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  1. Walid

    My favorite color is red

  2. Семён Чащин

    But i find this information About My Legion 5 important . !!!!!Bad English, sorry, i am not the native speaker!!! The standard SSD is too high if you compare with another SSD with radiator in second(left) slot. i am using now in second slot XPG Gammix s11 Pro (1tb) and its no-load temperature is 30 Degrees when standard SSD in the right slot is kept at 52( in lenovo Vantage test it is almost 69!!!) . I will try to change Standard SSD for equal XPG( it has small radiator) or i will try to montage better radiator for standard SSD instead of metal plate that lenovo have given to us.

  3. Allen Walker

    Black as I'm edgy.....

  4. Jonathan Nguyen


  5. DIGANTH 126

    Dude you could just say that making a montage is the thing


    Hey Dave, Can you list out smartphone with display just like pixel 5.

  7. Kaori


  8. Jasurbek Lazizjonov

    I HATE lenovo for making this kind of crazy things. Opened Lenovo Ideacenter aio F0EU to put m.2 ssd and damaged screen while opening.

  9. Tomasz Kaczmarczyk

    Blue for life

  10. nicholas kanyagia

    Dave, there's a 3080 model thats 1,999 (on bestbuy)...... only difference with the 2,499 version is it has 16GB RAM and not 32GB. Do you think it's worth it over the 3070 version?

  11. Tejeshwar Kabaddi

    This is the best phone ever it has heating problem hanging problem and service aur not good service centre sar not

  12. Kieran Richards

    What a nice video! Thanks a lot for this which is very helpful for every newbie like me. Getting this video I am benefited. And its pleasure to visit this lgflashtool.com link and find useful tools for android users

  13. Jakob Aljaz

    hating my Razer blade 15 AF!!!! the worst computer i ever had (from price standpoint esspecially). I just got it repaired (the repair concerned multiple misfunctions, from fan breakage to bloated battery) based on warranty and got it back yesterday. Now the battery is not even detected, WTFFFFF??? Razer sucks, never again!!

  14. Sudhanva M

    I love turquoise!



  16. Nishanth nish

    dave can you please say where you get your wallpapers from or what you search for in google for that.

  17. baseball7hamburger

    I like a good deep red

  18. Himanshu Rajput

    'Dave2d teal' Btw love your video's always fun and interesting to watch💯

  19. Dishant

    Light Blue colour is my favourite😋😉

  20. Brandon Colon

    Thank you

  21. Noor Islam

    Please, sponsor a SAMSUNG Odyssey G9.

  22. Noor Islam

    Please, sponsor a SAMSUNG Gaming Phone.

  23. Nikola Jovanovic

    I only care about specs and how good the phone is overall. The look isn't really that important. I mean, when you use your phone, will you look at the screen or at the device?

  24. xX_Pro Gamer_Xx YT

    i am watching this with my school laptop that cant open browser games

  25. Raging Panini


  26. ayush chauhan

    Black like the future of gaming looks like 😔

  27. Adhi Raj

    My favorite color is "in stock"

  28. I _I

    What is that controller? 1:30

  29. Pia Justynn

    This laptop really is impressive. I have made a comparison between this dell xps 13 vs macbook pro if any of you are interested.

  30. AndyPandy33

    Blue every day.

  31. dcobbism

    The 10 key is the deal killer for me

  32. Andrew Sheh

    Yellow! It's my favourite colour

  33. Wez

    Purple 😌

  34. und3rf0rce

    did you mean $729 gaming?

  35. Amran Azad

    Lavender, idk it looks soothing and a 3060 would be nice too:3

  36. Ariel Erana

    Green, I always love nature.

  37. Azeem Q

    Anyone know what webcam this is in 4:50?

  38. Marvin t Zand

    What about your Master 3 mouse? :>

  39. Jashn Singh

    My favourite colour is sky blue, navy blue, cyan dammit it’s every type of blue

  40. Gürkan Doruk

    man, you really do love white

  41. Faiz _

    2021's Dave kinda..... darker?? I'm not complaining tho

  42. David Oh

    Big fan of teal. Wonder why. Must be something subconscious. *Wink WInk Nudge Nudge

  43. BrightWin is my life

    Wait one year later, then the price will make sense

  44. Andrew Y.

    I love the colour ocean blue!!

