1440p Gaming Laptops - FINALLY!


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    2021 RTX 3080 + AMD gaming laptops are gonna have this new screen. Here's an early look at what this 1440p 165hz panels are like
    Available Early - www.eluktronics.com/QHD-Laptops
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    1. Dave2D

      QHD gaming laptops are FINALLY a thing!

      1. A J


      2. Neev Goyal

        @manav zaveri They are already there. My Samsung Galaxy S9 has a WQHD Screen

      3. Alan Chau

        @Owen P rtx3090 series will cost quite more and may won't be available until late 2021

      4. DGMUSICisGOOD

        if you want to get carried in apex add me oxide_styling_on :0 at one point on vacation i was winning games on 720p 14 inch laptop with 30fps

      5. Sayyed ilumineti xD

        @Grbl_ yt yea that gameplay I uploaded was just for fun, haven’t considered it, xd

    2. SHEB in

      Aight Dave playin Apex. Thas smthin I like to see.

    3. A.

      The hack here is when you need higher refresh rates you change the game settings to lower resolution and higher resolution when you need to do editing

    4. Dexter G.

      Is it just me....I don't notice any difference between 1080 and 1440 or 4k

    5. Callum Hay

      This is good information to have. I'm looking to replace my aging 10 year-old laptop soon - and while I would love something that I can comfortably game on, I feel like the 1440p panels are much better-suited to running text-heavy applications like Visual Studio.

    6. Adam Hermiston

      The seemly stream advisably haunt because kiss philosophically pump apud a used tanzania. chief, sneaky processing

    7. Royston Daniel

      From future that was quite an accurate prediction

    8. LadyDiva Alfee Rahaman

      Owh same T shirt the ones you use today

    9. Andrey Royer

      But we still can't get a 1440p, 144hz(or better), IPS monitor that's 24". Don't tell me it's not practical because we're doing it with 15" friggin laptop screens 😅

    10. nVidiaDevon

      What’s the game @2:10 ?

    11. Trancera

      I wish companies would stop with the lid lights, sure it's cool to everyone else, but you, the user, don't even get to experience it.

    12. Abdulmatin Bukhari

      guys i can provide same laptop with a different retail company for a way cheaper price

    13. Xenonenigma

      The one thing I wish my 2070 Max Q had. I’m definitely debating on selling it and buying the 3070 17in with a qhd panel

    14. Aryan Goud

      Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!

    15. Aryan Goud

      Dave2D please check out the new Nvidea sharpening filter. That's a literal game changer. When you scale down the resolution on a 14400 screen or even 4k to just 1080p the image looks like it's pure 1080p res! No blurriness! Check it out ASAP and make a video on it!

    16. Andrew Pascual

      2:47 his recommended is Ltt

    17. Jonathan Marinos

      1440p is nice! But for a small 15 inch panel, 1080p looks pretty damn good. I don't know if it's worth the drop in performance for that little bit of extra detail/clarity. I think I'd rather opt for a 1080p panel with a high refresh rate (240hz+).

    18. The Ronin Gamer

      Quick question. If this is a high recommended laptop, how come you use Razr? Or this came out late? XD

    19. James Vella

      Thanks Dave, this was exactly what I wanted to know when considering a new laptop!

    20. Bryan J

      I'd love to see someone post cpu and GPU percent usage while gaming. I would like to know if the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU on 1440p laptops

    21. Charles Lee Ray

      Does higher resolution mean more brightness??? A lot of pc gaming laptop are not that bright and that's my problem with them

    22. Asus Sucks

      I think this will be my next laptop over ASUS ZEPHYRUS because of the build quality defects ! nlname.info/project/video/f6y3pZqVobSJjHE

    23. Arielle Joy Adela

      No intro, just pure Dave Lee.

    24. Musical Forever

      Can we please get a video on best laptops for audio engineering

    25. Danny Bartlett

      Waste of time 2021 not 2020 ffs

    26. linnes16

      I don't get why laptops have been stuck at 1080p forever. Apple started using "retina" screens at 2880 x 1800 back in 2013 and has ever since. And now I can't stand 1080p laptops, so I've been looking for a new laptop that has a high res screen. I hope 4k becomes mainstream for laptops at some point.

    27. Karol Maj

      What is a point of 165 hz if you can only get 80 fps in game ?

    28. Ryu Ken

      Imho i think 1080p is still the sweet spot considering ray tracing and new games having higher details. I have Msi Ge66 raider with rtx 2070 super but still struggling to get 70 fps 1080p on games like Black ops cw and Cyberpunk, not to mention that's with ray tracing off and settings maxed out.

