help them asking a lot more for just a little more is the design. They are little better over the Sony, $200 more but not twice the price, and they have a unique luxury design which makes people feel comfortable enough to spend the extra $200.

    22. thanh nguyen

      any sheep in here care to explain to me the legitimate reasons to buy this headphone over others?

    23. Troilland Ford

      At the end of the day, the bridge will get loose after 100+ hours of use...

    24. Ikeria Scott

      “It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”

    25. Jack Dolah

      Why are nerds always like listening to EDM?

    26. jacktjong

      Seriously, I hate how Apple gets away with these prices. I like the design, but a fucking ~100% price premium for the name is insane!

    27. Renju Raveendran

      I was waiting for Dave to take out his teal spray can and spray paint that ugly green... Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed

    28. Ahmed Khan

      Confirmed, Dave is a winter runner.

    29. Joe Mama

      is it good for gaming

    30. Notfine

      Dude What are these thumbnails my guy

    31. Matt Kastely

      I learned that regular Bluetooth headphones can not get as loud on Apple products. Returning my Sennheiser Momentum’3s and buying the AirPods Max

    32. Manimus - Oculus Pick’s

      Dave lee always has an opinion on something even when it’s not needed, the way he talks, the way he leans on his desk just makes him sound cocky and like he tryna be like arun or marques, i don’t like him he sounds arrogant. Would love to see him in his natural composure though. i mean is it just me

    33. Alfonso Sánchez

      Woah, I listen almost no noise from the Sony mic, but a lot more with the Apple mic 🤔

    34. Onédio Chissano

      Ok... So... Does these headphones comes with an Iphone SE 2020 inside??? I'll see you next time... 👌👌👌

    35. RJ Basilio

      Just got mine in Silver, using it while watching! I love it.

    36. eleninamyers

      6:13 Do you play classical music? Schoenberg Violin Concerto is esoteric even to many classical music fans. Hahn's recording is arguably the best.

    37. Luis Fuentes

      I wish my life was as structured as Dave's videos 🥰🥰🥰

    38. Gls

      Apple realy does trap people into their ecosistem... They don’t just sell products, they sell reputation, feeling of luxury etc. I know all brands do manipulate people until a point but they just do it... better.

    39. Carlos M

      They could charge $1,000 for these and people would buy them

    40. Dr.Mohamed Gamal Evy

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    41. Munther Munther

      If they were priced affordably they wouldn’t sell out since they target customers who are looking for the image of “I can afford it no matter what they look like” if it’s from Apple and expensive I’ll wear it regardless

    42. tamarin

      Great way to use my stimulus cheque

    43. Mehedi Hasan Sizan

      The mic is better on the sony.

      1. Bloomberg Technology


    44. Niidea1986

      That's not a case, that's just some wrapping 😂😂😂 and your cervical vertebrae will love you for carrying that anchor over your head all the time, because they don't even fall flat, so you have to wear them all the time or carry it like a purse. To sum up, they are i$h!t for iSheeps..

    45. namcicle

      Perfectly Apple- Expensive

    46. Frank Falco


    47. Elias Aad

      Unless they time travel, no one should ever buy expensive shit like this :P

    48. Russell Johnson

      I would like to have seen these compared to the Bose headphones.

    49. Kevin Chan

      Reviewers should focus on fit. I wear XL helmet and the Max are too small for me. My ear lobes stick out and my ears are at the 1/3 bottom part of the driver.

    50. uhm?

      imagine buying airpods max over ps5 xD

    51. Jemarcus

      Sony's are better and Sony's case is better looking.

    52. Daniel Wijaya

      $550 is not expensive if you considering they sell wheels for $700

    53. Roy Clay

      $ 550 and not even true Hi-Fi resolution :O

    54. amuk S

      Love your reviews! Watching yours and others like Micheal Fisher's, Snazzy, Flossy, Brian Tong etc the things that stand out is that the Airpods Max cost a lot but you get something that's top end with audio, noise cancelling, transparency, premium feel and design as well as functionality. I was going to stick with my Sony WH1000 mx3, Shure wired in-ears and Audeze magplanars (with LG phone quad DAC audio), having considered the Sony mx4 and Bose 700. However, I'm seriously now considering the Airpods Max, having previously not even thought about them. Some people get worked up about other people having a range of options to choose from- more worked up even than people having a range of cars to choose from. Personally, I think It's great that people have a wide range of options to suit preferences, budgets etc. And from past experiences, things that Apple does often leads to features becoming available at a lower price from some other suppliers (good to know you can listen to the Airpod Max and use noise cancelling whilst charging, without any background hiss and that you can use them wired, handy for example when video editing on a laptop).

    55. Danish Ajaib

      I'd rather get a RTX 3080 ...

    56. Kiki LaRue

      it looks like google...yuckky

    57. Sheikh U

      I dunno why but Hearing "perfectly apple" feels like a negative lol

    58. Adrian Morrish

      @Dave Lee , Dave regarding price, these are not headphones they are a utility device that’s designed for the ecosystem and also offer the capability of a pair of BT headphones with above average sound. These are around $200 more than Sony XM4’s which are my daily BT headphones, add better sound, leading transparency mode, integration into eco system, Atmos sound, superior build quality, Apple support (on a good day) and $200 uplift doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. These will potentially enhance my work/life experience a little, over 2 years that’s less than $10 a month or a couple of coffees

    59. Melvyn

      Nope, not gonna get one. Have way too many headphones that sounds better (cheaper or more expensive ones). So, sorry Apple, my money ain't going anywhere.

    60. Laurent Grimal

      The bose 700 would be a more valid comparison. Especially considering how much better they sound thanks to their digital format support, volume and precision, not to mention the microphone situation is a no contest. Oh yes and Bose won't force you to buy new earpads, they replace your entire headphones for 2 years no questions asked. You'd have to be mentally deficient to buy Apple's offering.