  45. barberismeable

    Sorry its camera not good for online cloth seller. the fabric colour will be different (mostly darker). Previously used Xiaomi note 10 lite is better. Other situations, iphone12mini photos look better though

  46. Syed Danish


  47. Benjamin Sum

    Teal, because y'know its such a cool color and you like it too!

  48. Belal

    My favorite color is black ⚫️ (most of the time). I can’t believe the prices I’m seeing online 😵 Having that RTX would really help me!

  49. Aritra Mukhopadhyay

    Let's look at this from an Indian, or for that matter several other places like Brazilian, perspective. Roughly converted, 329 USD ~= 24000 INR. And online as well as offline retailers are starting their stock prices from 55000 INR. Think about that. It's more than double the price! I know about the reasons and all but the end result is that for us, the GPUs are too damn costly. Now that I have said this, I'll start playing VALORANT and CSGO again on my AMD APU laptop by HP with 1366x768 resolution. Then I'll just go to the corner and cry myself to sleep.

  50. FermiGBM1

    I trust Xotic PC should be fine

  51. Shivendu Sahi

    Wallpaper link?

  52. Kevin Park

    When can we expect sleek amd laptops? What is Q1 Q2?

  53. Vinayak Jadhav

    5:51 Never seen Dave this much excited.

  54. Paddy Ocampo

    Blue. Am I late for the party?

  55. Alex akaVea

    could it be they are simplifying they're lineup? they always have some budget galaxy thats not with the lineup, maybe they are restructuring they're lineup like apple did with the 12? idk tho, seems weird

  56. Ambrose Baptista


  57. angelica aralar

    super helpful! 😊😊

  58. William

    A Sager laptop with a 10th gen i7 and 2070 a was the way to go. Priced fairly and if you know clevo chassis which sager used the cooling is wild. Compared to big names the same specd laptops were 600 to 700 more, just ridiculous so I get where Dave's coming from. I also chose a thick boi with much better cooling for performance over name and style. Was even a good bit cheaper then eluktronics of same specs

  59. Melon

    Blue, what a mad lad

  60. line 98

    I have a matte white 711. They come in glossy or matte white and black, same as glorious, just need to order the right one.

  61. WRB Crew

    I dont understand can somebody summarize?

  62. line 98

    On the plus side, i feel like Razer copying the worst mouse ive ever owned was their low point before they starting making the their first good new mouse designs in a decade.

  63. Nonoy F

    Watching 3 years later. Dave looks as if he didnt aged one bit.

  64. Arsho Dee

    Colour Gun Metal Grey! Great explanation video! I'm planning to build my first PC in 21 years! Last one was a Athlon 1ghz lol!

  65. Dylan Young

    “ it’s 1700$ “ *goes on amazon link* WHY IS IT 2500$!!

  66. Jared Spates

    What about the f15 with the 3060 for 1,099? Is that one worth it?

  67. lccgfilm

    yo but his kid’s super cute

  68. John Enerva

    Teal. Good job with the review.

  69. Alan Leong

    Im getting too old for RGB....... this is definitely a video references for my future setup.

  70. SkylarSaysWhat

    theres one thats Red and black instead of black and red and i have it, its neat

  71. Kevin Parker

    A little disappointed, you didn't talk about how flimsy this laptop is... Other reviews show massive flex in the keyboard area just by pressing on it.

  72. 儿子们快上线


  73. Dan Jordan

    Sea foam!

  74. Byron Hernandez

    Dave if you don't stop hating on 90hz I swear

  75. K Maroun

    The all ROG Zephyrus G with potent performance to bring an ultra-slim gaming Laptop with high power; home to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6 GB Graphics and powered by AMD Ryzen R7-3750H Processor The NVIDIA GeForce 1660Ti 6 GB Graphics, make it the ideal gaming companion for those who play battlefield V; Apex legends; the Division 2 Packing a whopping 512TB GB PCI-E SSD, The Zephyrus G will not struggle with your favourite games, videos and photos Travel effortlessly between work and play with a compact body that's just 20 mm thin and weighs a mere 2,1 kg Super-narrow bezels shrink to just 6,2 mm on three sides, giving the ROG Zephyrus G an 81 percent screen-to-body ratio that draws you deeper into the action There is no RTX :/

  76. Zealous Fervor

    Share that wallpaper please! I dig it.

  77. NotTheFilthYT

    Does anyone with omen know that keyboard setting he has I want to know plz thanks!!

  78. Hussain Mucklai

    Favourite colour: red Favourite colour if I win this GPU: teal