    29. Nite Owl

      300 nits of brightness is still too low for gaming and I wish manufacturers would realize it.

    30. Nikolay Romashchenko

      Dave: look how bad is scaling to 1080p Me, watching the video in 240p: I can't see any difference

    31. pickle '_'

      How good is it for content creation?

    32. InfinityGamerHDx

      So when do you think there will be Notebooky with this Screen, the new GeForce 3000s and the new Intel 11. Gen/AMD ryzen?

    33. Jack

      windows sucks

    34. othman saragdin

      Nice video, I’m looking to buy a gaming laptop. I was looking at RB RTX 2070 but I heard it had a lot of issues. Any suggestion. ?

      1. MeMarzani

        wait for ces

    35. Shreenidhi DS

      2:18 game ??

      1. MeMarzani

        @shreenidhi DS Apex legends

    36. Andrew Li

      "I still got rolled" i feel that lmao hope it gets better dave :)

    37. no laifu

      Unrelated but is there any site that's selling AMD laptops? They all seem to be sold out.

    38. Daniel Tellez

      The tested robin intraorally destroy because composer arthroscopically strengthen above a bright david. woebegone, sharp tuesday

    39. Joshua Daniel

      should i buy the alienware m15 r3 or wait for rtx 3080 mobile? confused a lot. pls give me suggestions. owning an asus gtx 1050ti lap with i7. not sure what to do.

    40. MeatyHobo

      What's that laptop with the pokeball?

    41. Mitch Gordon

      Nobody does this better than Dave Lee. Not surprised that so many people are subscribed to this channel.


      so according t o netbookcheck this will run apex at 120fps at qhd. pass. man the blurry thing is a killer. most games are around 50-60fps at qhd

    43. Mahasvan Mohan

      Dave : Does a 1440p vs 1080p comparison Me watching this at 480p : Hmm.... Interesting...

    44. triynizzles

      For fun I played Black ops Cold war campaign on my laptop. It handled it at 1080p just fine, but I came to the conclusion: I really don't see the hype when it comes to gaming on a laptop. The screen is small, the keyboard is kind of bunched up. It gets hot to the touch. I don't see the appeal others do.

    45. Prajwal

      Hey, any idea as to when these features would actually be available in the budget laptops? I'm using an old PC at the moment and want to upgrade to a laptop. Should I wait for these new laptops or buy one right now. I use my PC for mostly web browsing, youtube and slight gaming.

    46. Daniel PV

      I am not willing to pay more than $800 for a 1080p laptop.


      In ur old video you said " i am that guy who like less resolution+more FPS" 🤔

    48. Amin Nour

      Hi. I’ve been looking to buy a new laptop for either gaming or business things but should I wait for upcoming new laptops in the early 2020s or not?

    49. Abel Jacob

      Can you do a review on the Samsung Galaxy M51 and compare it with the Samsung Galaxy A71...?

    50. Patrick Gormly

      been waiting for this!!!

    51. Kevin Cruise

      1080p looks so horrible outside of gaming, I can't believe people are still putting up with it.

    52. Vik Nikolai

      dave, we gotta squad up in apex someday

    53. Ranom Acc

      - NLname getting really confortable with ads - Dave getting even more comfortable with that weird ice cream shirt

    54. AllSTARAD72

      we need more gaming laptop reviews on 2021

    55. Stevie P

      Ah Humble Dave, good stuff. Now, do you get rolled burritos or tacos, mang?

    56. Lotte

      What gaming laptop do you (or anyone else) recommend for a €1200 max budget? Preferably lower ofc but I want something that will last me a few years.

    57. Emmanuel Annan

      Hi Dave, thanks for the great content you've been creating. What gaming laptop would you recommend for someone with a budget of around 1400$? I'm going to be mainly using it for architectural renders. Thanks for your help

    58. Ravi Maharjan

      Wot is the background music name?

    59. Alex Gu

      Still get rolled xD, sounds normal for me

    60. Andy Johnson

      Shit I just bought ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 15 rtx 2070 super of 3k $ Shit

    61. Alex Undiscovery

      you forgot to put clickbait price in your title and thumbnail, how much is it? $450?