    61. Happy Life Man

      I can buy aluminium separately for 2 dollars

    62. relic inn


    63. Ludovic Turlier

      so... trying to do a special design... then asking people to use the most ugly case I've ever seen on any product ? epic fail (the mx4 case is great)

    64. Saisagar Singh

      Here is a review video of airpods max, u can experience spatial audio, noise cancellation, etc.

    65. Bulut Gültekin

      This is a trash product compared to Beyerdynamic masterpieces

    66. Abdul Hakim Abdul Rahim

      Sony is so much better.

    67. kjblue625

      The price is repelling me away from buying them.

    68. Lawrence Glover

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    69. Emmanouil Filippidis

      Got my hands on a pair today, sadly I wasnt WOWed they are very close to the XM4s and if you know how to play around with the Sony's EQ you can produce same quality sound with more base... hence Ill be returning mine

    70. escargotiskuhol

      Excellent review!

    71. TechBolt

      These are sooo expensive !!!


      I do not like its design, but it is about taste, but when it comes to SOUND --> Better sound? You are joking... But even if if believe to you - (Which i will never ever believe, it at the same time costs 2 times more) Almost all bloggers those have at least some understanding of Music (Musicians, Players, Audiophiles) say this sounds as cheap as 100 dollars headphones with cable(exactly like Beats garbage), and this is Maximum. Check your audio output, player, EQ. It is impossible for them to sound better than Sony, and i am not even talking about brands like Sennheiser, AKG, Harman, Bose, Audeze, Shure etc. - on such price level. Their smart case is also a joke... A BIG SMART joke.. For such price.

    73. Meiqiqi Cafe

      When you walk, do you hear your walk when wearing it? I have a bose quiet comfort 35, I can clearly hear my shoes making contact with ground, this is what I am saying hear your walk. Wonder does it happen with AirPods max?

    74. Thedjrush

      Rather buy PS5 and get the Sony’s

    75. Zhiguo Wang

      My personal experience, when ppl fell in love with beats, I was in favor of Bose, due to the true sound/un-artificial sub. Now, I like sennheiser, momentum especially. I don’t know whether apple has better sound quality, but for general music purposes, I believe sennheiser kills apple in all dimensions. Nevertheless, after I bought AirPod, apple products are extremely convenient with apple products. I.e., if u use iPhone iPad Mac, then apple made AirPods are convenient at connection. If u r looking at music quality, find something else.

    76. Jonathan

      WHAT IS THE MIC QUALITY LIKE WITH ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION OFF? Nobody tested this. 200 million subscribers between you boneheads and nobody did that. 🤦‍♂️

      1. namcicle

        It doesn't affect mic pickup....

    77. agexl

      Hmm I think your voice sounds way better on sonys in both cases :S. There is a very annoying "hiiissss" with the apple ones.

    78. Lawrence Hereford Lawrence

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    79. Hammy Marco

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    80. Joe3D

      Why don't you have Bose NC 700?

    81. Mu

      To have people like you on the internet making video, I seriously feel privileged. Thank you...

    82. Mu

      Have to say , your videos are top notch . You deserve every single of your subscribers and many many more...

    83. harenk

      That mic test... Was it just me or did the Sony sound better?

    84. Максим Малюта

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    85. Itsblahgaming

      This is some expensive shit starting at 51,000 inr

    86. NewProvidence32

      That's why I #Love Dave. An #ObjectiveReview Every Time yet he's #Honest to a Fault. 👍

    87. Suliman Alsaid

      can anyone tell me what's the name of the case on dave's ipad at 8:09

    88. Ben McEwan

      They're 549 pounds in UK so over 700 dollars In UK..Their pricing is messed up as it's more expensive in uk

    89. Benjamin M

      Whats the sound quality and how much bass have these got? Bit overpriced and cant see what other companies make in the next quarter.

    90. Ken88

      Airpods Max hard shell case

    91. gokul balagopal Payyanur

      It doesn't sweat resistance so they are not made for running and if you keep your head still you wouldn't be bothered with the weight

    92. Noah Shanklin



      AirPods Max shouldn’t have been more than $350 tbh..

    94. Ryan Lee

      Compared to AirPod Pro, which one would be your daily use product? (with hair clay product on your hair)

    95. DrSoda

      My guy really just said that apple is built different. 1:05

    96. TheKiman2

      Usually Dave is a straight shooter but he bounced around with this one. While he acknowledges the price, he never really gave a strong opinion about how he personally felt. He said, yes they're expensive. He said that it's a perfect price for Apple. But what people were waiting for is for someone to come out and straight up say, you must be f'n crazy to charge $550. Do not buy.

    97. chinese 999

      Just give it a few months , the used APM market will rise like mad because most fans girls who bought the APM will eventually find out that their neck is not build for this brick .

    98. Paul Crosbie

      Always wonder about initial stock levels of some new Apple products and that perceived/real demand effect on future ongoing sales?

    99. jaylovespti

      Dave you're obviously a apple fanboy cuz those things are ugly and they don't sound anywhere near as good as my xm4's!! and they're also ridiculously expensive as all of apples crap is! hard pass

    100. HoangNguyen Travel

      I love apple. I used macbook and iphone... and love them. As a freshman just graduated, i just don’t choose it. I will buy airpod 2 and others for travel and explore new city in my country. Ofcourse you can buy it if your salary is good, but i just want to say : Worthy or not something just depend on our wants and our budget. Let’s use our money worthy. Following Dave for 3 years and keeping support you. Thank you so much for these meaning contents. A fan From Vietnam with love