      1. Is Sy

        Is this sarcasm comment. Dave never clickbait. Shut up dipshit

      2. Dave2D

        The is no price. It’s screen tech

    62. Fahmeed Rokon

      I got the M15 R3 because of you

    63. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

      dave, we gotta squad up in apex someday

      1. Vytel

        @Spoopy Scary Skelebones and how many watch yours? I thought so

      2. Poop Monster


      3. Spoopy Scary Skelebones

        Lol barely 10% of your viewers watch your videos

    64. Official Savages!

      Does this have Ms office for lifetime

    65. ant

      I'm thinking of getting a new gaming laptop for college, but my budget is only about $1200. Any recommendations? Or should I save up for an expensive upcoming laptop instead?

    66. Allan Kurian

      Is the Asus G15 Ryzen 7 with RTX2060 Any good for Architect's ?

    67. Don Don

      Im so broke, im only interested on Dave's sweat shirt.

    68. Jean-Anthony G

      3:32 "you do have to pick and chose your graphic settings in a conscious manner" Laughs in gtx 970 user in 2020

    69. Lalimenos

      I want this wallpaper! Your wallpapers are always great looking and facinating! :)

    70. Mohammed Asaa

      0:27 Dave sounds like an honest foreteller... Good video as always

    71. vikas manhas

      I am fan of this guy .he review every single product in excellent way

    72. Adam

      1440p is such a nice sweet spot with normal sized monitors. At Laptop screen sizes I can't imagine it's easy to tell the difference between 1440p and 4k.

    73. Junlachart Phoonsiri

      What watch are you wearing? Look retro and very cool!

    74. Asebi Bofah

      Please Dave have a review for the new Lenovo Ideapad Slim 7 GTX. Not much reviews out there.

    75. Kapil Mangtani

      High refresh rate is definitely going to be the common theme for upcoming laptops next year.

    76. Will RunRun

      Hi, if possible to review the travel gaming laptop backpack sleeve for amzn.to/2qduu8q , amzn.to/2AToEve,amzn.to/2oYe4jM shall we be in touch?

    77. Gamesta Max

      DLSS will come to play here I think

    78. La lisa

      Can u do a video about protecting laptop from virus?

    79. Harbhej Singh

      Hey Dave can u do a video on surface laptop go...

    80. Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu

      But 720p scales *perfectly* , so set detail to *max* and get that *165hz* and life is good.

    81. Savage Zeus

      Any assumptions when we can expect the new gen gaming laptops

    82. Matthew Kee

      1:09 - did you mean to say gaming laptop? :P

    83. Adarsh Sharma

      Reviews cannot get better.

    84. Harrier


    85. saysbadman

      I got a question about the blurry 1080p scaling. If instead of 1080p you dropped to half of 1440p or 720p would that scale better and not be as blurry?

    86. Rakibul Hasan Hasib

      Dave, Can you review the new X170? Thanks

    87. ffelif

      5:41 You are missing the RGB, that's why

    88. Priyanshu Raj Mall


    89. WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

      Higher resolution in gaming laptops or laptops in general makes no sense to me. That just means you need more computing power to get solid 60 FPS in games (let alone solid 165FPS) and any other graphic application that uses a GPU needs more computing power as well. This is just gonna add to the price you have to pay to get a system that runs fairly smoothly for normal tasks. Or you have to lower your specs on games and make everything look washed out and muddy. I say nay to high resolution laptop screens and hope it doesn't become a trend in low to mid-range systems.

    90. Abformal


    91. Ralph Warom

      RTX 3k Laptops.

    92. Alex Winkler

      Officially proud owner of Eluktronics max-15 64GB ram - it's a beast but phew it gets hot. A cooling pad is more of a requirement than a recommendation

    93. Jordan Connolly

      Chat I need your help. What decent priced gaming laptop should I get? The two games played will be Destiny 2 and WoW (shadowlands). I'm Canadian and don't want to spend more than $1500. However, of course, if there is something that's a little over but well worth the money id definitely consider it.

    94. Zoë

      I was expecting a shot images like thumbnails

    95. La lisa

      Can u do a new back to school budget laptops 2020 very pls , I want to buy for online classes but didn't know what brand to get. Help

    96. fsdfmsbcxx

      I don't need more than 1080p on a Laptop. The ingame Smoothness is so much more important.

    97. Zhou The builder

      I miss the background tv on Dave 2d old videos l liked the wallpapers

    98. Danijel Romanic

      318 nits? LOL, yeah OK. Let me go hide in the dark so I can see my screen.

    99. BIG 092MLBOA

      ill be happy with even low settings just need a high refresh rate screen :(

    100. Refrain it

      my dream screen!